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RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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I would appreciate any information :William Breen and Annabelle McCann, married in Rich Hill Church, Armagh, Ireland way back in about 1850 or around there. William settled in Essex County, Ontario, Canada in 1869 while his wife Annabelle joined him around 1872.
I would like to find relatives in Ireland and/or any information on william's or annebelle's parents.

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Surnames: Breen McCann
I have updated some information on this thread. I don't have the parents of Annabelle McCann or William Breen yet, but my Father who is now deceased travelled to Rich Hill to establish William's Son, Jones Breen as his Grandfather, born in Armagh and I believe he has some video of the Rich Hill Church Graveyard with William Breen's parents.

Any info you have would be welcome. I'll share what I find as I progress.

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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I am descended from William and Anabelle by means of their son Jones who married Agnes Sadd in South Western Ontario Canada.

I know the following with regard to William and Annabelle.

William was born 2 May 1835. Married Ann McCann on 12 Apr 1856. William's father's name was Henry, based on the marriage record at the Church in Rich Hill. I have a possible name of Henry's wife as Bell (Isabella) Ridell based upon the death record of William's Sister Mary Ann Breen born 1 Aug 1845 who married Joseph McFadden in New Market, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA on July 4, 1870. She and Joseph joined William and Ann sometimes shortly thereafter and settled in Comber, West Tilbury, Essex, Ontario, Canada. Mary Ann McFadden's death record lists her mother as Bell Riddell. I have a DVD of my Father in the Rich Hill Church examining the marriage record and the name Isabella appears to be the wife of Henry but there is no maiden name present on that record.

One of William's Census records in Essex County Ontario shows him arriving in Canada in 1868. The children born in Ireland and Ann appear to have arrived circa 1871.

Ann's Father's name was Terence (Terrence?) McCann. I do not have a spouse as yet.

My father (now deceased) was in Armagh around 2001 and visited the Rich Hill Church for information. I anticipate getting those records within the next month and will update my records accordingly as well as my records on

Any additional information anyone else can offer on this would be welcome.


Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Surnames: Breen Riddell McFadden McCann

As promised I have information to update this thread and the family of William Breen and Annabelle McCann.

There is a great deal of it and it opens many doors for additional study and branches of this Breen.

In my father's records, which I've been cataloguing, I discovered the following information regarding the family of William Breen of County Armagh, Ireland.

The more specific address for this Breen Family is:

Townland - Drumard (Jones) (also found at times in Clonroot)
Parish - Kilmore
Barony - Oneilland West
County - Armagh
Province - Ulster
Country - Ireland

Religious Affiliation - Church of Ireland

The date of marriage for William Breen and Annabelle "Anne" McCann is not April 12, 1856. This date was misread in numeric form from a secondary 4/12/1856. It is Dec 4, 1856.

The marriage record gives a birth date for William of 2 May 1835.

William's actual birth date per his baptismal record in the Kilmore Parish Church of Ireland records was 2 May 1836. It appears on the marriage record, William claimed to be "of age" (which is 21 or older) when he was in fact 20.

Williams father was Henry Breen, also of Drumard (Jones) in Kilmore Parish. His wife's name was Isabella and I'm reasonably sure that her maiden name was Riddell based upon a daughter's death certificate and an examination of the other residents of Drumard (Jones) and Clonroot which has several Riddells in the immediate area, and another marriage record that shows a marriage between a Joseph Breen and a Riddell in the area in the 1830's. I suspect there may be a relationship there.

There has been found a baptismal record for a Henry Breen in Clonroot that gives parantage for Henry as Ed Breen and wife Martha (UNK).

No marriage record has been found in Kilmore Parish for Henry and Isabella, but that probably means Isabella was from a different area or possibly not Church of Ireland originally. Marriages usually take place at the wife's home church.

Based on the Baptismal Records of Kilmore Parish, these are the Children of Henry and Isabella and the siblings of William Breen. This is the first release of this information outside of my immediate family that I am aware and I'm hoping it will generate some responses and more information.

The location of Henry and Isabella for all these births/baptisms is Drumard (Jones) which is a 221 acre townland so the chances of there being another such couple at the same time is practically non-existant.

William Breen - 2 May 1836

Jones Preston Breen - 19 Jan 1839

Elizabeth Breen - 1 Jan 1841 (note: there is another Elizabeth sibling which probably indicates this Elizabeth died young. It was common in Ireland for a deceased sibling's name to be reused.)

Joseph Breen - 11 Jan 1843

Mary Ann Breen - 14 Aug 1845

Elizabeth Breen - 10 May 1848 (see above note on Elizabeth)

John Breen - 2 Sep 1850

Henry Breen - 14 Dec 1856

Isabella Breen - 1858 (She was baptized in 1873 and the record doesn't give additional information)

I'm excited about this additional information. I can give very detailed information of the lines of descent for William Breen and Mary Ann Breen (who married Joseph McFadden in New Hampshire USA and then moved to Essex County Ontario, where William Breen and family were established. ) I believe Isabella married a James Reid.

Beyond that, I'm at a loss. The occupation for William and his father Henry were Weavers. I know the linen weaving industry near Rich Hill took a hit due to the railroad and industrialization of some of the processes.

The Breen's probably dispersed from the area as they came of age. William left for Canada in 1868 and brought Annie and family over in 1871. Mary Ann left about the same time and was in New Hampshire for a while.

I'm looking forward to compiling more information on my family (William was my ggGrandfather.)

Please reply to this thread or contact me directly.


Bart Breen

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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I am Leah Breen, the daughter of Arlie William Breen - Comber, Ontario, CANADA. He had three brothers, Harry, Glenn (who married Helen)and Tommy. My grandparents name were William and Mary who lived in Comber but I don't have much info on anyone as everything has passed away. I understand I had cousins Billy (son of Glenn) and Evelyn. Also a Maxine Coulter somewhere in the line-up.

Please contact me should you know of any information you can provide on my family.

Thank you.

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Hi Leah,

I am your cousin and I have our Breen roots traced pretty well.

I will send you an invite to my tree and we can catch up.

Wonderful to make contact with you!

Bart Breen

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Dear Bart,

I cannot thank you enough for your quick response. This is OUR family. I have now been able to see pictures of my dad as a little boy, my uncles, Harry & Glen, Tommy, the farmhouse, etc. I sent my sister Arlene the pictures of the farmhouse with the family standing there and she remembers them as if it was yesterday.

Thank you so,so much. I will try to get you updated with some more pictures, events etc as soon as I figure this website out.

Once again my sister, Arlene and I are all so greatful.

Your cousin,


Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Surnames: Breen
Hi Leah

I had completely forgot about this site. I am also your cousin. My parents were Marguerite and Allan "Pete" Breen, grandfather was Wesley Breen, great grandfather was Jones Breen. Glen Breen was my parents Best Man when they married.
I am very glad you got in contact with Bart. He sure is a genius in genealogy in my book.

Brad Breen

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Hi Brad, pleased to meet another cousin. Since joining the board, I have been able to reconnect with many, many relatives. It has been such a happy experience for me! I have posted many pictures of my mom, Sally Kotowski Breen, and dad, Arlie William Breen along with other family pictures. Please take a look when you have a chance and enjoy.

Best wishes Brad, hope life has treated you well.

Leah Breen

Re: RE: William Breen from County Armagh, Ireland.

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Hello Leah,

I am your first cousin,Maxine (Coulter) and I live in Chatham.
I have been wondering where you and Arlene have been for many years. Your grandparents were Thomas and Emma Breen from Comber, Ontario. Your great grandparents were William and Mary Breen from Armagh, Ireland who came to Comber many years ago. My mother was your dad,s sister, Amy May Breen.
I can send you more information about the Breen family members who still live in the Comber area if you wish.

I would love to hear from you, and what you have been doing for the last fifty years. Please contact me at
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