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McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

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Surnames: McNair McNear Silbaugh Gable Martin Drake Moon Tharp Thorpe Rush Applegate
Hello Everyone,

I have noticed a settlement pattern, which may be known to others, but which I have never seen discussed elsewhere. Several of my ancestors were in southern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, and West Virginia around 1800. In most instances, researchers have hit brick walls in trying to find where these families originated -- but there are often hints that they all were once in New Jersey. Until recently, I was only certain that one family,, the Applegates, had been in New Jersey prior to about 1770, and they had been there since the time the Dutch surrendered the area to the English. But it seems likely that many other families which are of interest to me were also in New Jersey until about the time of the Revolutionary War. All of them, for some reason, started to move west, probably first to the ajoining, eastern courties of Pennsylvania (Bucks/Northampton), then to northern Maryland (mostly around Frederick Co.) and to York Co. PA. By about 1800, many had moved on to Somerset and Fayette Cos. in western PA, before moving on again to Preston Co., WV.

I know that some of these families moved for religious reasons. From what I can discern, there was some instability around 1770 in the Quaker church in NJ. A lot of families in the Morris Co. and Middlesex Co. areas moved to PA. I know that there were a large number of McNairs, Drakes, Gables, and members of families assiciated with those surnames in the area near Upper Makefield and later Newtown PA (Northampton Co.) by the end of the 1700s that seemed to have either originated or had family members in the aforementioned areas of NJ. I also have read that the Applegates left the exact same area of New Jersey in about 1770 due to the heavier taxes they had to pay in NJ and that they relocated in Elizabeth, Allegheny Co. for such tax reasons. But it also seems that a lot of revolutionary war soliders must have been given free or cheap land in York Co. PA, Bedford Co. PA, and Preston Co., VA (now WV), since a very distinct group of my ancestors who fought in the Revolution seems for follow the same track.

Daniel Martin was born in 1758 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, where his family had been one of the earliest settlers (from New Hampshire in the 1600s). Several of his children (including Abigail b. 1786), are said to have been born in Maryland. His younger children were born in Fayette Co., PA (although the location may actually have been what is now Somerset Co. In 1790, there is a Daniel Marton in Bedford Co, near the Turkeyfoot area). Similarly, Conrad Silbaugh, who ended up near Turkeyfoot, is said to have been from Maryland, where his children were born between 1763 and 1779, with only his youngest son, Philip (b. 1788) being born in Turkeyfoot.

I have looked at several other Turkeyfoot founders and found that many of these families, e.g., Rush, Moon, Drake, also began in New Jersey. Of course, it has long been said that the 18 or 20 families had come from Woodbridge, NJ in 1770. But it seems to me that they were spread out over a somewhat broader area of NJ and that they did not all get to Turkeyfoot by 1770 (this fact was also commented upon in an early county history for the Bedford/Somerset area, but no satisfactory explanation as to why all those families coming to the new Arcadia in 1770 weren't even there by 1790! Well, I may have found the stragglers.

I am descended from George Gable (b. 1832, Preston Co., VA), the son of William Gable -- who, when I started to look, was said to have perhaps been born in Pennsylvania. I am now fairly certain that his family was from York Co. (Chanceford area), and that they were descendents of John Gable, who died in 1791 in Salisbury Twp. Northampton Co., PA). Geroge's great-grandfather was almost certainly Valentine Gable, a Revolutionary War soldier who spent his last years in Chaceford, York. George Gable (1832) married, in Preston Co., VA, Catherine McNear (b. abt 1834), daughter of John McNear (b. 1798) and Sarah Martin (daughter of the aforementioned Rev. War soldier, Daniel Martin. Interestingly, another one of this daughters, Abigail, was the mother of William Gable's wife, and therefore the grandmother of George Gable). Catherine's grandfather, David McNear, was from the Turkeyfoot area, the son of the early settler, John McNair/Near. But there are even more Turkeyfoot connections. John McNear (1798) had come to Preston Co. from Addison (in the Turkeyfoot area) with a brother and nephew (both of whom later returned to Addison) in about 1821, which is the year his first wife, Lydia Tharp (Thorp, Thorpe) , the daughter of his next door neighbors, had died, probably giving birth to Catherine's half-sister, Margaret McNair. AND the Tharps also came from exactly the same area of NJ before moving west. But , getting back to the point of this whole positng, I did not know until a few days ago that the McNairs, Martins, and Silbaughs were also in York Co. during the 1790 - 1810 period. They are all in the "mixed township" section of the 1790 York Co. PA federal census. Silbaugh is spelled Sleybaugh, and I am just assuming that it is the same name. But there are a zillion Martins, (3 John Martins on one page alone, one of which should be Daniel's uncle), including a Daniel Martin (which might be Daniel 1748's father). At the same time, however, there are zillions of Martins, McNairs, Gables, etc., in Northampton Co. (with those McNairs in Upper Makefield being of great interest) -- so many that I am still unsure where everyone is and who is related to whom.

But I do think that anyone concerned with the Jersey Settlement of Somerset Co., (including Moons from New Jersey, who are also in York Co. in 1790), should look at Middlesex, Hunterdon, and Morris Cos. in NJ prior to the Revolution, and at the northern Maryland cos. and Northampton and York Cos., Pa in the late 1700s and early 1800s. You might find your ancestors there. In the meantime, will someone PLEASE figure out who John "Turkeyfoot" McNair's father is???????

Hints??? A James McNair from Upper Makefield witnessed the will of a Drake from New Jersey in the 1760s. If John really had a brother named Samuel, there is an even greater chance of linkage with the Bucks/Northampton McNears, which start with early Johns, James, and Samuels. Early marriages to Wilsons and Walkers could be important. I will continue to piece all I can find together, but I hope someone else can look into these areas as well.

Craig Englund

Re: McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

Carolyn G. (View posts)
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Surnames: McNair
Hi Craig,

I know that I have already sent you this info, but I am posting it in response to your post so that others who might be researching the same info can have access to it (and maybe stumble on John's parentage). I am quoting from Early Somerset County, by Frederick Doyle, 1945:

"In the spring of 1770 a little band of these discontented settlers loaded their worldly goods upon the backs of their oxen, and started toward new homes in the western mountains.
Following the general course of Braddock's Road to the Negro Mountains, they swung into the narrow vale of White's Creek and thence north to the Valley of the Laurel Hill Creek. Arriving here about the first of May they pitched their tents, after which the "men folks" went forth to select a portion of land on which to build a home for himself and his family.
By mutual understanding among themselves each one was to be limited to such quantity of land as he could walk around in a single day.
In all there were about eighteen or twenty families. Tradition gives us the names: Robert Colborn, David King, Oliver Drake, William Rush, Andrew Ream, Reuben Skinner, John Mitchell, John Hyatt, William Tanne-hill, James Moon, Edward Harned, David Woodmancy, John Copp, John McNair, Joseph Lanning, William Brooke, Jacob Strahn, Obadiah Reed, and William Lanning" (Doyle, 1945, p. 40).

Re: McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

Carolyn G. (View posts)
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Surnames: McNair, McNear
Hi again Craig,

I just realized that I have the date of James McNear's will. It was written in 1847 and filed in 1852. It says he died without children. I got this from the book "The William McNear family, 1770-1990, by J.D. McNair.

Re: McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

Charnee Smit (View posts)
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Craig, thanks very much for that message!! I just started exchanging messages with Carolyn on the Essex, NJ board, and she made reference to new attempts to identify Turkeyfoot John McNair's ancestors. I will certainly have to follow this and hope to contribute something to the research.

I am descended from Margaret McNair, Turkeyfoot John's daughter, who married Josiah Frost, Jr. and moved on to Knox. Co., OH. All I know is what is contained in the Orphans' Court Document from Margaret's brother James's estate, plus the manuscript written by the late John David McNair.

I, too, am interested in the origins of related families. For example, those of us who have researched Josiah Frost of Frostburg, MD are fairly certain that he was the son of Abner Frost of Westfields in NJ. Josiah (Sr.) lived in Loudon County, VA with his wife Elizabeth (Parcell) near Purcellville before moving to MD. Frostburg is just a stone's throw across the border from the Turkeyfoot area. I think I will go back and look at census records, etc for some of the names you mention.

Charnee Smit

Re: McNairs McNears Silbaughs Gables Drakes & Other JERSEY SETTLEMENT Families NJ/Norhampton Co. PA/MD/York Co. PA/Somerset Co. PA/Preston Co. WV 1750-1820

Charnee Smit (View posts)
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I misspoke in my previous reply. Margaret McNair was Turkeyfoot John's granddaughter, not his daughter. Her father was William McNair/McNear who also lived in MD at one time.

Possible Father of John Turkey McNear and McNairs/McNears of Frederick/Alleghany Cos. Md., York/Adams/Franklin Cos. PA, Somerset/Fayette Cos. PA, IN, ILL, IA 1700-1830s

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Surnames: McNear McNair Scott Waddle Holiday
Hi Charnee,
and Carolyn, Patti, etc.

Happy Thanksgriving.

I have been working on the McNears most of the day (welll, really most of the last two months), and I think I may have figured out who John McNear's father was. I can't go through all the details this minute, but I would like everyone's opinion on the following:

First, it has become somewhat obvious to me that John was not, in fact, part of the Jersey Settlement group of Somerset Co., as such, although he and his family probably settled in the area of Turkeyfoot at about the same time as the Drakes, Moons, etc. from New Jersey. All the county histories indicate that most of the settlers were from NJ, but that others were from Viriginia and Maryland. I believe that Turkey John and his brother Samuel are MOST LIKELY the sons of Alexander McNear, MacNear, McAnear of Frederick Co., MD, who is said to have been born on 8 Jan 1726 in Philadephia and who died either in Frederick Co. MD or in Hamiltonban, Adams Co., PA, on 1 Oct. 1816. Alexander apparently married LAVINIA SCOTT, b. about 1732. They had a son, Samuel, b. 16 Aug. 1763 in Frederick Co., MD., who died 2 June 1828 in Liberty, Adams Co., PA (which had been, until about 1800, Hamiltonban, York Co., PA). Both Alexander and son Samuel resided in Hamiltonban York , and Samuel's children, Alexander and Lavinia, were executors of Samuel's will and listed as being in Liberty in the 1820s. There is also an Agnes McNear in Liberty Adams, which leads to the generation before Alexander.

Alexander's parents, according to a listing on the Family Search site, were Robert McNear and Agnes.

It seems that the McNears/McNairs used the common family name pattern of using the names of the father's parents and grandparents for the first and second born children. This would explain the Agnes and Lavinia in Liberty, Adams Co. It also seems that the name Lavinia only appears in the lines Turkey John's children e.g., Ann, who by her third husband had Lavinia Harnet, Robert, who had a Lavinia McNear (b. 1822), and Robert's son, Andrew, who had a Lavinia McNear (1840).

I had once thought that the William McNear who first went to Philadelphia (by 1730) and then settled in Antrium Twp, Cumberland/Franklin Co. was John's father. Now I suspect strongly, based on the georgraphy of McNears/McNairs in northern MD and VA and south to southwest PA, that William and Robert, if not one person, were brothers and that Alexander (by Robert) and Andrew (by William) are the long sought McNears from whom the Fayette Co./Somerset Co./Preston Co. VA McNears descended. After much additional work, I believe I have a substantial amount of documentation to support this theory, unlike my earlier, Sept. 2005 statement in a response to Patti where I stated, with little support, that William was John's father. I will try to post this information winthin the next couple of days. But part of my thinking is based on the ability to exclude other McNair lines (the one beginning with John -- the Bucks/Northampton/Allen Twp. McNairs; the other Northampton line, beginning with James and his son Samuel, the Milford/Toboyne Twp. Group in Dauphin/Cumberland/Perry Cos., beginning with the two Davids, the Augusta, VA group beginning with Daniel and David, and the Dauphin McNairs that begin with Thomas).

For descendents of William, the brother of my David McNear (b. 1775), I think the line would go as follows:

Robert (c. 1700), Alexander (1726), John (c. 1745-50), William..

Those of you interested in Waddles and Holidays should look at the Cumberland Co. WIll abstracts on Rootsweb, GenWeb. The will of John Holiday of Peters Twp., Cumberland Co., PA, dated 16 March 1770 is witnessed by three Waddles.

More soon, but I at least hope this is a correct start for answering our common McNear questions.

Take care,

Craig Englund

Re: Possible Father of John Turkey McNear and McNairs/McNears of Frederick/Alleghany Cos. Md., York/Adams/Franklin Cos. PA, Somerset/Fayette Cos. PA, IN, ILL, IA 1700-1830s

Charnee Smit (View posts)
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Craig, thanks very much for your detailed messages!! I agree with you that Turkeyfoot John was probably not one of the Jersey settlement people -- I have never been able to locate any corroboration of his being part of that group, and other references just talk about him settling in Turkeyfoot as a veteran of the Rev. War.

I will have to find some time to chart out all the info you included in the last message before I can comment. Because you have spent so much time on it, I think you are probably on the right track. And the process of elimination of possible suspects often leads to only one conclusion about who the parents were. That's pretty much how the Frostburg Frosts have arrived at their conclusions. My only concern is that if John and Samuel are sons of Alexander, and they followed traditional naming patterns, Why did John name his first two sons William and James, and not one of them Alexander? And then William of John named his sons John and James, (again no Alexander) and his oldest daughter Margaret. There was a girl born after Margaret who died an infant, but I don't know her name -- it could have been Lavinia, I suppose, although no subsequent child was so named. And the parents of Northampton John McNair, b. 1760, were William and Margaret. (Why did those people all name their kids the same thing? Didn't they know how confused their descendants would be?)

Another question is the reference in History of Bedford and Somerset Counties (pub. 1884) of Turkeyfoot John as a native of Scotland. On the other hand, I got an e-mail from Patti Petlovich at one time mentioning a document in the Uniontown library that referred to John's father being in the French and Indian War.

Well! much to ponder. Thanks again. This wil keep me busy for a while.


Re: Possible Father of John Turkey McNear and McNairs/McNears of Frederick/Alleghany Cos. Md., York/Adams/Franklin Cos. PA, Somerset/Fayette Cos. PA, IN, ILL, IA 1700-1830s

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Surnames: McNair McNear Faris
Hi Charnee,

I have been doing some Google searches tonight, and I found that there is another possibility for the wife of Alexander McNear (b. 1727, Philadelphia). According to a 17 June 2000 posting on Rootsweb by Marlene DiGiovanni, Alexander's wife was Margaret Faris, b. 1732, daughter of Joseph Faris and his wife, Isabella. She also stated that Alexander and Margaret McNear are buried in the Presbyterian Churchyard in Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD, near Adams Co., PA. There sure are a lot of names associated with the Jersey Settlement living in Emmitsburg and environs in the 1770s.

I realize that Turkey John's kids did not all use the names Alexander, Lavinia, Agnes, or Samuel, but they also didin't alll use names that are consistent with any other parents/grandparent's from other McNair/McNear groups. The use by Turkey John's son, David, of John and Alexanderr for his two oldest boys does work out, however, even if William didn't use those names for sons that survived infancy. While my current favorite theory about John's father may not fit perfectly, I still think that it hold's promise (and at the very least offers some new areas for our search for John's origin). . I hope that Marlene Di Giovanni sees these postings, since she might already know of documents that would identify Alexander's children. I was amazed to see elsewhere that his son, Samuel, had 14 children.

I looked at the first McNair/McNear etc. book's list of William and Margaret Wilson McNair's children. While it is true that the names are remarkably similar to the names of Turkey John's children, they two groups of children can't be the same. Many of John and Margaret's kids went to New York, while Turkey John's either went to MD., VA, or farther west. One other consideration is the way McNair is spelled by the different groups. The Northampton/Bucks groups almost always use McNair, while the Frederick/Adams/York/Fayette/Somerset/Preston group uses McNear more often than any other spelling. I was verry encouraged that most of the few references on the net to Robert and Alexander 1727 used the McNear spelling. And that is the spelling used in the McNair book for the William that came to Philadelphia in 1730 and who then went to Antrium, Cumberland/Franklin Co.

I have joked that there is a genealogical rule that all people who are omitted from a family history are my ancestors. While I realize that this problem exists for many, it really is true that we would not hit brick walls if our ancestors could be found easily in one book. And it seems that those children that move the farthest away (such as to IL or IA) are the ones that are never found by those researching families near the point of their eastern origins -- or at least were the ones forgotten before the advent of the internet. Altnough I once looked through all the McNair/McNear editions and supplements on microfilm, I can't get any of the editions, other than the first one from 1923, to
display on the Ancestry site -- just blank pages for most of the 1929 revision and no postinngs at all of any of the supplements. I would really appreciate it if you or someone with access to all the updates could see if my theory is consistent with post-1923 versions. I know that the Alexander McNear and Catherine Sypolt section in one update applies to my David's (son of Turkey John) line, but I didn't see anyting that went back before John when I looked. But there certainly could be something I missed, either in Philadelphia or the Frederick Co./York Co./Adams Co. area, or under the names of Alexander, Samuel, or Robert plus spouses.

I didn't have time yet to type up my notes, but I will do it soon.

Thanks for your postings as well. I am sure that we can collectively break through our McNear wall.

Take care,
Craig Englund

Re: Possible Father of John Turkey McNear and McNairs/McNears of Frederick/Alleghany Cos. Md., York/Adams/Franklin Cos. PA, Somerset/Fayette Cos. PA, IN, ILL, IA 1700-1830s

Charnee Smit (View posts)
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Craig, I tried to chart out your McNair info and also looked again through my stuff, and wondered if you have the biographies of R.C.McNair and R.R. McNair in "A Memorial and Biographical Record of Iowa" by the Lewis Publishing Co. of chicago in 1896. These two men are related back to Somerset and Fayette Counties and Preston Co., VA. If you wish, I will post it on the message board, although I found it on the Internet -- can't remember whether it was RootsWeb or Ancestry, though.

One question that arises in these bios: it says both these men and their wives (one is Clara J. McNair, daughter of Alexander and Catherine Syfolt and the other is Nancy, daughter of Andrew and Catherine Clester McNair) worshipped at the Rosemount Catholic Church. Because my known ancestors were staunch Protestants, this came as a surprise to me. It occurs to me I should look up the Rosemount Catholic Church and find out more about it. It does not say Roman Catholic -- could it have been some reformationist thing?

Descendents of David McNear (1775), son of Turkey John McNear -- Somerset and Fayette Cos., PA; Preston Co., VA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: McNear, McNair, Silbaugh, Sypolt, Gable, Martin, Krizer, Lichliter, Tharp, Hinibaugh
Hi Charnee,

I will have to look into the Church you mention. All my attention has been on the earlier McNears in recent days, but I will see what I can find.

I do, in fact, have the Iowa biographies, as well as the History of Preston Co., which identifies the marriages of some of David 1775's children and other families, such as the Martins and Sypolts. After reading your message, I realized that this info may not be easily available, so here is a summary of what I have on David's children. This is actually a good place to start my posting of more info, as I keep promising:

1. David McNear -- MY GGGG Grandfather -- (b. Abt. 1775, New Jersey per 1850 census for Lower Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., where David was living with his daughter Mary Ann Lithlicter).
+ Catherine Silbaugh, b. 1765 in either NJ or MD, most likely the later, to Conrad and Mary Silbaugh.

2. John McNear (b. Abt 1798 -1800, Fayette Co., PA,
d. Prob. Preston Co., VA -- MY GGG Grandfather.
+ Lydia Tharp, b. 1801, d. Abt. 1801, Addison Twp., Fayette Co., PA, daughter of David Tharp (b. 9 Mar 1781, Woodbridge Twp, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 2 Feb 1828, Perry, OH) and Nancy Shipley (b. either 1776 Fayette Co., PA or 1780/81 MD, d. 5 Dec. 1858, Perry,, OH).
3. Margaret McNear, b. 1820, Addison, Somerset Co., PA; m. a WHITE

John McNear left Addison Twp. in 1821, moving to Preston Co., VA (now WV).

John McNear + Sarah Matin, daughter of Daniel Martin, b. 1748, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 1850, Preston Co., VA, and Elizabeth Wynne. Sarah Martin's sister, Mary, married Christian Sypolt, her sister, Abigail, married George Sypolt, father of Sarah "Sally" Sypolt who married William Gable, also father of Robert Sypolt, who marries Mary Sypolt, the daughter of George's Brother (Nathan). Sarah Martin's sister, Mary Martin, married George Sypolt's brother, Crhistian. Sypoltl The Preston Co. History also states that Sarah Martin's brother, John (1800-1879), married Sarah Sypolt, who must be the aunt of the Sarah Sypolt, daughter of George, who marries William Gable. SIMPLE, HUH -- WHAT CLOSE FAMILIES!!!!!

Back to John McNear and second wife, Sarah Martin. Their children are:

3. Alpheus McNear b. Abt. 1823, Preston Co., VA
3. Daniel McNear, b. Abt 1825, Preston Co., VA
3. Elizabeth McNear, b. Abt. 1833-35, Preston Co. VA
3. Catherrine Ann McNear, b. Abt. 1833-35, Preston, Co., VA, d. 15 Nov. 1904, Mahaska Co., IA, at her daughter, Minnie's funeral. == MY GG Grandmother.
+ George W. Gable, son of William Gable (b. 29 Apr. 1807, probably York Co., PA.,, in VA by 1821 and Preston Co. by 1824; died 20 Jan 1890, Mahaska Co., IA) and Sarah Sally Sypolt (b. 30 Mar 1814, Preston Co., VA; (d) 14 Mar 1888, Mahaska Co., IA
4. Sarah A. Gable, b. 1853, VA.
4. William A. Gable, b. 1855, VA
4. Charles E. Gable, b. 1861, IA
4 George W. Gable, b. 1865 IA
4 John C. Gable, b. 1867, IA
4. Minnie A Gable, b. 1869, IA; d. 13 Nov. 1904
4. Martha A. Gable, b. 2 Apr 1870, IA.
4. Etta Mae Gable, b. 3 Nov. 1875, Rose Hill, Mahaska Co., IA; d. 10 May 1938, Abington, IA -- MY Great-Grandmother
+ John Fremont Krizer, b. 1876, Rose Hill, Mahaska Co., IA; d. 1925, Fremont, Mahaska Co., IA
5. Floyd Maxwell Krizer, b. 1897, Rose Hill, Mahaska Co., IA, d. 1964, Abington, IA
5. Harry Merl Krizer,, b. 4 Nov. 1899, Rose Hill, Mahaska Co., IA; d. 31 May 1984, Newport Beach, Orange Co., CA -- MY GRANDFATHER

3. Mary Ann McNear
+ Richards
+ Isaac Draper
3. James McNear, (b) 1837

2. Alexander McNear (b) 11 May 1793, PA, (d) 18 Mar. 1872, Addison, Fayette Co., PA. Alexander joined his brother, John, to Preston Co. VA in the 1820s, but returned to Fayette Co. and lived in his father David's house.
+ Catherine Sypolt, (b) either 1802 or 1805, Preston Co., VA, d. 13 Sep 1866, Fayette Co., PA .

3. Samuel McNear, b. 20 Apr 1927, Fayette Co., PA,
+ Jane Hinbaugh m. in 1851
3. Clara Jane McNear, (b) 27 Feb. 1832, Preston Co. VA
+ R.C. McNear, (b) 14 Jun 1830, son of Andrew McNear (Son of David's brother, Robert (b. Abt. 1775 ?? Twin of David ??)
3. Nathan M. McNear,
3. Catherine M. McNear
+ Mattson King
3. Lucinda McNear
+ William Reynolds
3. Thomas McNear, (d) by 1895

2. Philip McNear, (b) 1805

2. James McNear, (b.) Either 1811 or 1816

2. Margaret McNear
+ Carrick

2. Mary Ann McNear
+ Samuel Lichliter
3. Lydia Lichliter + Harned
3. Catherine Lichliter + Phillipi
3 Sarah Lichliter + Youkim
3. John Lichliter
3. Martha Licliter + Boucher
3. Winfield Scott Lichliter

The other McNears that were in Preston Co. were Andrew, son of Robert (brother of David, son of Turkey John and Perry (great grandson of Turkey John), son of Samuel (Son of Robert and grandson of Turkey John). There were two Johns in Preston Co., in addition to John Menears/Meneers, which may or may not be related in some distant way to the McNears. I assume that the John McNear listed as "Sr." is Turkey John's son, John, the brother of David 1775. The one listed as Jr. would be David's oldest son, John 1800, the father of Kitty Ann, my G Grandmother. I have read in many places that Sr. and Jr. are used for people of the same name in a town, even if they were not father and son, i.e., an older uncle and younger nephew would still be Sr. and Jr.

Rather than risk the loss of all this typing, I am going to start a new message regarding the info I have at the other end of the McNear spectrum, i.e., Robert, Alexander, and Samuel from Phildelphia and Frederick Co., MD before 1780.

Craig Englund

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