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Senvalki/Sol and John/Jonas and Kurtainitis/Sneider

Senvalki/Sol and John/Jonas and Kurtainitis/Sneider

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Surnames: Kurtainitis, Sneider
My great grandmother, Anna Kurtainitis came to Baltimore in 1897 from Sol, Lith. She was born in 1875 and was an indentured servant for a physican who worked at John Hopkins. She lived there until 1899 and came to Wisconsin and married my great grandfather, Michael Sneider in 1900. He also came to Baltimore so I think they met in Baltimore. He came from Kaunas.

I found a Anna Kurtenejtis, age, 19 from Senvalki with port of departure as Bremen, Germany. Her nationality is Russian and she is to stay with her brother Jonas in Baltimore. She had three brothers, John, Joseph, and Frank and they all came to the US. John was a few years older than she so is Jonas the same as John? If Sol a city in Lith? Is Senvalki a city in Lith or Russia? I have not found passenger lists for anyone listed above.

Re: Senvalki/Sol and John/Jonas and Kurtainitis/Sneider

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Surnames: sneider
Senvalki is likely a corrupted spelling of Suwalki/Suvalki.

During the Russian occupation of Lithuania (and Poland) from 1795-1918, present-day Lithuania was divided into four provinces (called gubernia in Russian).

Suvalki was the name of one of them and its provincial capital was Suvalki/Suwalki, located today in present-day Poland. The northern half of the province is in present-day Lithuania.

Jonas = John, Juozas = Joseph, Pranas = Frank.

I checked my Lithuanian atlas and did not find any location beginning with SOL. Lithuania did not exist as an independent state in 1897. It was still occupied by Russia so anyone coming from there would be recorded as a Russian but would likely be listed as speaking Lithuanian as their first language.

Michael Sneider sounds like an ethnic German name rather than a Lithuanian one. Kaunas likely refers to the gubernia by that name rather than the city of Kaunas/Kovno/Kovna.

Hope this helps.


Thank you

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Thanks for the information. I will look over my folder of notes again and review the information with my father and aunt.


Re: Kurtainitis

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Surnames: Kurtinaitis
Correct surname spelling should be Kurtinaitis.

Re: Kurtainitis

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Surnames: Kurtinaitis
MY stepdad's mother Alice was a Kurtinaitis. They came from Suwalki Province of Lithuania and arrived in Pittston Luzerne County PA as miners. There are several there and I am now trying to discern which one is the grandfather and such.
They stated the birth town Rudomina Lithuania just above the border of Poland. It was Russia then.

They were told as children they descended from King Vytautis and a relation owned the property in Apple Valley CA that was sold to Roy Rogers.

Re: Kurtainitis

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My family has an Alice Kurtinaitis from Pittston, PA. She had a son that she relocated to be near after she became a widow.

Any similarities?

Re: Kurtainitis ~ Alice

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Surnames: Hale, Kurtinitis, Bromley
My stepfather is still Ernest Richard Hale from W. Pittston. A descd Hale-Fuller, CT to Wyoming valley @1790 His mother was Alice Kurtinitis but married ER Hale Sr about 1924 THERE she later remarried a Bromley for a while in California, however she did live with her son and others out of state here in CA & OR. How are you related. We/he were trying to get the Lithuanian Vitotos stories & connetions. We are all around Modesto CA now.

Re: Kurtainitis ~ Alice

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Surnames: Kurtinitis
Your Alice appears to me my great-aunt from my mother's side. My maternal grandmother, Anna, was Alice's sister just younger than her (b.~1907). I met Alice when I was a toddler. We were living in Northern California at the time. I have found information about our Kutinitis family, in terms of the family once they reached the States. I have no information about their homeland connections. Family lore has it that Anna was the first of the children born in the States, but the Census records don't seem to line up with that story. My mother is Anna's youngest child. Anna died unexpectedly in August 1972 in California while visiting my mother.

Please contact me by e-mail via the site for more information.

Looking forward to sharing stories with you!

Re: Kurtainitis ~ Alice

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Surnames: Kurtinitis, Hale, Groark, Bromley
Alice Kurtinitis Hale Bromley was my great aunt also.
Her brother Andrew Anthony Kurtinitis was my grandfather.
His daughter Irene was my mother. Alice and Ernie Hale lived across the street from us in Santa Clara, CA.Andrew was born in 1901 but I don't recall if he was born in Lithuania or here in the states.My maiden name is Groark.

Please contact me via the site for more information.

Re: Kurtainitis ~ Alice

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Surnames: Kurtainitis
Seems to be matching cousins here- why doesnt someone make a basic pedigree list Dick Hale says Hi to tinker 1234 thinks you are in WA state? Who was the mother lines of Alice (HaleBromley) Kurtinaitis. He is not even sure, does not remember his mom Alice's father's name, can you tell us what you know of these. Also ALice's mom who was she and her parents too. Why not place a simple pedigree list to assemble this message board seems 3 cousins working independently.
Terry Bohme 209 324-2119
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