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Smalley Family Tree

Smalley Family Tree

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Surnames: Smalley, Knoob, Browning, Baker, Bentley, Wiley
This is my first entry in ancestry information. I'll list my history as far as I can.
My name is Richard Franklin Smalley. I was born in Carthage Missouri, August 28, 1934. I have been married twice, first to Eleanor Travis(we have a daughter, Donna Marie) Then to Frances-Ann Knoob(we have a son, David James Smalley) I have five brothers and one sister. My father was Roy Odell Smalley, born February 20 1902 in Boone Iowa, Died Jan 30 1975 in Corpus Christi, Texas. He married Ethel Luella Browning on October 6 1927 in Boone Iowa. He had four sisters, Edith, Myrtle, and twins Pearl and Ruby.
His father was Albert Renaldo Smalley(I do not know his vital statistics, although he was married to Cora Baker. and I believe he had one brother and four sisters)
His father was Richard Franklin Smalley (for whom i was named) he was born Dec 16 1841 in Illinois and died in Boone Iowa about 1933. He was married to Ellen Bentley. He had 2 brothers and six sisters.
His father was Edward Smalley, born May 2 1812 in Ashland county, Ohio and died 17 Jul in Boone, Iowa. He was married to Susannah Wiley. I do not know his siblings.
His father was John Pittinger Smalley , born Nov 21, 1777. He married Elizabeth Bradfield.
I am not sure before this, but I think his father was Isaac Smalley. but then I lose it.
I would appreciate any help in going back further in this search. Thank you. Richard Franklin Smalley.

His father was Albert Renaldo Smalley

Re: Smalley Family Tree

Berniece N Moore (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smalley
Richard, I believe that today you should stand up and shout yippy. I believe that I have your family history back to early 1600's. I was born in Boone Iowa. Hope to hear from you. B Moore

Re: Smalley Family Tree

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Looking for a William Smalley born 1748 died 1821
Married A Lydia ????? she was born 1774 died 30..11..1827

Any one any ideas

Re: Smalley Family Tree

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Surnames: Smalley, Browning, Baker, Bentley, Wiley, Bradfield, Pittinger
Ms Moore: I am very interested inobtaining your information. I just began delving into this about a month ago and although I have had some success, I am now at a standstill, so if you could bail me out a little bit I would certainly appreciate it. Thank You, Richard F. Smalley

Re: Smalley Family Tree

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My Smalley tree has 2056 individuals (Smalley by blood or marriage) and no William with those specs; but then mine concentrate on NJ.


Re: Smalley Family Tree

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Surnames: Smalley Pettinger Bradford Wiley Stroud Bentley Baker
Ms Degeorge: Do you have ancestry of Isaac Smalley, born about 1740, in Piscatawy New Jersey, and married Cietje Pettinger in abt 1766? Their son, John married Elizabeth Bradford, and they moved to Ohio and continued the line through Edward, Richard etc which is my family. Thanx; Richard F. Smalley

Re: Smalley Family Tree

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Surnames: Smalley/Bray
I found information on a William Smalley and pasted it below for you, while searching the (LDS) web site. Their information is a good starting point to give you clues and head you in the right direction. As with any source, however, it should always be verified before assume it as fact.

Good luck,

Below are my search results:

You searched for: William Smalley (refine search)
Any Event, 1748, United States
Exact Spelling: Off

Results: All Sources (3 matches)

International Genealogical Index - North America

1. William <SMALLY> - International Genealogical Index / NA
Gender: < Birth: Abt. 1748 Piscataway, New Jersey

2. William SMALLEY - International Genealogical Index / NA
Gender: M Birth: Abt. 1748 Piscataway, New Jersey

3. William SMALLEY - International Genealogical Index / NA
Gender: M Birth: Abt. 1748 Piscataway, New Jersey

Re: Smalley Family Tree

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thank you for your help I will check these out


Re: Isaac Smalley Family Tree

Posted: 1017165185000
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I know of two Isaac Smalleys that lived or died in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Issac Smalley b. Dec 11, 1647 in Eastham, MASS died in
Piscataway between Dec. 4, 1724 and Feb. 11, 1725. He was married lst to Esther Wood Feb 20, 1683/4 by whom he had eight children (5-sons and 3-daughters, no nmaes given).

Next he married Mary White March 18, 1702/3 by whom he had
six children (5-daughters and one son, no names given).

This Isaac had a brother, John Smalley, born Sept 6,1644
at Plymouth, MASS, and he also died in Piscataway, NJ in 1733. He married Lydia Martin Oct. 18, 1676

This is the John Smalley so often referred to as the progenitor of so many Smalleys in New Jersey, for he had 4-daughters (Lydia, Lydia, Martha and Phebe.) He also had
6- sons. (John, Jonathan, John, Martin, Elisha and Benjamin)

Johnathan's first son was named Isaac born Oct 5, 1708, married and died prior to July 22, 1762 leaving 2-sons and 1-daughter.

Perhaps this information will assist you in further tracing
the descendants of the Isaac Smalleys.

Re: Smalley Family Tree

Ryan (View posts)
Posted: 1018647052000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smalley
Richard my name is Ryan D Smalley and i was born in Hartlepool, England. And I would like to know if you know any history of my part of the Smalley Family?
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