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WILLIAM VICTOR HOLMES was said to be a traveling man. He married Mary Burkley. She died in Dubuke Iowa. They had four children:

1. William C. Holmes b. 4 Aug. 1853
2. James (Jimmie) Zachary Holmes b. 1855
3. Laura Holmes b. 1857
4. Unknown girl child b. 1859

After the Civil War, Vic's wife died of the fever and he decided to move on. He adopted out the two girls to a family in Cairo Illinois, loaded the boys on a flat boat and headed south. He settled in Louisiana. James had an accident and lost one of his legs. Infection set in and Jimmie died. He is supposed to be buried near Turnbull Island. When William got married Vic moved in with them, several years later he wandered off and was never heard from again. He may have gone south to live with some of his grandchildren.


WILLIAM C. HOLMES was born on 4 Aug of 1853 in Dubuque Iowa. He married Sarah Emily Tabb. He died 2 Feb. 1945. She was born 18 Dec. 1857 and died 6 Nov 1949. They are both buried at Welcome Home Cemetary near Grayson La.. Their children:

1. William C. Holmes jr. b. 1883 d. ?? of Typoid Fever
2. Leona Holmes b. 7 Jan. 1884 m. George Nichols
3 Jesse James (Jim) Holmes b. 6 Dec. 1885 d. 25 Dec. 1950 m. Lela Southern
4. Viola Holmes b. abt. 1887
5. Etha Mae Holmes b. 1m. ?? Crabtree 2m. Overton Perot sr.
6. Penelope Camilla Holmes b. abt. 1891
7. Annie Holmes b. abt. 1893 d. of yellow fever at age 18.
8. Bertha Holmes b. 25 Nov. 1895 1m. David Thompson (alias David Cubbitt) 2m. Martin Smith
9. Laura Faye Holmes b. 3 Feb. 1897 m.William Henry "Rhea" Perot
10. Bernadette Holmes b 11 Jan 1902 m. 3 Nov. 1918 Charlie Moore
11. Joe Holmes b. 14 Sept. 1905 m. Dorlis Finley d. 27 Dec. 1991 buried at Welcome Home Cemetary
12. Myrtle Holmes b. 1 March 1908 d. 28 Nov. 1992 m. Overton "Ovie" Perot jr

William , Jim, Leona, Viola, Etha, Camilla and their mother Sarah Emily Tabb Holmes all contracted Typoid Fever. The only one to die was Willam.

Sarah Emily Tabb had two brothers Thomas Tabb and John Henry Tabb. Thomas's wife may have been called Marha and John's wife was probably named Lulu. Sarah may have also had a sister Molly who was
married to a John Carter.


LEONA HOLMES married George Nichols.
They had six children:

1. Annie Nichols b. m. Ernest Kimble
A. Doug Kimble
B. Murphy Kimble
C. Sadie Kimble
D. Mandy Kimble
E. Charles Kimble
F. Lucille Kimble
G. Allene Kimble
H. Ernest Kimble jr.
I. Sidney Kimble

2. Minnie Nichols b. m. Jack Bennett
A. James Bennett
B. Andrew Bennett
C. Caroline Bennett
( Rosalee Bennett, a grand child raised by Jack)

3. Ethel Mae Nichols b. m. 15 July 1926 Joseph W. Mayberry sr. at Pineville La. by Rev. Edmonds
A. Helen Louise Mayberry b. 9 July 1927 1m. 1943 Lee Chartier 2m. Joseph Grass 3m. Tommy Kimble
a. Michael Lee Chartier b. 1943
1. Michael Lee Chartier jr.
2. Wayne Joseph Grass
3. Gerald David Grass
4. Stephen Dale Grass
B. Fanny JoAnn Mayberry b. 7 Apr 1929 1m. Paul D. Haggard 2m. Archie Carter
1. Paul D. Haggard Jr.
2. Vernon C. Haggard
3. Arden E. Haggard
C. Lillie Estelle Mayberry b. 4 Feb 1931 d. 15 Dec. 1974 m. 19 Dec. 1970 Hewitt Kimble
1. Willard Alvin "Skip" Kimble 1m. Lois Kathryn "Sissy" Tardo 2m.Linda Faye Dye Fisher
a. Christopher John Kimble b. 11 Sept. 1971
2.. Brenda Kimble b. 31 Dec. 1949 m. 23 Aug. 1969 Ronald Mallet Sr.
a. Ronald Maller jr. b. 21 Nov. 1971 m. 21 Aug 1988 Olivia Abshire
A. Laithan Noe Mallet b. 30 Nov. 1993
B. Britnie Jade Mallet b. 23 Mar. 1998
3. Martha Jane Kimble b. 7 Nov. 1952 m. 10 Mar. 1983 B.R. John Havens b. 19 Oct 1947
a. Helen Denise Havens b. 14 Sept. 1970 m. Christopher Todd VanBlaricom b. 14 Mar 1968
A. Matthew Ryan VanBlaricum b. 18 Jun 1991
B. Tiffnay Jane VanBlaricum b. 25 Oct 1993
C. Brittany Jean VanBlaricum b. 25 Oct 1993
b. Russell Edward Havens b. 25 Aug 1971 m. Michelle Renee Chavalier
c. Ronnie Jason Havens
d. Joseph H. Janise
4. Joseph C. Kimble
5. Anita A. Kimble
D. Joseph W. Mayberry b. 18 Aug. 1933 1m. Grutrude Mills 2m.Janice Bolton 3m. Mary Accord
a. Ethel Marie Mayberry
E. Stafford R. Mayberry b. 5 Nov. 1935 m. 17 June 1958 Jeanie Shelton b. 23 Dec. 1940
a. Gene Ray Mayberry b. 22 Nov. 1960
b. Sherry Mayberry b. 5 Nov. 1961
1.Angela Briqne
2. Shawn Briqne
c. Phyllis Mayberry b. 14 Mar 1963 m. Sam
1. Natashe b. 27 Jul 1982
2. Tori b. 24 Dec 1985
d. Troy Mayberry m. Valine
1. Brandon
2. Kim (stepchild)
3. Cristy (stepchild)
4. Bubba (stepchild)
F. Henrietta Leona Mayberry b. 8 Sept 1937 1m. Milford Posey 2m. O.C. Ezernack
a. Randy Posey
b. Darrel Posey
c. Billie Jo Ezernack (female)
d. Chal Ezernack (female)
e. Christopher Ezernack
G. Faye Montez Mayberry b. 15 Jan 1940 1m. Marvin J. Cazelot
a. Shannon Dale Cazelot (male)
H. Barbara Ethel Mayberry b. 24 Sept 1942 d. 13 June 1999 m. Gene J. Bordelon
a. Presley J. Bordelon
b. Susannne Marie Bordelon
c. Gene J. Bordelon Jr.
I. Samuel Dallas Mayberry b.2 Feb. 1944 d.16 Mar 1950 (drown at age six)
J. Lola Juanita"Peggy" Mayberry b. 5 Sept 1945 d. 26 June 1999 m Calvin J. Bordelon
a. Kimberly Gail Ann Bordelon
b. Christopher J. Bordelon
K. Lilas Emmie Mayberry m. Alton Chesne
a. Alton Micheal Chesne
b. Mary Cathleen Chesne
c. Samuel Joseph Chesne
d. Malinda Darlene Chesne
L. Linda Darlene Mayberry b. 19 Aug. 1948 m. 16 May 1986 John M. Rachel
a. John Michael Rachel jr.
b. David Wayne Rachel
c. Lori Ann Rachal
d. Steven Louis Rachel
( two sources listed different children)
a. Shari Rachel b. 13 June 1984
b. Erica Renee Rachel b. 14 June 1986
c. Blair Nichole Rachel b. 17 July 1992
d. Whitney Michael Rachel b. 13 May 1994
M. David Bruce Mayberry b. 16 Feb. 1952 m. Sharon LeMoine b. March 1954
a. David Bruce Mayberry b. 8 Mar 1975
b. Randy Gabrielle Mayberry b. 15 Aug. 1980
1. Deanna Rose Mayberry b. 15 Oct. 1998

4. Louis Nichols

5. Dallas Nichols
A. Patsy Nichols m. ??? St. Romaine
B. Barbara NIchols m. ??? Shaw
C. Robin Nichols m. ???

6. Alice Nichols b. 1916 m. J.C. Davis
A. Linda Davis b. m. ??? Thibodeaux
B. Carol Davis b.
C. Betty Davis b.


ETHA MAE HOLMES b. 7 Dec. 1893 m. Overton Frank Perot b. 27 Oct. ?? d. 25 Dec 1933 had six children:

1. William "Willie" Perot b. 12 Feb 1920---killed in World War II

2. Marzella Perot b. 22 Feb 1923 m. 13 Aug 1936 Willie J. Franks
A. Robert Roy Franks b. 30 Sept 1937 m. Jeannne Adrene Latham
a. Michael Franks b. 2 July 1962 m. Carla Northcutt
1. Rachel Nachole Franks b. 21 Oct 1982
2. Melissa Adrenna Franks b. 2 Dec 1984
b. Darrell Ray Franks b. 6 Aug 1964 m. Sherry Lynn Sanford
1. Matthew Franks b. 13 Nov 1991
2. Preston Ray Franks b. Mar

3. Leslie Perot b. 22 Jan 1925 m.3 Sept 1938 Ernest Jones b. 7 Dec 1917
A. Cleveland Jones b. 4 Feb 1940 m. Sara Faye Swift
a. Tonya Jones m. ??? Harris
1. Tyler Harris
2. Justin Harris
b. Kelly Jones
c. Rhonda Jones 1m.??? Bennett 2m. ??? Watkins
1. Renae Bennett
B. Marie Jones b. 14 Oct 1942 1m. ???Cupit 2m T.F. Bunch
a. Charles Ray Cupit
1. Choi Cupit
b. Cathy Ann Cupit m. Glenn Thomas
1. James Dalton Thomas
c. Tommy Bunch
d. Donnie Bunch
e. Jennifer Bunch
C. Mary Alice Jones b. 2 Nov 1943 1m. ???Frost 2m. Claude Grant
D. Willie Earl Jones b. 25 Aug 1947 m. Christine Laffoon
a. Shire Jones 1m. ??? Fredricks 2m Chuck Hicks
1. Chesley Fredricks
b. Baron Jones m. Jalanna ???
1. Keisha Jones
2. Katie Jones
c. Krista Jones
d. Heath Jones
e. Daniella Jones m. ??? Kirland
1. Brianna Kirkland
E. Betty Alene Jones b. 21 Sept 1952 m. ???Navarro
a. Kim Navarro
b. Manuel Navarro m. Linda Johnson
1. Jennie Navarro
2. Savanna Navarro
3. Chris Navarro
4. Jessie Navarro
5. Sara Christine Navarro
6. Manuel Navarro jr.
7. Dallas Navarro
c. Karla Navarro m. George Elias
1. Erin Elias
2. Chris Elias
d. Rodney Platt

4. Marie Perot b. 26 Oct 1926 1m. 2 Sept 1942 Theodore Babin d 1969 2m.6 May 1979 B. W. LaBorde
A. Mae Marie b. 3 Feb. 1943 m. Joseph Walter Hord jr.
a. Joseph Babin m. Patricia Becle
1. Joseph Babin III b. 1982
2. Laura Ann Babin b. 1985
3. John W. Babin b. 1986
b. Mary Alice Babin m. ??? McMillian
1. Mike Keith McMillian b. 1976
2. Michelle McMillian b. 1977 m. Anthony Lacey
A. Brandon Lacey
B. Chris Lacey
C. Anthony Lacey jr.
3. Montie McMillian b. 1979
4. Mary McMillian b. 1981 m. Brian Murray
A. Destiny Murray
B. Brian Murray jr.
5. Rick Mc Millian b. 1985
6. Sadie McMillian b. 1993
c. Eddie Babin m. Rita Verden
d. Bonnie Babin m. Donald Bardeaux
1. Shannon Bardeaux m. Ronnie Dorsey
2. Brandy Bardeaux m. ??? Scott
A. Deurie Bardeaux
e. Paul Babin m. Debbie Saddler
1. Amanda Babin b. 1983
2. Paul Babin jr. b. 1985
3. Scott Babin b. 1981
f. Robin Babin m. Ray Mandeza
1. Ray Mandeza jr.
2. Stacy Mandeza
3. Bryan Mandoza
g. Mike Babin m. Victoria Verden
h. Donna Babin m. Robert La Monte
1. Jason LaMonte b. 1982
2. Jeremy LaMonte b. 1988
3. Jamie LaMonte b. 1988
4. Jacob LaMonte b. 1990
i. Dawn Babin m. Joseph A. Marsh
1. Cassie Marsh
2. Joseph Marsh jr.

5. Sarah Perot b. 18 Apr 1928 1m ??? Jones 2m ??? Fatheree
A. Donald Jones
B. Billy Jones
C. Johnny Jones
D. Richard Jones
E. Ethel Jones
F. Bobby Jones
G. Ricky Jones
H. Eugene Jones
I. Diana Jones
J. Betty Jones
K. Dave Jones

6. Dave Perot b. 22 Apr 1931 d. 22 Apr. 1996 m. Hazel Sikes
A. Dave Perot jr b. 1 Mar 1948 m. 1967 Linda Carroway b. 30 Mar 1949
a. David Kevin Perot b. 29 Mar 1968 m. Melinda Taylor 1. Dylan Shane Perot
2. Dustin Lane Perot
b.. Scotty Perot b. 24 Dec. 1975 m. Anne Atkins
1. Dekota Dean Perot b. 1993
2. Tyler Dean Perot b. 1998
c. Michael Alan Perot b. 28 Jan 1984
B. Hazel Marie Perot
C. Shirley Faye Perot
D. Jerry Dale Perot
E. Clifton Perot
F. Gloria Perot m. ??? Crawford
G. Judy Perot m. ??? Carraway
H. Helen Perot m. ??? Thompson
I. Marty Perot m.


LAURA HOLMES married George Crabtree then Overton Perot sr.
She and George Crabtree had two children:

1. Lillie Mae Crabtree b. 1915 m. Tom Kidd Smith
A. Edna Marie Smith b. 1929 m. 1946 John Burton Jordan
a. John Thomas Jordan b. 12 May 1947 m. Stacy Marie Minville
b. Stacy Marie Jordan b. c.l.m. James Andrews
1. Bruce Thomas Andrews
2. Kyliegh Brooks Andrews
3. Kayla Cecelia Andrews
c. Burton J. Jordan b. 22 July 1948 m. Reta D. McGraw
d. Mikel W. Jordan b. 17 Dec. 1953 m. Christina D. Barfield
1. Amanda Dee Jordon
e.Jack Morman Jordan b. 2 Jan 1960 m. Sunny Lynn Slay (divorced)
1. Lacie Desire Jordan
f. Randall Wesley Jordan b. 5 Oct 1963 m. Cheryl Carter Hawthorne
g. Angela Cecile Jordon b. 10 July 1965 m. Charles E. Gregory
1. Charles E Gregory jr.
2. Anthony neil Gregory
h. Jodie Neil Jordon b. 10 July 1965 m. Daren Bartlett
i. Lauren Camille Jordan b. 18 Oct 1970 m. Burt Slade Peterson
1. Aaron Christopher Jordan Sanders
2. Lauryn Celeste Peterson
B. Joyce Lorraine Smith b. 24 Aug 1933 m. Harold Foy
a. Judy Ann Foy
b. Ruby Nell Foy
c. Patricia Lee Foy
e. Harold Bruce Foy
f. adopted daughter Brenda Foy
g. adopted daughter Barbara Foy
C. Francis Maidean Smith b. 5 Mar 1935 m. Charles Alton Roberts
a. Debra Wyona Roberts
b. Shawn Alton Roberts
1. Rhett
2. Rand
c. Robin Roberts
1. Justin Temple
2. Leah Jane Memory
d. Christee Roberts
1. (daughter)
2. (daughter)
3. (daughter)
D. Nellie Yvonne Smith b. 14 June 1937 1m. Clifford Mills 2m. Noel Branscum
a. Clifford Allen Mills jr. m. Betty Ann King
1. Clifford Mills III
2. Janell MIlls
b. Debbie Branscum m. Mike Washer
1. Jeffery Washer
2. Melissa Washer
3. Ryan Washer
c. Pamela Ann Branscum m. Chris Acardi
1. Devon Noel Acardi
d. Noel Ernest Branscum jr. m. Heather ???
E. Daniel Ray Smith b. 1 Jan 1940 m. Shirley Goza
a. Daniel R. Smith jr. m. Velvet ??
1. Matthew Smith
b. William Thomas Smith m. Tonya ??
1. Strand Smith
c. Catherine Grace Smith m. Jeff Horne
F. Bobby Gene Smith b. 11 Mar 1941 1m. Yvonne Stephens 2m. Sadie ??
a. Angel Nichole Smith
1. Amber C.
2. (son)
G. Elsie June Smith b. 23 June 1943 m. Larry Krueger
a. Lori Krueger m. Robert Eady
1. Elizabeth Eady
b. Edward Krueger m. India Micah
c. Donna Lynn Krueger m. Shannon Ardouin
H. Terry Lane Smith b. 12 Dec 1945 1m. Arthur Aringe 2m George Saper
a. Terry Allen Aringe m. Debra Diane Ward
1. (son)
2. (daughter)
b. Marie Aringe m. Jerry Mullins
c. Dawn Elena Arinza m. John Murray
1. Tony Murray
2. Derek Murray
I. Russell Tarver Smith m. Shirley Lambert
a. Keith
b. Brandon

2. Willie Crabtree b. 1916 d. 1917 in a boating accident

(Laura and Overton:) Overton Frank Perot

1. Ida Perot m. Lofton
A. Tom Lofton
B. Robert Lofton

2. Joe Henry Perot m. Eunice Williams
A. Sharon Perot m. Massey
B. Steve Perot
C. Edward Perot
D. Catherine Perot m. Sikes
E. Rita Perot m. Taylor
F. Joe N. (Joey) Perot

3. Butler Perot m. Anna
A. Butler Perot jr.

4. Dorothy L. Perot b.13 Sept 1918 d.7 Oct 1993 m. Charles H. Thompson b.10 Nov 1917 d. 18 Nov 1871
A. Charles Keith Thompson b. 24 Sept 1961 m. Julie Timms 14 May 1983
a. Charles Andrew Thompson b. 3 May 1988
b. Allison Leigh Thompson b. 30 Apr 1991
B. Michael Kevin Thompson b. 22 Nov. 1963 m. Penny Taylor 25 Oct 1986
a. Ashley Samantha Thompson b. 4 June 1987
b. Adam Seth Thompson b. 9 Oct 1990
c. Jacob Spencer Thompson b. 16 Feb 1998
C. Kerry Lee Thompson b. 13 Sept 1967 m. Paula Ducote 1 Aug 1991
a. Leah Elizabeth Thompson b. 5 Mar 1995
b. Kerry Logan Thompson b. 2 July 1998

5. Frank Perot m. Rachel Jones
A. Mary Frances Perot b. 2 Oct. 1950
a. Cleve Grant
b. Randy M. Grant
c. Robin L. Grant
d. Richard D. Grant
B. Elsie Elaine Perot b. 25 Mar. 1954 1m. Brewer 2m. Bertinot
a. Bryan Brewer
b. Brandy Brewer
c. Jason Brewer
C. Carolyn S. Perot b. 18 Sept 1957 d. 1989 m. Thomas
a. Brandon Thomas

6. Mary Frances Perot b. 1901 d. 1956 m. Willie Everette "Bud" Fatheree
A. Willie Joe Fatheree b. 1944 1m. Barbara Friday 2m. Sara ??
B. Laura Laverne Fatheree b. 1946 m. George Zeigler
a. Tammy Ziegler
b. Kim Ziegler
C. Kenneth Ray Fatheree b. 1949 m. Bobbie Moore
a. Janet Fatheree b. 23 Nov. 1969
b. Liza Fatheree b. 30 Sept
a. Paula Free
b. Jeffery Free
D. Mary Elizabeth Fatheree b. 1951 m. Jesse Free
E. Dorothy Jean Fatheree
F. Carl Dennis Fatheree b. 1956 m. Nita Ann Proffer
a. Shannon Fatheee b. 16 Nov. 1976
b. Jessica Elizabeth Deanna Fatheree b. ??
G. Darryl Fatheree

7. James Perot b. 6 Dec. 1930 m. Myrtie Sikes
A. Mark Perot
B. James Perot
C. Ben Perot
D. Hank Perot

8. Jessie Mae Perot b. 6 Dec. 1930 m. William Hyde
A. William Hyde
B. Pessy Hyde
C. Maude Hyde

9. LeRoy Perot m. Juanita Sikes
A. Barbara Perot m. Hunt
B. Martha Gail Perot m. Meredith
C. Rickie L. Perot

10 Henry 'Rhea' Perot jr.
A. Elaine Perot


JIM HOLMES married Lela Southern.
They had one child:

1. William C. Holmes b. 31 May 1937 d. 10 Sept. 1994 m. 5 Feb. 1956 Katherine G. King b. 1941
A. William Steven Holmes b. 13 May 1957 m. Nov. 1979 Rachel Barnhill
a. Seith Leigh Holmes b. 12 May 1982
B. Kathy Yvonne Holmes b.20 May 1958 1m. Dec. 1976 Zachary Marion Stanley 2m Clyde W.Terrell
a. Kristy Noel Stanley b. 2 Sept. 1977 1m. ?? Cook 2m. Ben Seivert
1. Ashley Michelle Cook b. 16 March 1994
2. Dakota Dawton Cook b. 2 Nov. 1995
3. M. Delany Seivert b. 28 April 1998
b. Trina Nicole Stanley b. 29 Nov. 1978 m. Walter Scott Roberts
1. Chelsey Michelle Roberts b. 2 Aug. 1995
2. Walter Luke Roberts b. 2 Aug. 1995
3. William Russell Roberts b. 28 Apr 1998
C. John Perry Holmes b. 1 Sept. 1959 m. 18 Apr 1981 Phyllis Anice Doherty b. 22 Feb. 1961
a. Jonathon Derrick Holmes b. 5 Apr 1984
b. Sara Annice Holmes b. 8 Apr 1990
D. Jeffery Bruce Holmes b. 15 Jan. 1961 m. Sept. 1985 Jetta Freeman b. 21 Mar.
a. Jeremy Holmes
E. Edward Vincent Holmes b. 5 Apr 1963 1m. 1982 Sandy Vines 2m. 1987 Becky Montgomery
a. Jordon Rachel Holmes b. Oct.
F. Charles Phillip Holmes b. 3 Sept 1966 m. 10 Nov. 1992 Lani Opininao Salcedo b. 20 Apr 1969
a. Charles Phillip Holmes II b. 16 July 1996
b. William Fredrick Hunter Holmes b. 10 May 1999


BERTHA HOLMES married David (Thompson) Cubbit.
She had two children:

1. Emmer Cubbit m. Oliver Gus Thompson
Emmer born 1914 married Gus Thompson born 1913
A. Mertis Lou Thompson b. 1932 m. Leland Jack Gilmore
1. Leland Dale Gilmore b. 8 Dec. 1951 m. Ann Wallace
a. Danna Leigh Gilmore b. 1975 m. Joseph Tidmore
1. Tyler Tidmore b. 1999
b. Joshua Dale Gilmore b. 1978
2. Terry Oliver Gilmore b. 1954 d. 1973 m. Connie Lynn Taylor
a. Melissa Ann Gilmore b. 1971 m. Paul Congemi
1. Storm Congemi b. 1993
2. Cole Congemi b. 1997
B. Lois Joann Thompson b. 23 Jan. 1938 1m. Ezell Shirley 2m. Sidney Cecil Cader
1. Cheryl Patrice Shirley b. 1956 (adopted as Cader) m. Calvin Smith
a. Jonathon Michael Cader b. 1979
2. Michael Shirley b. 1958 (adopted as Cader) m. Annette Smith
a. Natasha Jean Cader b. 1980
b. Stephanie Cader b. 1984
3. Susan Cader b. 1963 d. 1983 m. Scott Lindsey
a. Tara Danielle Lindsey b. 1979
4. Joseph (Joey) Cader b. 1964 m. Alice
a. Christopher Cader b. 1985
b. Amanda Rose Cader b. 1989
C. Bobbie Ruth Thompson b. 25 June 1934 m. Wilford Arnold (Sonny) White
1. Jimmy Arnold White b. 5 Oct. 1951 m. Karen Sue Blake
a. Jennifer Annette White b. 22 Sept. 1972 m. Bradford Lynn Watts
1. Bradford Tyler Watts b. 4 June 1995 (Bradford's from a previous marriage)
b. Jodie Renee White b. 18 Sept. 1974
c. Joseph Brian White b. 25 Oct. 1975
2. Bobby Lyn White b. 7 July 1953 m. Betty Ann Mc Larty
a. Terry Lynn White b. 12 Nov. 1974
b. Jeremy Dewayne White b. 5 Jan. 1978 m. Liz
3. Tony Lamar White b. 29 Jan. 1956 m. Teresa Tharpe
a. Christopher Anthony White b. 11 Dec. 1976
b. Nicholas Ryan White b. 14 Oct. 1979 d. 14 Oct. 1979
c. Amanda Noelle White b. 14 Sept. 1980
d. Heather Nicole White b. 6 Dec. 1987
4. Ricky Tyan White b. 29 Jan. 1963 m. Jennifer Johnson
a. Terry Kennedy b. 18 Aug. 1988 (Jennifer's by previous marriage)
b. Rebecca Lynn White b. 20 March 1999
D. Gussie June Thompson b. 5 June 1946 1m. Eugene Liles 2m. Ira Anderson
1. Bart Eugene Liles b. 14 Aug. 1968 m. Amanda
a. Jeremiah Liles b. 24 Nov. 1988
b. Melony Liles b. 24 Oct. 1990
2. Timmy Liles b. 3 Aug. 1970
3. Pam Liles b. 23 Apr. 1972
4. Jamie Anderson b. 16 Jan. 1976

2. Johnny Cubbit m. Daisy Richmond
Daisy Richmond b.12-28-1925 1m.Homer Lott 2m Johnny Cubbit
A. James Michael "Mickey" Lott b. 8-14-1943 m. 11-6-1966 Linda Brown
1. Theresa Irene Lott b. 7-4-1967 m. Mike Brooks
a. Krystle Brooks b. 10-14-1985
b. Kody Michael Brooks b.8-24-1989
2. Vicky Michelle Lott b. 9-7-1969 m. Pearl Adams
a. Kasey Lott b. 10-26-1981
b. Kristopher Adams b. 12-3-1995
3. James Michael Lot jr. b. 2-12-1978 m. Renee Hatten
a. Tyr Lott b.
B. Patsy Cubbit b. 1-2-1947 1m. Johnny Dannehl 2m. Mike Shelton
1. Tonya Dannehl b. 8-2-1971
2. Tammy Dannehl b. 10-31-1973 m. Michael Couch b.8-21-1969
a. Michael Couch jr. b. 6-19-1994
b. J.D. Couch b. 11-28-1996
3. John R. Dannehl, II b.9-14-1977 m. Brandy David
C. Larry Cubbit b. 1m. Betty Sue Nelson 2m. Renae Parkerson
1. Clint Cubbit 9-18-1970
a. Neal Cubbit 7-24-1994
b. Lucas Cubbit 2-7-1997
2. Erin Cubbit 10-20-1978
3. Daisy Cubbit 11-8-1983
4. Katie Cubbit 12-6-1985
D. Jerry Cubbit b. 6-5-1950 1m. Elaine 2m. Linda Brown
1. Jerry Cubbit Jr. b.12-6-1973
2. Jonathon Cubbit b. 1-6-1976
3. Tosha Cubbit b. 1-19-1983
E. Johnny Bruce Cubbit b.9-14-1956
F. Amy Cubbit b. 10-16-1957 1m. Paul Bratton 2m. 7-13-1982 Dan Creppell
G. Robert Cubbit b. 5-14-1959 1m. Elaine Gilbert 2m. 3-4-1989 Sandra Saxon
1. Keith Cubbit b. 12-14-1981
2. Stephanie Cubbit b. 9-28-1990
H. Mark Cubbit b. 11-2-1961 m. 11-28-1982 Teresa Eubanks b.8-30-1966
1. Steven Cubbit b. 12-18-1983
2. David Cubbit b. 7-18-1988
I. Joe Cubbit b. 2-4-1966 m. Tracy Thomas
1.Brian Cubbit 6-22-1987


Bernadette Holmes married 3 Nov. 1918 Charlie Moore
They had at least one ddaughter:

1. Katey Lee Moore m. William Spangler


JOSEPH C. HOLMES was born 14 Sept. 1905, he married Dorles Eula Finley 1 June 1929. Dorles had been born 22 Feb. 1914. He died 27 Dec. 1991 and she died 7 Sept. 1992. Both are buried at Welcome Home Cemetary. An entry in their family bible shows Jim Holmes, Oliver Thompson, and Lilly Kirkland as witnesses at their wedding; while Henry Powell was the Rev. in charge of the ceremony. They had seven children:

1. Laura Lucille "Josie" Holmes b. m. Jim Richmond 3-3-1920 They had five children:

1. Janice Lucille Richmond b.12-4-1946 1m. Sammy Franklin 2m. Jim Sabo 3m.
A. Penny Sue Franklin b. 1-16-1962 m. J. D. Justice
1. Matthew Justice b. 9-19-1982 m.
2. Carie Justice b. 3-19-1985
3. Leah Justice b. 4-29-1992
B. Sammy Glenn Franklin b. 11-20-1964 1m. Donna 2m. Amy
1. Lauren Franklin
2. Paige Franklin
3. Claudia Franklin
C. Craig Franklin b. 6-25-1969 1m. Deanna Murphy 2m. Kim Kitterlin
1. Tyler Franklin
2. Reagan
D. Scott Franklin b.12-29-1970 m. Amy Campbell
1. Ryan Franklin
2. Jenna Franklin
2. Jimmy Morris Richmond b. 1-9-1949 m. Wanda Womack, 2m Rhonda Haddox
A. (died at age two days- buried at Hebert Church Cemetary)

Sikes Family in Dubuque, IA

JG MILLER (View posts)
Posted: 966681163000
I am curious if you have any further information about Hazel Sikes who you mentioned in your line. I have had a difficult time finding ties to my great grandmother who was Eva Pearl Sikes and her children were born in Dubuque in the early 1900s. This family seemed to vaporize.
Any help would be great.

Ethel Mayberry

Posted: 987600537000
Edited: 994362298000
I am Ethel Mayberry's grandchild. Ihave been voted family historian and to be perfectly honest,I haven't a clue as to what I am doing.
Ijust finished printing out all the information you have provided. I found a few mistakes that I would be glad to help you with. That's if you would like.
For example: My mother and father, John and Linda Rachal, Were actually married June 17, 1967. and her date of birth is July 15, 1949. My oldest brother John jr. was August 19, 1968 and married Shari Renee Moore May 16, 1986. Their Children are Ericka, Blair, and Whitney Rachal. If you need any more information on any of Ethel's grandchildren feel free to e-mail me.
Maybe I could help.

Alice Nichols

Lee Bozeman (View posts)
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Alice Nichols is my grandmother. She married James Calvin Davis. They have five daughters. 1. Mary Alice Davis Wager married to Chester Wager. They have four children Chester Wager Jr, Bruce Eric Wager, Julie Beth Wager Perez, and John Davis Wager.
2. Shirley June Davis Bozeman married to Larry Bozeman. She is deceased. They have two children Larry Lee Bozeman Jr. and Mary Kate Bozeman Pedeaux. 3. Carol Davis Yarbrough married Cleo Yarbrough. He is deceased. 4. Linda Gail Davis was married to Jack Willard Mills III. They are divorced, they have two children Jack Willard Mill IV and Ashley Mills Gaar. Sidney Thibodeaux is her second husband they have three children Kendall Rachelle Thibodeaux, Lillian Antoinette Thibodeaux, and Sidney Thibodeaux III. 5. Betty Jean Davis Bolton married to Al Bolton they have two children Shay Lynn Bolton and Shane Everett Bolton. I will update this information with dates and great-grandchildren. I am looking for information on George Nichols, my grandmothers father. If you have any information feel free to E-mail me.

Ethel Nichols

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Lee where do I E-mail you at. You left no address. I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail is or
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