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John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

Scott Butler (View posts)
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Surnames: Butler, Tipton, Daugherty
I thought I would post an update of information related to the John Butler who is the likely father of the Thomas Butler who was killed by Indians in 1764 in Cedar Creek, Shenandoah Co., Virgina.

Some family lore passed down from the 19th century indicated that the father (or grandfather as source says "ancestor") of Thomas was a John Butler who married an Irish Daugherty girl. He paid for her passage (in a colorful story) with quite an amount of tobacco (indicating he had established himself in Virginia). They were married & "... settled on the right bank of the James River near Charles City [and] tilled the soil for a living."

Other early Virginia records indicated that a John Butler did indeed live in Charles City at around the correct time - circa 1700 - and was a landowner. This supports the lore.

The early land records of our Thomas Butler date to 1746. I have not seen the records but have a copy of descendent Bernice Lewis Swainson's genealogy work from the early 1960s with citations and references to them, as well as other works.

Of Thomas's children, my Joseph Butler, Sr. was already born by then, being born in 1742. Another known son, Thomas Butler was born soon thereafter, 1747. Other known childern are James & Mary (born earlier likely circa 1734)who married John Tipton.

In any case, Thomas who died d. 1764 is reported to having been related to the Culpeper-Frederick-Orange Co. Butlers. The time period from John being in Charles City circa 1700 with son Thomas being an adult in Frederick Co. in 1746 can fit. Based on Mary's birth year, Thomas would have been born by 1713 or so.

I have participated in the Butler DNA project and as yet no other male Butler who traces their line to Thomas Butler has joined. There have been no matches as yet with any other Butler line, and none have been expected. So far, I believe that no Butler from the Culpeper-Frederick-Orange Co. Butlers has participated.

I have a very large genealogy file on this family. I descend from Joseph Sr's son, Benjamin who helped found Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio. The Joseph Sr. chilren & family in Ohio lived mostly in Knox+Coshocton+Holmes Co., Ohio. Joseph Sr's brother, Thomas, and some sons lived in Wayne Co., Ohio.

I will correspond or exchange information if contacted.

Re: John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

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I am a decendant of Joseph Butler daughter Josephine who married BF Beahm of Page County. Any information on the Butler family would be appreciated. I could not link Joseph to anyone in Rappannock Co., but someone did send me a census report. Any help would be wonderful.
Rebecca Beahm Clark

Re: John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

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Hi, Scott,
We have probably corresponded about this before, but I just wanted to post here in case anyone else is interested.

There are results in the Butler DNA study for at least two Butlers who were in Culpeper in the mid 1700's. Both John Butler, b. 1762 and Benjamin Butler b. 1765 stated to the Army that they were born in Culpeper and enlisted from there. Their DNA Group (H) matched each other and the DNA of the family of Zachariah Butler, b. 1736 of Hanover County and Edmund E Butler, b. c. 1694 of Goochland/Cumberland. However, intensive research of both these families can disclose no obvious connection with this particular John or Benjamin. John in my known ancestor--Benjamin may be a brother or cousin.

Another early Butler in Culpeper, was Walter Butler who is on record as early as the 1740s. Walter died in the 1770s and his son Peter then went to KY. Walter's estate records also named a Samuel Butler as a son. Researchers in this family have participated in the DNA study, and their results are in DNA Group G.

Still later on the 1700s, the family of William and Mary Butler appear (i.e. sons Spencer, Armistead, etc.) Their descendants have tested to DNA group B.

If you are looking for Butlers in 18th century Culpeper, be prepared--there are a lot of them with the same first name and completely unrelated.

Re: BUTLER in Knox Co., OH

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I am intersted in your talk about Butlers in Knox County, OH. My John Butler (b: 1786) moved to Knox county, Ohio in about 1818 from Pennsylvania. His first 3 children were born in Penn. and the remaining 12 were born in Ohio. He lived in Riley Township until 1834 or so and then moved to Ashland County where he died in 1848. Is there any connection between these lines? John is the last of my line that I am sure of. I would be grateful for any insight.

Re: BUTLER in Knox Co., OH

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As far as I know there is no connection. Butler is a common name name and I've found other unconnected Butler lines in Coshocton County, too. I've had to keep track of them to sort out my own line. BUT if they connect back in Virginia, it will be ultra hard to find out except for DNA tests. There are some Butler relations who "disappeared" in the Virginia area circa 1770 or so. If one went to PA, it will be hard to ever document it. IF you know a male "Buler" connected to your John Butler, urge him to take the DNA test and submit results - that is proven to help IF a connection exists. Many Butler lines are in teh BUtler DNA project.

Re: BUTLER in Knox Co., OH

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Thank you for your reply. My father at my urging had DNA testing done. The results are no. 103 on the Butler DNA website. It seems There has been one exact match for first 12 markers, and one with 11 matches but neither person has posted their family history, so thus far that has not helped me. I have to admit I find reading these DNA results confusing. What a curse a common name is, in trying to untangle relationships.
I gave you some incorrect information yesterday about where my forebearers lived in Ohio. In 1820 possibly in Holmes County, In 1830 they were in Pike Township in Knox County, in 1840 Green Township in Richland County. John Butler died in 1848 and is buried in Perrysville Cemetery in Ashland or Richland County. His son Levi moved to Putnam County, Ohio in 1850 & 1860 census and then moved in about 1861 to Cumberland County, ILL.
On the web I found a family tree tying John Butler (1786-1848) as son of James Buter (1757-1822) of Frederick, VA and Mohican, Knox, Ohio and to Thomas Butler (1720-1764) of Ireland and Cedar Creek, VA. However until I can see the direct proof of connection I don't immediately accept it as truth, just a guid for exploration.
I would be interested in the material you have distinguishing different Knox, Holmes or Richland County, Ohio Butler lines is this is easy for you to do. Again, thanks for your response and time.

Re: BUTLER in Knox Co., OH

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I am #M-0027. I have been in conact with M-0137 who matched me and were able to document his connection to my lines. It must be annnoying for you, seeing a match and no ancestry posted. Perhaps try posting something to the list server - some people so that and it gets broadcasted around. Or the person had had problems & dropped from contact.

You are running square into a lot of Butlers in my line in eastern Knox county, Holmes Co., and even Richland, Ashland and Putnam counties. There were a lot of John Butlers in my line and collateral lines. Lol I wouldn't call it easy to separate them: Before 1850 it's rather hard. That Thomas who died in 1764 is my ancestor - I've seen that the 1720 birth is not proven and he was not born in Ireland. Some web material is a bit off.

I would email you a file wiht my Butlers in tha tarea and time if you can figure out how to send me the address.

Re: BUTLER in Knox Co., OH

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Surnames: Butler, Byers, Wagner, Cochrane
I, too, have Butlers in Putnam County and would love a copy of anything you have. I have Samuel> Eli b. 1833, married 1863, Putnam Co, Catherine Elizabeth Byers>William Elmer, b.1866, Reilly Creek Twsp, married 1886-Mary Catherine Wagner> John Thomas b.1890, Vaughnsville, m. 1910 Lellen Olivia Cochrane (Portsmouth,VA). John Thomas was my grandfather and came to Virginia with the railroad.
Thank you, in advance

Re: John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

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I believe I may be a part of this line. Most of my family is from Washinton,PA/Canonsburg PA which was a boundery despute and was VA became part of PA. I am Raymond T Butler son of Raymond Hayes Butler son of Raymond Thomas Butler son of William George Butler son of Samual Butler son of Joseph Samual Butler son of Joseph 1727-1793 who I believe may have been Thomas's brother or Uncle? Does any of this seem like a conection?

Re: John BUTLER -- father of Thomas BUTLER, who died 1764 VA

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I am related to Joseph's son Samuel. In this same family they had a baby they named Samuel who died at 3 as did my Grand Fathers little brother. They then named another son Joseph "Samuel" listed as Samuel. I am Raymond T Butler son of Raymond Hayes Butler 1929-1967 son of Raymond Thomas Butler 1904-1969 son of William "George Butler (first Justice of the Peace in Washington County, PA) son of Samuel Butler Son of Joseph "Samuel" Butler son of Joseph Butler 1727-1793 My e-mail is If you have anything that you recognize I would like to hear from you?
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