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Quebec, Ontario, VT, RI, MA

Quebec, Ontario, VT, RI, MA

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Surnames: Boucher, Barbel, St-Martin, Bidagan, Sylvestre, Gervais, Joly, Deveau, Deneau, Jolicoeur, Beaugrand, Champagne, Belisle, Germain
Hello everyone,
This is a long shot, but I thought perhaps there are people out there as frustrated as I, and we might be able to put our heads together. If anyone has any of these names:
associated with the areas mentioned above in the subject line, and you know you are native/metis/mixed-blood but can't find the connections - let's get together and compare. Maybe by looking at commonalities we can put 2 + 2 together? Respond here or e-mail me privately. I'd love to hear from you even if you only think maybe this applies!
Good wishes,

Brabant m.Lucier - Brazeau m. Brabant - Brazeau m. St-Cyr

joyce fuller (View posts)
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Surnames: Lucier, Lussier, Brabant, Brazeau, St-Cyr
Posted by, Joyce Fuller, Loretta, I too am trying a long shot, I'm new at this geneology search, so hear goes, I am of native /metis/mixed/blood I am trying to trace back from Angelique Lucier, or luccier, married Augustine Brabant ,,then Marguerite Brabant married to Joseph Edward Brazeau his mother an father was Melanie St. Cyre born 1793 married to Augustine Brazeau, born 1787any information you could give me or any locations I might be able to contact in Quebec would be great. Joyce.

Metis in Quebec

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Hello Joyce!
Thanks for responding - you are the only person who has done so! I don't have much information but here's a little bit that may help. First, if you haven't already done so, try the Metis e-mail "list" at I'm not sure but you may reach the place to sign up for the list at
and you can also read the archives through that site, I think. I know I have seen the surnames you are mentioning there. Other suggestions, try the Quebec "list" (same sign up location). Also, I know there are both Iroquois and Huron in the southern part of Quebec - Oka, which was previously known as Lac de Deux Montagnes. Also there were Abenaki at St Francois (Xavier?) and there is an excellent web site at
There is more to the web address but that's enough to get you there I think. If not, put Abenaki of Western Maine in your search engine. I have other web sites pertinent to Native and Metis genealogy, but many of them are not particularly related to Quebec area. Let me know if you have trouble with these or want more info, or if you find something I missed and might be interested in! My private e-mail
The very best of wishes to you!

Deneau-Jolicoeur voyageurs

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Have some Deneau/Jolicoeur voyageurs...

have Joly and Deneau

Cora (View posts)
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Surnames: Joly, Deneau
Have Albertine Joly, Antoine Joly, Thomas Deneau, Jacques Deneau and Marie Genevieve Deneau in my line.

Question - Joly & Deneau

Loretta Sylvestre (View posts)
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Thanks for your reply - do you know if these families are of Native descent?

would appreciate info on Deneau-Jolicoeur voyageurs

Loretta Sylvestre (View posts)
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Surnames: Gilbert, Comtois, Deneau, Jolicoeur
Thanks for your reply! I would be interested in any information you have about these people - locations, employers, dates, so forth. In my line I believe are Pierre m. to M. Gilbert-Comtois, his father Pierre, his father Claude. Are any of these among your voyageurs?

Re: Question - Joly & Deneau

Rhiannon (View posts)
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Surnames: Joly, Deneau
I am not sure if we have a link but I am an ancestor of the Deneau family. I believe it was one of the brothers who was part of the NW fur trading company and I do know through poorly kept family tree that one of Deneau married the daughter of Chief White cloud, all though I do not have her name, hence the metis status. Also, my maiden name is Belshe (which sounded very similar to Belisle). I do know that it is of German decent and was altered from its original spelling. Unfortunately many of my family records have been destroyed either through prejudice against our Native American blood and permanent separation of family. I hope this clicks! Thank you

"voyageurs" research

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Try search google at the site Le Voyaeur Le Centre du Patrimoine there are about 120 names of Deneau and various spelling ...let me know what you find...Scott Dano

Thanks + some more questions

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Rhiannon, thanks for your reply and your patience waiting for mine. (I don't go on line much these days.) I'm interested in a couple of things in your post. First, where did you find/hear the information about the Deneau who married the Indian woman? What is White Cloud's tribe? Approximate date/location for this marriage? These types of inforamtion could be helpful for any of us looking to connect up names, especially since many times people went by more than one name - and very often a native name is replaced by a French name in marriage records. So it'sn possible we could have information on this marriage and not realize it's the same one.
Also, about the Belisle/Belche - that's intriguing. The Belisle family name in my line appears to be a "dit" name, for the name Germain. Belisle is also sometimes spelled Belleisle (possible Belle Isle?) Thant Germain family is a French family, and the name is alleged to mean "Cousin". It's possible that your family story is mixed up about the German ancestry because of the similar word Germain. Or, perhaps the original name may have been a different German name entirely. What do you think? Very interesting.
I second that statement about prejudice (or fear and our ancestor's need to survive) creating a lot of blank spots and discrepancies in the family stories and records. It makes it very difficult.
Any info you have about the Deneau native connection, AND about the NW Fur Trading Co connection will be so much appreciated. you can send this to me via e-mail at
If you contact me there, I will also try to find a genealogy sent to me by another researcher and forward it to you. You may find some more relatives! Good wishes,
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