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Michigan Snays

Michigan Snays

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Many, if not all, of the Mt. Clemens Snays are descendants of Nicolas Senet who emigrated to Quebec from France in the 1680's. He was a corporal in the French army and later a royal notary and singing teacher. Senets turn up in Michigan around 1790.

If you can tell me more about your Snay relatives as far back as you can go, I'll try to place you in the correct Senet/Snay lineage. Names, dates and places of birth are all helpful. The name Joseph seems to be pretty common in the family.

There is a lot of interesting information on the family which I will be happy to share with you.

Hope to hear from you,


michigan snays

jennifer perry (View posts)
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there are many snays now living in the logansport, indiana area. my father's name is thomas, born in 1949. i think his mother's name was grace ellen, although i dont know her maiden name. im sorry but that's all i have. thanks for the response!

decendents of Nicolas Senet

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Surnames: Senet, Cadoret, Pay, Payer, Paille, Paye
Hi Barbara, I am a different Jennifer, but saw your note to the other Jennifer regarding Nicolas and his decendents.

I decend thru:
Joseph Francois
Marie Louise Eliza**

This is my problem area. I need proof that she is a child of Joseph. She married Louis Payer/Paille on 13 Apr 1807 in St. Roch de L'Achigan, Assumption, Quebec.

Do you or anyone have anything to share to show that she is indeed the daughter of Joseph Senet and Marie Josephte Cadoret?

Thank you,
Jennifer Kay

Re: decendents of Nicolas Senet

Barbara (View posts)
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Sorry, I don't have any information on Mary Louis Eliza, but if she is Joseph's daughter, then she is a sister to my husband's ancestor Ignace.

His line goes through Ignace, then Moses Louis, Moses, William Moses, Earl and Nola.

When I received your message, I was looking through a copy of Joseph Francois and Angelique Vaudry's marriage contract. I don't know French, so it's pretty hard going, but very interesting because of the names they list as relatives or friends. Habitant Heritage magazine had two series of articles, one on Marie LePage and one on a trial of some men accused of violating the ban on trading with Indians. They both involved Vaudry uncles of Angelique whose names are in the contract.

As for Marie Louise, where have you searched so far? Denissen, Jette, Tanguay and the PRDH are the only sources I know of, but I'm just a beginner in French-Canadian genealogy. My husband occasionally flys to Montreal and got copies of Joseph Francois' and Nicolas' marriage contracts from the Quebec Archive. Perhaps they would have baptismal records there.

Sorry if I've suggested places you have already checked, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Do you have any information on Joseph? I know that Nicolas was a royal notary and somewhere read that Joseph Francois was a captain in the militia, but I don't know anything about Joseph.


Re: Michigan Snays

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Hi, My grandfather was Norman E. Snay, he was not around when I was born but did come back into the picture later, but he passed away when I was 12 or 13. I know he was born in the 1910's and passed away either 1985 or 1986 in Grand Rapids, MI. I also know he had a family in another state after my father was born (Robert Leonard Gave, his adopted name).
Thanks for any help!

Re: Michigan Snays

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Hi Jeanette,

It's always nice to hear from another Snay.

Here's what I have on Norman:

Norvell "Norman" Eugene Snay born 11 October 1915, Mt. Clemens, MI. Parents were Oswald "Walter" Snay born 22 May 1874 Mt. Clemens, MI and Margaret "Maggie" Mary Yennor, born 12 May 1873 Mt. Clemens. They were married on 08 Sep 1900 in Mt. Clemens by Wm H. Martz Justice of the Peace. They lived at 95 Gibbs (rear) in 1911-12, then 93 Gibbs in 1919-1920, 77 Gibbs in 1921to 1939 when he died. Margaret lived there until her death on 9 April 1956 at St. Joseph hospital. Surviving at the time of Walter's death were four sons; Walter, Otto, Norman and Francis all of Mt. Clemens.

There is a Norman Snay buried in Clinton Grove Cemetery. Norman is listed as living at 77 Gibbs in the 1935 Mt. Clemens directory. Also in 1937-38 directory and at the death of his mother in 1956.

Walter Snays brother was William Moses Snay and Ida Thomas. William Moses Snay was my husband's g-grandfather. William Moses was born 27 June 1868, married 20 Nov 1893 in St. Peters Mt. Clemens, and died 28 Jan 1919 Mt. Clemens, buried St. Peter. Ida M. Thomas was born 23 Feb 1865 Macomb Co. MI, daughter of Robert R. Thomas and Angelica Dubay and died 11 June 1937 Mt. Clemens. She was married first to Joseph Tebo (Thibault).

Now from the immigrant ancestor Nicolas Senet to William Moses: (briefly)

1.Nicolas Senet dit Laliberte m. 10 May 1689 Quebec Gertrude Daunay
2. Joseph Francois Senet m. 11 Jan 1735 Marie Angelica Vaudry in Pointe-Aux-Trembles PQ
3. Joseph Senet m. 7 Jan 1765 Marie Cadoret in Quebec
4. Ignatius Senet m. 7 Jan 1794 Seraphine Greffard in Detroit
5. Moses Louis Senet m. 29 Jan 1828 Archange Melinda Duchene in Detroit or L'anse Creuse
6. Moses Senet/Snay m. 8 July 1867 Ellen (Helen) Robitaille (Robertoy) in L'anse Creuse

Then William Moses and so on. I have more details, but in the interest of getting this to you quickly I have left them out. Mostly dates and places of birth and death, occupations etc. I'll be happy to send them to you later if you are interested. I'm working on a Senet document with all the data that I can just email to anyone who is interested.

Anyhow, it looks as though you and my husband are related. My husband's grandfather was Earl Snay who was a son of William Moses and a cousin of Norman. So that would make you 3rd cousins (I think.) Because you share a 2G grandfather, Moses Snay.

Do you live in the Mt. Clemens area? I know there are a lot of Snays there and elsewhere in Michigan most of whom are descended from Nicolas and Gertrude Senet.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help.


Re: Michigan Snays

Jeanette Hamilton (View posts)
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Thank You Barbara! Yes, actually I am in the Mt. Clemens area, about 8 miles from there in Roseville. My father is also in Roseville, He is Robert Leonard Gave, I believe he was born Robert Leonard Snay but not positive. Since his father (Norman Snay) left him at a young age and did not come back for many years, he didn't want much to do with him when he did come back.
Thank You for sharing! I am thinking on doing a full tree for my children on both my side an dmy husbands, only slight problem, his maternal side is Native American and so far, I have had trouble tracking them.

Re: Michigan Snays

Barbara (View posts)
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You're very welcome. As I mentioned before, I can send you more information if you want it. Just let me get my info all together in an organized fashion and I'll send it to you. There are a lot of interesting families in the maternal lines of the Senets/Snays. Some of the names are Daunay, Richard, Vaudry, Brouillet, Cadoret, Duchene, Greffard, St. Aubin, Thomas, Robitaille. At least one of your ancestors was in Detroit at its founding with Cadillac; this was Jean Casse dit St. Aubin who has a street and a park named after him in Detroit. Also you are a descendant of Elisabeth Price, who was captured by Indians in the Deerfield Raid of 1704 and ransomed in Montreal. Her husband at the time was Andrew Stevens, an Indian. This marriage was unique at that time. Andrew was killed in the raid. Elisabeth later married Jean Fourneau dit Brindamour in Montreal in 1706 and some of her descendants moved to Detroit.

It's interesting that your husband has Native American ancestry for there are Native American connections throughout the family's history. I have been in contact with a descendant of of one of the Native American Snays in MIchigan. I've also seen Indian land allotments in Michigan given to Snays. I don't know exactly which Senet/Snay family they are from. That's one mystery I'd like to track down. I have to send for the papers from the National Archives to get more info.

The Brouillets also married into the Miami tribe in Indiana, in the Vincennes area, where they were interpreters and fur traders. This has been my latest area of research. Michel Brouillet's log house, built in the French style, still exists in Vincennes.

Have you checked the Mt. Clemens library? They have a lot on local history and genealogy and are the repository for the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan's materials. They publish a very interesting journal. It would be worthwhile to join the society since you live in the area. We're a little far to go there for meetings. Also, the Burton collection at the Detroit library is supposed to be wonderful. I haven't had the chance to go there yet. My husband's family still lives in Mt. Clemens and I hope to go there on one of our visits sometime.



Re: Michigan Snays

Jeanette (View posts)
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Barbara, I would really appreciate it if you could send me your info when you get it together. Thank You!
My email address is, if you would like, you can also contact me through there and we won't have to keep going back and forth on the board...=0)
Thanks Again!

Re: Michigan Snays

Barbara (View posts)
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Surnames: Snay Webb Arden Shakespeare

I don't have my Snay material ready yet, but I did remember something that you might be interested in. You are related to William Shakespeare!

Remember the Elisabeth Price I mentioned? Her mother was a Webb and her direct ancestors were Alexander Webb and Margaret Arden. Margaret Arden was the sister of Mary Arden, Shakespeares mother. There are other connections too since the Ardens and Webbs married each other several times. Shakespeares grandparents were Robert Arden (mother of Mary) and Mary Webb and Richard Shakespeare and Abigail Webb (sister of Mary). Alexander Webb's grandparents were Henry Alexander Webb and Grace Arden (sister of Robert). So the Webbs, Ardens and Shakespeares are all related to one another.

There are some other relationships, but I'm doing this from memory. If you are interested, I can look up the rest later.

I just thought you would like to know.

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