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Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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Surnames: Chambers, Box, Smathers
I'm trying to find information on Joseph T. (Taylor) Chambers born 1847 or 1848 in NC. I found him in the 1880 Census being married to a Emma A. I know his first child born was Clarence Chambers in 1881.
In the 1880 Census he is living next to a widow Named Roda A. Pharr with two daughters Cora and Burton. In the next household Smathers are living.

The information I have is that Joseph wife's mother of Clarence died, and he married a widow with two daughters Cora and Berta. The information we have is her maiden name was Smathers.

Cora and Berta's mother died and he moved to Tx. with son Clarence and one step daughter Berta (We have these in photo's with wife #3 Ella and more children)

I have Tx. Census Information on the family(several years) , but would like more information.

Who were Joseph's parents. Was Roda a Smather's?

Joseph's parents are listed as father born NC, mother: SC.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Barbara Thomas

Re: Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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Surnames: Smathers
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Re: Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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I'm searching for a cousin hoping that I can find information about her father's Clauston Smathers family. Clauston was born in 1915 and died in 1978. He was a chef by profession and traveled from Miami to Chicago to Texas. He has a brother named Issac d. 1991 in Gastonia N.C. and their parents names are Lester Sylvanus Smathers m. Ella.
Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. You can reply here or send a reply to my Aol addy

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Surnames: Chambers, Smathers
I had not been able to find this reply until now and I'm still Looking. --What I was reffering to was : I have a Joseph T. Chambers ( Joseph Taylor Chambers) in 1880 Cenus married to a Emma A. Next door is living a widow Roda A Parr with daughters Coria L. Pharr. Joseph and Emma have a son..(Clarence) Emma...passes...Joseph Marries Rhoda A Pharr ( we have her maiden name as Smathers) I am trying to find any and all information on this Joseph Taylor Chambers...he is my great grandfather. He moves to Tx. with his son and ( at least one of the Pharr girls when Rhoda A Smathers, Pharr Chambers dies, and he then marries my great grandmother Lou Ella Roba Whiesnant in Tx. ( has several more children)
I found Taylor Chambers age 3 with a Margaret Chambers age 38, a James 6 and a Nancy ). Living close to Margaret ( who may be a widow Chambers) is the family of Lewis A Chambers born Margaret (so I think Lewis A Chambers is probably closely related to my Joseph (Taylor) Chambers....I just cant figure out who Joseph Taylor's father is)
Rhoda Smathers Pharr Chambers was born 1845. Daughters Cora 1874 and Burton (Berta) 1877. Smathers living next door to Rhoda are James H., Dotia, William E , John E. Columbus, Lou, Kenedy. ( is this her family?
the Joseph Taylor Chambers ...we have her down as marrying ....born 1948 NC...served in the civil war and is burried in Denton, Tx.

Re: Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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Surnames: Smathers, Chambers
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Re: Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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Surnames: Chambers, Whisenant, Smathers
It sounds like we are talking about the same My Joseph Taylor Chambers married The Rhoda Pharr(Smathers) my Josep married had two daughters and was a widow. ( we were told she was a Smathers) Maiden name Parris?

1870 Beaver Dam N.C.Joseph is found in the U.S. Census at 22 along with the Marion Hall family and a Rebecca Chambers listed as realtionship to each is listed on this census.(Beaver Dam office Pigeon River)(Was this his Uncle he was living with...his mother's bro.? or what?) Question was this Rebecca his sister?(her father being Elihu.

1880 (U.S. Census) I then find my line Joseph Taylor Chambers still in (Beaver Dam Township age 22 marrid to a Emma A ?----we have Clarence as being born to her.(Emma) I think she died in giving birth to Clarence. Joseph and Emma are living next door to Rhoda A Pharr age 34(B: @
1845)...listed as Widow she had two daughters Coria and Burton. (We were told her maiden name was Smathers.?(this cenus records again has Joseph Taylor Chambers living in Beaver Dam north Carolina. Smathers familys are living next door.

1885...we have listed the year Joseph married the widow Rhoda A Pharr they
married (Joseph T Chambers has one small son Clarence...Rhoda has two daughters.(marriage record taken from Hamblen NC I looked at the marriage record directly but it only gives her name as Rhoda A Pharr 3 July 1886. also listed onaly as RA Pharr..and he J.T. Chambers ( one of the witnesses is another J.T. Chambers?)

I think for sure this Rhoda dies before J.T. moves to Texas as Clarence moves with him...and one daughter of Rhoda moves with him. I have a photo of J.T. Chambes sitting next to him his final wife Lou Ella Roba Whissenant. Behind him or Children Clarence (from 1st. wife and Burton(step daughter child of Rhoda ) in his lap is baby my grandmother Zola Alice Aldene Chambers...standing in front of Lou Ella is My great Aunt Edna Chambers. (Burton..she returned to Beaver Dam) I don't have any information on Clarence either. (We were told ...Clarence was step bro. to Rhoda's children and 1/2 brother to my grandmother) I'm fairly certain this must be so as Clarence was born 1880 Joseph T is married to a Emma A??? J.T. and Rhoda marry in 1885

I really would love to have more information from you...Do you have birth and death information on Rhoda Parris? mother of Cora Lee Pharr who married Jospeh Smathers.???

Ok now if I have it correct my line goes Joseph Chambers and Elizabeth Smathers...have son Elihu Chambers 1835 He has son Joseph Taylor Chambers. Were you saying Elihu...accidently drowned?
My email is acting up and I am getting a new can write to me direct if you like...if I don't hear from you...I may post you again...

Thanks a million over for getting this straight for me.
I know Ella had a heck of a time getting his Civil War great Uncle said it was because the name was so simlar to others from that area...She finally received it after having them look under the name of Taylor Chambers.

Thank you so much for your looks like you are stating that Rhoda's daughter marrried a Smathers....Rhoda's maiden name was Pharris???

I tried to edit this and it is still lumping everything together.( it won't allow me to make seperate paragraphs?

Re: Smathers, Chambers In Haywood Co. NC

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Surnames: Smathers, Whisenant, Chambers,Pharr
Thank you so much for your help...however:

I don't see how he can be the father of Joseph Taylor Chambers born 1847 as he was born in 1835....that would make him 13 years old when Joseph was born.

I sure wish I could figure this out....I have found out that he married 1st. a Emma had son Clarence...2nd. he marries Rhoda Pharr ( widow of his first cousin Burton Pharr...per family information ...and we find him and first wife living next to Rhoda in the 1870 Cenus...I also found a marriage to Rhoda Pharr in Tn in 1885...after her death he moved to Tx. and married my grandmother Ella Whisenant. (Lou Ella Roba Whisenant)
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