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James Abraham (?) Grant

James Abraham (?) Grant

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Surnames: Grant
Looking for Birth or Death info on James Abraham Grant, my great,great grandfather. Born approx 1855, in New Brunswick, possibly died in Railroad accident before 1923. Married Marme Cox,had three children,Harry, Murry, and Grace. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

James Abraham Grant

Melody Harvey (View posts)
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Hi there. My Dad's grandfather was Murray Bliss Grant, James' son. I know that James was born in 1851 in NB and died in 1891. His wife was born March 21, 1853 in NB and died in 1953. James is buried in the Kilburn Cemetary in Victoria County. James' headstone reads "GRANT In Memory of James A. Grant d. April 18, 1891 age 40". "Marme" remarried a man named George Everett (not sure of the date) and my Dad grew up knowing her as "Grammy Everett". He and my great aunt indicate that her first name was pronounced as "Marmarie" although there doesn't seem to be any clear agreement on spelling :-) She is buried in the same cemetary but alongside George. And yes, according to family lore he was a section man for the CPR and killed in a railway accident in the Tobique.

Feel free to contact me if there is anything else I may be able to help you with.

Re: James Abraham Grant

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My Dad's grandfather was Murray B. as well. His name was Robert (Sherry), son of Graydon.

I live at Tobique Narrows, about a mile from the site of the bridge that my dad told me, his great Grandfather fell from.

Murray B was a section foreman and his son Graydon was a section man as well.

I don't know if we have had the pleasure, but I remember meeting Donald Harvey a few times.
Murray B. Grant

James Abraham Grant

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Hi Murray,

I'm just rereading this. I know I read it some time back but my apologies because I don't believe I ever responded to you!

I didn't realise that James had fallen from the Narrows Bridge. Dad knew he was killed on the railroad and I knew from the inscription when he died. I checked the old newspapers of the time and The April 18, 1891 Carleton Sentinel says:

"Andover - Last Saturday morn., while Jas. GRANT of Kilburn (Victoria Co.) was working in a rock-cutting, a loose rock came crashing down upon him with terrible force. (see original) "

And an April 25, 1891 entry reads:

"Andover (Victoria Co.) April 22 - James GRANT died Saturday from the effects of the injuries received in the rock-cutting having lived a week after the accident."

Sadly my Dad passed away May 29, 2013. Dad loved to talk about his family and about his youth growing up in Victoria Co. I would look up old Victoria Co. census records and read the names off or read old Newspaper articles to him and he would talk about the people he knew or stories from when he was young. He was a fabulous storyteller. Dad was very proud of his family's railroad history as well :) Dad would mention "Sherry" and I could never figure out where they got "Shery" out of "Robert" ;-)

I was going thru some old pictures recently and there are some photos of your grandfather Graydon from when he was a young man as well as some of his sisters Esme and Madeline (Dad's mother). I believe they are from about 1930. You may perhaps have photos of him as a young man, but if not, my email address is If you send me your email address, I would be happy to scan and email some of them to you. There is actually an entire box of photos but unfortunately Dad didn't recognize the people in many of them :( I also have a photo of my Dad when he was about 3, standing on his grandparent's lawn. In the background of the photo you can just make out a woman standing behind him. For years I didn't think anything of her but I asked Dad a few years ago who she was and he said it was his "Grammy Everett". AKA Mamre Grant, James wife :)

Since you live up in that area still, do you know where Murray and Jennie Grant's farm would have been? I know Graydon and Zeta lived there after Jennie passed away. I recall being up there as a teenager with my Dad visiting his cousin Bobby Campbell and his wife Ruby and Dad showed me where the farm was but of course it didn't seem so important at the time.

Just as an aside, I have twins....Madelaine and Graeden. I modernized the spellings but I wanted some nice family names since Dad thought so much of his family :) My apologies again for the late response to your note!



Re: James Abraham Grant

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Mamrie Grant-Everett appears under a multitude of variations for her forename. These include Mary Ann in 1881 and 1901. Probably the correct spelling is that given in the newspaper announcement of her marriage to James Grant in Fredericton, York Co., NB 24DEC1873 where she was Marmora Cox. James was from Douglas Parish, where there had been a Grant family since about 1785.
In Perth Parish, Victoria Co., NB in 1891, James (38) and Mamaree (37) Grant had ‘Harrey’ (16), ‘Murry’ (13) and Grace (3). Next door was a widow, ‘Dolley’ Cox (68) with children William (33) and Elizabeth (37). This may become significant. On the other side of Dolly was the family of William (53) and ‘Brigett’ (52) Grant, and beyond them the family of Frank (28) and Grace (27) Grant. William Grant b. ca. 1838 may be the same in the family in Douglas Parish, York Co., NB in 1851:

Grant Charles M Head 44 Native Birth
Grant Margaret F Wife 34 Native Birth
Grant Sarah Ann F Daughter 21 Native Birth
Grant Mary F Daughter 19 Native Birth
Grant Charles M Son 16 Native Birth
Grant Awoura M Son 15 Native Birth
Grant Ludlow M Son 13 Native Birth
Grant Benjamin M Son 9 Native Birth
Grant Laticia F Daughter 9 Native Birth
Grant Elizabeth F Daughter 7 Native Birth
Grant Temperance F Daughter 5 Native Birth
Grant Samuel M Son 3 Native Birth
Grant James M Son 1 Native Birth

Grant Nancy Ann F Wid 84 Native Birth
Grant Thomas M Head 46 Native Birth
Grant Mary F Wife 36 Native Birth
Grant William E M Son 14 Native Birth
Grant Martha A F Daughter 11 Native Birth
Grant Margaret F Daughter 9 Native Birth
Grant Emelia F Daughter 6 Native Birth
Grant Catharine F Daughter 3 Native Birth

The theory being that William E. (b. ca. 1837) is the son of Thomas and Mary Grant and the same in 1881. Also, since these families were next to each other, it seems likely that Thomas and Charles were sons of the widow, Nancy Ann Grant b. ca. 1767. I keep coming up with James Grant b. ca. 1850, s/o Charles and Margaret as the most likely husband for Mamaree.
George L. Everett’s 1st wife was Ida Belle McKinley (d. Fredericton 20AUG1891). d/o Daniel McKinley of Kingsclear Parsh. He married 5JUN1894 Marmaree Grant at her home in Lower Perth. William Cox was best man and the ceremony was officiated by a distant cousin of mine, the Rev. J. J. (James Joshua) Barnes (Free Christian Baptist). Mamaree was given as the daughter of Murray (ca. 1816/8-17SEP1888) and Mary Cox. Mamaree Cox b. ca. 1854 is very likely the Mamie Isabel Cox b. Perth Parish, Victoria Co, NB 21MAR1852, d/o Murray B. and Mary (Grant) Cox; suggesting that she and James had some relationship. In birth Records, such as that for Murray Bliss Grant (b. Kilburn, Victoria Co., NB 18MAY1877), she was Marinee Cox, and James was James A. Grant. William Burtt Cox (2AUG1856-15JUL1923) was her brother, likely the best man at her 2nd wedding, and the name, Burtt, also suggests origins in Douglas Parish, York Co., NB. However, ‘Muray’ (37) and Mary (28) Cox lived in Perth Parish in 1851. In 1861, their daughter was Marmeree Cox (9), but the enumerator’s spelling was especially bad (i.e., ‘Murey B. Cox).
I would suspect that Nancy Ann Grant was the daughter-in-law of a widow who petition for land in York Co. in 1784. The widow’s husband had been in the British American Corps. About the same time there were a Samuel and William Grant petitioning. William was in the British American Corps and Samuel apparently in the Guides & Pioneers. Sgt. Samuel Grant’s (of the Guides & Pioneers) widow, later was Ann Grant, living in Douglas Parish, with a son, Charles. She died 28DEC1856. Sgt. Samuel served in engagements at Charleston, Little York? and Brandywine. A schoolmaster, Samuel died roughly 1818. In 1843, Ann was given as age 69 but that may have been her age in 1838 (she was 69 in 1840 as well), so she was b. roughly ca. 1769-1774. This does appear to be consistent with Nancy Ann b. ca. 1767 in 1851. Something of Samuel Grant is at:

The above is more suggestive than authoratative and needs work.


Re: James Abraham Grant

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the email. Since that 2005 post I've done a fair amount of research into the Grant family and was aware of most of the above. I had not noted the "Dolley Cox" connection previously so I will delve into her and see where that leads me. As an aside, I'm of the same opinion as to the indentity of Nancy Ann/Ann, as is another Grant researcher I came across a few years back.

According to family history, the correct spelling of my gg grandmother's name was "Marmaree." When my mother was pregnant with her first child 1957 my father's mother, uncles and aunts were still alive and she picked their brains because she quite liked the name and wanted it for the "baby" In old family letters that survived at the time (Sadly, I have no idea what family member may have those now) she was always referred to as Marmaree. This was apparently further substantiated by the fact there were a few "Marmarees" in the community with the same spelling and I do recall having come across at least one whilst doing census reviews. The child born in 1957 was a boy and thankfully by the time I came around 10 years later she had lost interest in this name for a girl ;-) Of note, on Murray's death certificate, his mother's name is originally listed as "Mamre" but is crossed out with "Marmaree" written overtop.

Above you noted Marmaree and James' children, Murray (Murray Bliss), Harry and Grace. I stem from the Murray line obviously. Murray married Jennie Fern Campbell (b June 2 1878 d/o of Alonzo Campbell and Margaret Murphy). I'm not sure how you tie in to the Grant family, but I'm wondering if you've done any research into the Campbells at all? I've researched the family back to Capt. Tamblerlane Campbell in the 1700's so I'm aware of Jennie's line and family history. however, when it comes to Murray and Jennie's marriage and the birth of the their first child, I draw a blank :( The 1901 Census shows Jennie and "Murie" in Perth with baby "Fay", born Feb 22, 1901. So the wee lad is only a month old at the time. The sex column looks as though it was first marked M and then F but under relationship it indicates the child is Murray's son. I can find no birth record, death record or burial for this little guy and he's gone by the 1911 census. My father, his older brother and their cousin Joyce couldn't recall any reference to this early child of the marriage. A list of family birth/death/marriage dates provided by my great aunt (Arlene, the youngest child of Murray and Jennie) includes a child of another family member who passed away so I'm assuming had she known of baby Fay she would have included him in the list as well. As far as I am aware, there are no surviving church records from the area - or at least this is what I was told when I spoke with the Atlantic Bible College several years ago - so no baptismal records are available.

If you have any info re: this period of the Campbell family it would be most helpful! Thank you!


Re: James Abraham Grant

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Hi, Melody.

At first, people were somewhat lax about recording births, etc. Also, Arthurette, in the early 1900s would be a tad remote. Even living in Perth, in winter, would not be a great inducement to registering a birth. Baptisms were another matter and, in 1901, they were Baptists. Possible Free Christian Baptists who, I believe, are or were very reluctant to share information for genealogical purposes.

I am not, as far as I know, related to the Grant's. I am aware of them and also of Tamberlane Campbell. I am not sure why, probably because of the connection to the Dickinson's; but that's a long, involved story.

I have also noticed a number of marriages that, as far as I can tell, should have been noted in NB seem to be 'missing'. In some cases, during WWI, the marriages may have been officiated by chaplains and recorded elsewhere. Another possibility is that clergy, who were responsible for making the trip to Fredericton and registering the marriages, may have missed a few.


Re: James Abraham Grant

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What I was told was that at some point in the past, all the Baptist records were taken from the individual small Victoria County churches in order that they be held in one central spot....which then burned to the ground. Not the best news for genealogists :(

My assumption for wee baby Fay (odd name for a boy? Even in 1901!) is the same as yours but I thought perhaps you may have run across some record of him. I thought there may be some record in the cemeteries as the Grants are well represented in several in the area but thus far I've found nothing.

Good luck with your research. Thank you so much for your responses - I very much appreciate your time :)

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