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Dain - New York/NYC

Dain - New York/NYC

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Surnames: Shuman, Goldberg, Rosenblum, Vigdor, Wigdor, Victorvitch, Wigdorwitz, Vigdorwitz

I'm looking for any information on Dain's from New York or NYC. Specifically, I'm looking on information on Jake or Jacob Dain, who married Malaka (sp?) Vigodr/Wigdor/Victorvitch/Wigdorwitz (among other variations) who would have come from Bielske Russia/Ukraine/Belarus & currently Poland (it changed hands a lot). They might have settled in NY, Brooklyn, especially, but I'm not sure. He might have been a truck driver. They had 3 kids, probably born between 1900-1915 - Rose, Charlie (Charles) & Sylvia who went on to marry ? Goldberg.

Malaka had 4 full sisters - Leah, Rebecca (my g-grandmother), Verka (sp?), Baylah (sp?) & 2 half or step siblings Abraham & Mindal Rosenblum.

If any of this sounds remotely familar, please contact me, we have information to exchange.

~~~ laura

Re: Dain - New York/NYC

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dain, Wolf
Don't know if it's the same Dain family, but there was a Frederick H. Dain (1851-1902) born in New York who married into my family. He married Caroline Wolf sometime in the 1870's. They had 4 children Louise, Lenore, Lillian, Edna. Apparently Fred had a brother John, sister or sister-in-law also named Caroline (or Carrie). Fred & Caroline lived in Newark, NJ. I haven't looked into the Dain branch too deeply yet, but if you find they are related, I'd be interested in sharing info.

Re: Dain - New York/NYC

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Possibly . . . I haven't find any documentation on my Dain's yet, but I've only been doing genalogical research for less than 4 months & the information I have is based on family recollections.

Do you know if the Dain who married into your family was Jewish? I don't know if Jake or Jacob Dain was Jewish, but my family that he married into was. I'll keep the names you listed in mind & if I dig up anything similar, I'll be sure to post it for you. :D

~~~ laura

Re: Dain - New York/NYC

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Can't say for sure what his religious affiliation was. I have his obit but it doesn't mention it. The only other things I know was that his original trade was a locksmith, and after marrying Caroline his occupation was listed as Mason, which was the Wolf family business called "E. Wolf & Sons". After the father died, they called the business "Dain & Wolf".
Most of them are buried at Fairmount cemetery in Newark, NJ.
Yes, please keep me in mind, I will do the same if I find out anything further.


Re: Dain - New York/NYC

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Classification: Query
Surnames: schuman, dain, musicant
Hi there. I'm looking for info on a Jake Dain (Dane?) married to Dora Schuman (her married name) - he was her second husband. They lived in nyc and were jewish (i think she was from austria/hungary). She was my great-grandmother. They did not have any children together that I know of but he could have been married previously.

Also, there may (or may not) be some connection to Teaneck, NJ and a Musicant family who owned a florists and funeral parlor. Let me know if this makes any connections for you.


Re: Dain - New York/NYC

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Daine, Dain, Schuman, Musicant
OMG does it ever!

I'm not certain that I know your Dora, although there is a known Shuman connection to this Jake Dain. My Jake Dain did live in NYC, was Jewish & must be the same person.

Jake's first wife had 5 sisers & 2 half siblings. His sister-in-law Rebecca had two daughters, one of whom was my grandmother Harriet & the other was my great-aunt Edna.

Edna married David Musicant, they lived in Teaneck, NJ & owned both a florist shop as well as a funeral home. The funeral home is actually still in business and in family hands to this day.

I have never acually bumped into anyone who had an actual connection to anyone I've ever posted about. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I saw your post. Please email me at

I would love to share further information with you.

~~~ kelticsoul

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