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William and Mary Strahan

William and Mary Strahan

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Sill looking for the parents of William Strahan/Strahin/Strchan etc. born in VA (the 1st generation in the Family Strahin) whom had the following children:
William, James and Mary.
This may have been the William Strahan who married Jane Sutton in Frederick Co VA 1792.
My family lived in Preston Co VA/WV and the courthouse was burned down and therefore most early records were destroyed.
My line descends from daughter Mary Strahan who married Washington WHITE in probably Frederick Co VA. First child William George WHITE was born c. 1817 then family moved to Preston Co. VA and in late 1820s to Greene Co. PA right across the PA/VA border. Mary and Washington WHITE divorced and Mary married 2nd John C. Huggins and family moved back to Preston Co. VA c. mid 1830s.

Re: William and Mary Strahan

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Surnames: Strahan Strachan Guthrie Washington White
I know we have corresponded before . . . so this may not be helpful . . . .
I have a sister (thought to be) of my immigrant James Strachan/Strahan who immigrated in 1803 from Co. Antrim after the Great Rebellion of 1798's aftermath to meet up with his Blair bride, first child, an inlaws in Crawford Co. Pennsylvania and then migrate in the late 18teens to Kaskaskia and then Plum Creek Twp., Randolph Co., Illinois.
This sister named Nancy Guthrie, married to George Guthrie (possibly 2nd wife because of gap in ages of his children listed in census records), is thought by me to be the Ann daughter of John s/o George Strauchan d. 1784 Lisnacrogher, Co. Antrim, Ireland listed in the 1773 will of George. She would have had to have been born before 1773 as she is only child and there is no male at that time as fact is mentioned in the will. This Nancy is thought by Thelma Burns Campbell researcher married to a descendant of Nancy's to have had her children in Pendleton Co., West Virginia before their migration in the late 18teens to Kaskaskia and then Plum Creek Twp., Randolph Co., Illinois. Her children had been born, most of them, prior to 1800 in "Virginia," according to census records. Washington is a name given to her grandsons.

The son John of George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher seems to have disappeared off the radar of the family researchers in Ireland who have the descendants of all of the children except anything at all about John, who at the time that a piece of land was passed from father George to brother Gordon was living with a James (another brother) in Inshamph and served as witness to that land transfer. This Inhamph is near Lisnacrogher but in another parish.

My surmise is that John emigrated and that the name of his wife was Mary Ann, sometimes called Nancy, because that name was given to the appropriate daughter by immigrant James and by his "sister' Nancy Guthrie. (Nancy followed the reversed ("southern") naming convention so that oldet daughter was named after husband's mother and 2nd after mother's mother etc.)

Dependent on the age of your William at birth, he could have been a son of this John and Mary Ann. William was the name given to children of both Nancy Guthrie and James Strahan and is given among names in the families of other children descended from George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher

There was a Thomas received a land grant in Plum Creek Twp in January 1819, though nothing more was heard of him, and a brother John is said to have also come to Illinois. These may have been other children of the John and Mary Ann.

And there are Whites in Randolph Co., who also intermarried with the Guthrie descendants. In fact a woman named Dickey White was one of the early compilers of the graves of the Strachan/Strahan Cemetery in Tilden, Randolph Co., Illinois.

Also as an odd piece of interesting information. the late Lawrence Strahan of Louisianna, long time researcher of the Virginia lines of Strahans had in his possession documentation that George Washington, the President, was descended from an Adam Straghan, one of the earliest settlers of Virginia. Adam had a daughter, whose name momentarily escapes me, who married three times, the second of which was to a Captain Ball by whom she had only one child before he died and she remarried for the third time, a daughter Mary Ball, who became the mother of George Washington.

I wondered if Nancy Guthrie's family had known of these Straghans and that why they named sons George Washington. At most they would possible have been distant cousins of the president's ancestors or have a distant common ancestor. However, George Washington's nose and my father's are virtually identical. And that nose came down through our Strahans . . . for what it's worth.

Re: William and Mary Strahan

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Surnames: Strahan Crawford
I have recently begun researching my family and am looking for links around the late 1700s.
Your posts interested me because I am looking for the parents of Ann and Samuel Strahan (siblings) who are both ancestors of mine through different lines. They would have been born and raised somewhere near Inshamph which you mentioned on your post.
You seemed to indicate that many of the children of a George Strahan or a John Strahan had been researched and i wondered if either of them could be parents of My 2 Strahans.
Ann was born on 12 Nov 1786 and married Robert Crawford.
Samuel in about 1790. They both lived in the area throughout their lives (ie. did not emigrate to USA as most of your Strahans seemed to do)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford

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Surnames: Strachan Strahan Crawford
I don't know if your were writing Maria or me . . . but your email came to me.
I have received some files and emails from various researchers in Ireland. I am also working on the Inshamph crew because I suspect that the John farmer in Inshamph in 1783 who witnessed the land transfer of the Mosses of Clinty from George (thought to be George of Lisnacrogher d. 1784) to Gordon (thought to be George's son).
At the present time this is my construction: your Ann Strahan married to Robert Crawford was sister to Samuel of Rathkenny married to Jean Martin, a James who was the father of Mary Tafts, Margaret M'Alister, John of Ballyreagh, Samuel of Dunbought, and Thomas of Lisnacrogher, a George who had Anne and Isabella—possibly the George in Inshamph, Dunaghy Parish in the 1851 census, and possibly that John farmer in Inshamph in 1783, whom I think may have been father to my immigrant James married to Anne Jane Blair and his "brother" John Strachan and a Thomas who bought land in Plumb Creek Twp, Randolph Co. Illinois in January 1819 and disappeared, and "Nancy Guthrie" married to George Guthrie, who had her children in Virginia (now West Virginia) had in southern convention oldest son a John S. and 2nd daughter a Mary Ann called "Nancy" and all of her sons had middle initials of S., including a Joseph who was administrator of my immigrant's estate and buried in our Strachan/Strahan cemetery in Plumb Creek Twp. [James' son John [David} paid hiw widow's property taxes after Joseph died. There may have been other children such as a George Allegheny Co. PA and the parents and another sib may have been the John, Mary and Anne on the Hippocampi from Belfast to Liverpool to Philadelphia in 1816. I'm telling all of this because we are probably cousins.
Back to Ann married to Robert Crawford . . . .and her parents: Some Irish researchers have all of these various Strahans that are probably siblings to be descended from the son James of George of Lisnacrogher d. 1784. Others have it that George had a brother Samuel who was the father of this James and his siblings. That Samuel I take to be the freeholder in Rathkenny 1776 and he, too may have been s/o George of Lisnacrogher d. 1784. However he is not mentioned in George's will. I think he was probably George d. 1784's brother. So the question is whether the James and John in Inhamph, farmers in 1783, were George's sons or nephews. I'm inclined to think nephews because we have Samuels and to my knowledge the George lines do not. . . .
At this point I don't know of other sister to Ann. I think the father of the Samuel who is freeholder in Rathkenny in 1776 was a James and that the mother of his wife was an Ann—same as for George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher.
So my best guess right now is that the father of Ann married to Robert Crawford was a Samuel freeholder in Rathkenny 1776 married to? and that he was brother of George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher and that George and Samuel's father was a James . . . OR
Samuel in Rathkenny 1776 was a s/o George and the George in Inshamph in the census was an oldest son . . . but since the Sams have the Rathkenny places through generations I'm thinking there was a Samuel b/o George.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford

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Surnames: Strahan Crawford
Thanks for your info. But i'm afraid it has confused me a little...
Are you saying there is a John Strahan who witnessed the transfer of some fields from George Strahan to Gordon Strahan?
Also, are you saying Ann Strahans siblings are....Samuel, James, George, and John.
(...if so then I would point out that John (a farmer in 1783) would be unlikely to be her sibling as Ann was born in 1786 and it would be unlikely that her brother would be in excess of 20yrs older than her!)
I definitely know Samuel was her brother as he is also an ancestor of mine, however I believe he was married to Mary McIntyre rather than Jean Martin. (Again i believe Jean Martin to be an ancestor of mine however, married to a McKay.)
As to Ann Strahans parent....i would have suspected a Samuel or possibly John. I havent heard of this James Strahan before so i am going to go looking for evidence of him.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Strahan Strachan Crawford McKay Blair Guthrie Wilson
I think we've been corresponding on another message board. I'm only too glad to be able to sort out some dates on these persons. Do you have a birthdate for Samuel married to Jean Martin/Mary McIntyre whose oldest daughter was a Mary married to Daniel McKay? I'm assuming that Ann married to Robert Crawford might have been a younger child of the Samuel in Rathkenny in 1776.
George of Lisnacrogher d. 1784 had sons who were already married by 1773 when the will was written. I assume that a brother Samuel, or the fellow who is the freeholder in Rathkenny in 1776 could also have had grown sons by 1773 and that they could be the James and John farmer witnesses to the land transfer in 1783. I'm assuming that the Samuel in Rathkenny in 1776 was not the Samuel in Rathkenny married to Jean Martin or Mary McIntyre whose sister is the Ann. I'm assuming a another generation of Samuels in Rathkenny before the one married to Jean Martin/Mary McIntyre . . . .
The other option is that the James and John in Inshamph would be the sons/ of George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher.
George d. 1784 and Samuel in Rathkenny 1776 and their sister Jean Wilson also had a father James in addition to an oldest son James—by these constructions. Other researches have everyone descended from George d. 1784 Lisnacrogher who would have had a father James.
I know this is confusing. These father James are constructions based on naming.

Back to the Samuel married to Jean Martin or Mary McIntyre: as I mentioned on the other message board I have it that the couples oldest daughter Mary married to Daniel McKay had as oldest daughter Jane McKay b. 1834 who married a Robert Aiken and a second daughter Mary 1842/1843 married to Alexander McCullough. This naming would suggest that Mary's mother had been an Jean or Jane and Daniel McKay's mother would have been the Mary.
To my knowledge in Ireland the 'southern convention' of the USA of reversing the order of naming was not practiced. [My families from Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and sometimes Kentucky would use the reversed convention of ladies first: naming oldest daugther after the father's mother.]

Do you know the name of Daniel McKay's mother? You know, Mary McIntyre might have been the wife of the first Samuel Strahan of Rathkenny, the one who is the freeholder in 1776.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford/William B. Crawford/ Hugh Crawford/ Mary Crawford

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Crawford Strahan McIntyre
While we're on Crawfords, did you know that George Strauchan d. 1784 Lisnacrogher's overseer was a Hugh Crawford mentioned in his will. Second son mentioned in that will was a John with daughter Ann and provision was made for bequest to a son should John have a son.
Also Thomas of Lisnacrogher was married to a Mary Crawford. Thomas was a son of the James who was brother to Samuel of Rathkenny married to Jean Martin/ Mary McIntyre. Thomas' brothers were John of Ballyreagh, Samuel of Dunbought and his sisters were Margaret M'Alister and Mary Tafts, all mentioned in wills of Thomas of Lisnacrother d. 1856 and Samuel of Dunbought d. 1855.
AND my surname immigrant another James b. 1777 (possibly Connor) lived next door and his soon lived next door in Plumb Creek Twp., Randolph Co., Illinois to a William B. [Beveradge] Crawford whose father Willilam was b. 1772 and is buried in Old Cemetery Irvine, Ayershire, Scotland. He married a Helen Beverage in Dreghorn Ayershire. Supposedly Wm B. and his siblings some of whom died in Scotland and some came to US had been born in Scotland. I mention this is that there was a great reunion of migrating families from different routes who gathered together in Tilden, Randolph Co., Illinois. I'm suspecting that William B. may have been born in Ireland—as Samuel of Rathkenny married to Jean Martin/Mary McIntyre's son Andrew in the 1880 census in Illinois represents not only himself but both his parents a having been born in Scotland when we know perfectly well from Irish records that they were born in Ireland.
But then one of these Illinois Strahans is reported to have appeared before a judge who asked where he was born. The Strahan replied Scotland, and the judge queried, "Where in Scotland?" And straightway the Strahan said, "Belfast." I'm thinking they thought Ireland was Scotland—or were in denial that they were from Ireland.

Anyway, reason I menton is that this may help locate where your Crawfords had been in Scotland just prior to immigration to Ireland/USA. I'm thinking Wm. B. is probably a cousin to you.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford/William B. Crawford/ Hugh Crawford/ Mary Crawford

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Surnames: Strahan Crawford
Hey, I suspected as much...are you Yodi?
Your information is all very useful but i have a hard time getting my head around it when it is written out.
Do you have access to a scanner?....if so would you jot down a mini tree for these people and email it to me?
I love hearing more Crawford names in the area of Clough since they all seem to be related.
The problem I have with these Crawfords who died early 1800s is that I cant seem to find their graves. I dont think they would have been cremated and i dont think they would have emigrated and left their kids behind....I can only assume they were buried in the area.
By the way, your surname ancestor have said he may have been born near Connor? If you are correct in this then Connor is nr where my family live now in Co Antrim (in fact they go to Connor Pres. Church.

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford/William B. Crawford/ Hugh Crawford/ Mary Crawford

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Strahan Crawford
Back to the Strahans...
I was looking at the 1851 census for Antrim and looking at the Inchamph records Daniel McKay and Mary (Strahan) McKay are living next door to George Strahan.
Ann Strahan has already passed away...working from memory she was born around 1785 i think and died about 1848.
George Strahan (Inchamph) would seem to be old enough to be her brother and I think it is even more likely he is a close relation to Ann and Mary since he is living so close to the McKays.
I am hoping to order some copies of the original census returns for these and several other families who are related to me to see what extra info I can i'll post anything i find (eg. Anns death is mentioned on the 2nd page of Robert Crawfords census return but not on the online records)

Re: William and Mary Strahan/Ann Strahan and Robert Crawford/William B. Crawford/ Hugh Crawford/ Mary Crawford

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Strahan Crawfod Martin McIntyre McAlister Tafts Wilson Brown Wiley Black Linn
I be Yodi and I be exceedingly glad to find thee. The scanner idea and the schematic idea is a great one except that my hard disk crashed last week and as I write I'm up in webmail because I do not yet have my email program installed!

Where to start? you might start by putting a James b. ca 1790 at the top of the page, and then arrange three children under him a George, a Samuel, and a Jean (married Wilson) under him all born 1710-1725 say .. . .Coming down from the Samuel [Mary McIntyre?} would be a James b. 1755, probably a John ,, a George of Rathkenny b.1759 married to a Mary Jane ?, and a a Samuel of Rathkenny 1755 mar JeanMartin{Mary McIntyre?}
The children of the James s/o Sam would be Samuel of Dunbought d.1855, Thomas of Lisnacrogher d. 1856, John of Ballyreagh (I have his date but don't have access to my files, the Margaret McAlllister and the Mary Tafts.
The children of the George are an Anne and an Isabele?
The Children of Samuel of Rathkenny married to Jean Martin/MaryMcIntyre? you probably have.
The children of John may be my surname immigrant and/or a Speers Strahan who is found in the 1851 census in Dunaghy? I can't remember . . I think he had a brother John Gordon who emigrated and had descendants in the USA.

Anyway, Thomas of Lisnacrogher d. 1856 refers to being buried in the "family burial ground." That was understood by decendants of the Very Rev. William Gordon Strahan to be the churchyard of Kirkinriola, but I do not find them there. So I'm thinking there was a family burial ground, possibly on their own land as we had our Strachan/Strahan Cemetery on our farm in Tilden, Randolph Co., Illinois. AND I have never been able to find date of death or burial place of my 2ggrandmother Strahan Mary Ann B. McCullough. I'm not sure she was buried in the Strahan Cemetery or the Hopewell Cemetery in Pinckneyville, Perry Co., Illinois where her mother, brother, and sister are buried. There's no marker or cemetery record.

About the thought to be Connor connection. In the passenger list of the "Snow George, " which left Belfast for Philadelphia September 22, 1803 and arrived on Nov.13? 1803, there are three persons from Connor Co. Antrim: a James Straghan, who says he's a 20 year old farmer, a Sarah Davison, and a John Johnston. I think the Sarah became the wive of Dr. John T? Bryson in Pittsburgh, PA, son of a Judge Samuel Bryson; and I don't know what became of the John Johnston. I think the James was my surname immigrant even though the age is wrong. There is a gap in the births of his children between July 1801 and 1805 when second daughter Mary Ann was born. I think he had put his new bride pregnant on ship with her sister Margaret Blair Cathcart in 1800 and she had given birth to Jane Blair Strahan in July 1801 in Steubenville, Ohio. I do not know why James would have stayed behind.
I have some guesses.

I think he was Presbyterian. I know he was in this country and connected to the Rev. Dr. John Black of Pittsburgh and the Rev. Dr. Samuel Brown Wiley, both of whom were prominent Presbyterians and from Co. Antrim, one from Agoghil (sp?) where some Strahans were from. AND the Rev. William Martin, who packed up his congregation in Kells onto five ships and sailed off to Charleston South Carolina in 1772. At least one infant passenger on one of those ships Jane LINN McGuire was born in Connor and is buried in our Strachan Cemetery in Tilden, Randolph Co., Illinois.

I've been wanting to find records of Strahans in those Connor churches. Not much research seems to have been done on them—I think because a lot of them emigrated. I find a very strange reticence or absence of info on the Johns—s/o George of Lisnacrogher and s/o Samuel of Rathkenny freehold 1776? I gather there are not many records before 1805 . . . but 1805 whould have been just after my James and his brother John had left. I think their parents may have been on the Hippocampi in 1816 (from Belfast to Liverpool to Philadelphia): a John, Mary, and Anne.

If and when I can find my files my Reunion program should be able to generate a kind of schematic that I could attach. All of this is a work in progress, and researchers I've talked with have different constructions.

I'm wondering if you could inquire of your church and any other churches you think of where there records are and how far they go back.
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