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Taylor family confusion

Taylor family confusion

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Surnames: taylor
I am researching my Taylor line who lived in Sumner county TN during the early 19th Century.

I am back to Jarrett Taylor, born about 1800 who married Delila and I find them in the 1850 census. The next step is to figure out who are his parents. Everyone says his dad is Thomas Taylor but on the site, I found Thomas' will and it lists Pleasant Taylor as the son.

On the Rev War pension, it lists Gerard Taylor instead of Pleasant. When you look at the Sumner County marriages, there is a Pleasant Taylor who married Peggy Curry in 1838. That's not my Taylor because he is married to Delila, but I can't find a marriage record. So, were there were 2 men named Pleasant Taylor?

I am hoping someone who has researched this line can tell me why they are think Thomas is the father of Jarrett. I'm hoping there is something linking the Jarrett Taylor married to Delilah in the 1850 census to the same Pleasant named in Thomas Taylor's will.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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Surnames: Taylor, Anglea/Angel/Angle, Charlton
At what location in the 1850 Census do you find Jarrett Taylor and Delila living? The only place I've found him is as the bondsman for the marriage of Polly Anglea and Abner Charlton the 21 Dec 1824 in Sumner County, TN. Is this the same Jarrett Taylor who died in 1862 and is buried at Nashville in Davidson County? Is Delila's maiden name "Anglea"? Ancestry lists Delilah Anglea as Jarrett's wife and Thomas as his father. There may be hundreds of "Thomas Taylors" and a few "Pleasants". There are other Jarrett Taylors as well. To help you I need to know what information you found in the census including the district number and county. Be aware that "Anglea" is also "Angel" and "Angle" in some records. "Jarrett" could also be a middle name and could have been misspelled "Gerard".

Re: Taylor family confusion

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On the 1850 census Jarrett and Delila are living in Division 1, Barren County, KY. Yes, I think its the same Jarrett who served as a bondsman for Polly Anglea. I believe that to be his sister in law. I have not found a marriage record for Jarrett and Delila but I know Ancestry family trees list Delila's last name as Anglea so I have gone with that for now. I have read about the confusion over the last name, how its Angle or Angel.

I've only been able to find Jarrett in one census, the 1850 one. That makes him about 50, so he's in other census before that but I haven't found him. I've looked under Pleasant and Gerard/Jarrett and haven't found anything.

I know the 1850 census is the correct family for my line. I come from William Henry Taylor born abt 1825 in Sumner County and known by the nickname "Snap".

It's getting past Jarrett and confirming that Thomas is the dad that is my question.

I don't think that's the same Jarrett buried in Nashville, although it could be. Other Ancestry members list his death as 1851, but I don't have documentation to back that up, that's just what others members have said.

I'd appreciate whatever you can find. I know that Thomas may indeed BE Jarrett's dad and Jarrett's name may really be Pleasant Gerard. I'm just curious if anyone has researched this line and has some proof linking Pleasant Gerard to Jarrett.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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Surnames: Taylor
My research has Pleasant Gerard Taylor born 5-14-1800(1812) the 7th child of Thomas and Milie Taylor. I also found him using Garrett or Pleasant. He married Margaret(peggy) Currey 3-16-1838 and she died July 1850. They had two children: Malinva 1842, and Samuel Lafayette 1839. He later married Sarah Andrews 12-1-1852 and they had 7 children; Mary 1853, George 1855, John William 1857, Inman 1860, Laura 1863, Alice 1866, Charles Jones 1869. I found them in the 1870 census in Distrit 11 Sumner Cty. If you find any link to your Delila please let me know or anyone with corrections.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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I think we're talking about 2 different Taylor families. My Jarrett was definitely married to Delila. I found them in the 1850 census living in Barren County, KY, but they were from the Sumner Co. area. Delila's maiden name is Angel, or Anglea.

I know about the Pleasant Gerard who was the son of Thomas and Millie. I have living family members who've done extensive research over the years and they believe that Thomas and Millie are the parents of my Jarrett (also known as Gerard). I'm just trying to look at all the evidence myself, which is hard to do from 2 states away.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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I have been researching these Taylors for many years, and recently have revisited the family again. There is indeed much confusion.
First, Thomas and Milley (Markham) Taylor's son was named Jarratt - not Pleasant. The confusion comes in from the recorded will. I secured a copy of the ORIGINAL WILL, and it definitely shows the name as JARRATT. But the recorded will in Sumner County, Tennessee gives that child's name as PLEASANT. The clerk, for some unknown reason, made a mistake when recording the will. You can see a scan of the original on the website, Sumner County Genealogists Companion. There was, indeed, a man named Pleasant G. Taylor in Sumner County who was born in about 1812 and married Peggy Curry. I do not know if or how he is related to Thomas Taylor, but he was not his son.
Second, in Milley Taylor's Revolutionary War Pension Application, the actual births page recorded in the family Bible was literally pulled out and sent in with the application. There, Jarratt Taylor is spelled Garard Taylor. All I can say is that Thomas Taylor's bad-spelling gene was passed down to me...
Third, Jarratt Taylor was married to Delila ANGLEA. The Anglea Family was well established in Sumner County. There is a small crossroads in the northern part of the county named Angleatown. Although I am not a native of Sumner County, I've been going there all of my life, and it is properly pronounced by natives as "angel," and "angel town." This explains the misspellings.
Fourth, Jarratt and Delila (Anglea) Taylor moved to Barren County, Kentucky.
Fifth, Jarratt Taylor (born in 1800) was named for his uncle, Jarratt E. Taylor (born circa 1772) who moved from Virginia, and lived in Monroe County, Kentucky in 1850 and 1860. His wife was named Mildred Ann Hood according to a number of online sources. That the elder Jarrett was a brother of Thomas Taylor is also proven by Milley Taylor's pension application in which he submitted a deposition regarding her married to his brother Thomas. I hope this helps to straighten out some of the common mistakes made with this Taylor Family.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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Thank-you for this information as it is helpful. I think there must be 2 Pleasant Garrett Taylors as my research shows that in the 1870 Census in District 11 Sumner County Tennessee the following:
Pleasant age 66
Sarah(Andrews?) age 39
Mary age 17
George 15
William 12
Inman 10
Laura 9
Alice 4
Charles 1

I found Plasant marrying Sarah Andrews 12-1-1852 in Sumner County with her date of birth in 1831. Quite a bit of age difference between her and Plesant but not uncommon in that era. What is your take on this?
Don Taylor

Re: Taylor family confusion

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This is all very interesting and helpful.

Did Uncle Jarratt have a son named Jarratt as well, because in the 1840 census I'm seeing a Jarratt living in Monroe County between the ages of 40 - 49. I cannot find a Jarratt living in Barren County until 1850.

I found a tax list showing a Jarrett Taylor paying taxes in Monroe Co. starting 1828. Looking at the 1850 census, Jarrett and Delilah's children show that they are split between being born in KY and TN right about 1828.

Do you know where Jarrett and Delilah are living in 1830 & 1840?

Re: Taylor family confusion

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Surnames: Taylor, Anglea, Markham, Hood, Anglea
Jarratt E. Taylor (b. c1772) who married Mildred Ann Hood, is listed in Buckingham County, Virginia in 1820. I have not located him in the 1830 census. He was in Monroe County, Kentucky in 1840 listed as Garrett E. Taylor. He was living with his son, William R. S. Taylor in 1850 and 1860.

Jarratt Taylor, son of Thomas and Milley (Markham) Taylor, nephew of Jarratt E. Taylor, above, and husband of Delilah Anglea, also lived in Monroe County, Kentucky in 1840. I have not found him in 1830. As you know, he was in Barren County, Kentucky by 1850 and thereafter.

Re: Taylor family confusion

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This is my line of Taylors... George was my great Grandfather..
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