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Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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Surnames: McGillivray, Christie
I am searching for information on my great grandfather Daniel McGillivray, born in St. Elmo on November 13, 1863 (d. 1947 in Cornwall, ON). He married Janet Ann Christie. I have no family history and have been unable to find a family member who can tell me more (his parents' names, etc.). Is there anyone who can offer some assistance? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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This is likely him. The names Daniel and Donald seem to be interchangeable with Scots.

Donald McGillvray, 24, b Osnabruck, living Monck, labourer, s/o Miss McGillvray, married Jennet Ann Christie, 22, b Kenyon Tsp, living Apple Hill, d/o John Christie & Jennet Miller, witn: Miss McGillvray of Monkland and Mrs John West of Avonmore, 20 June 1893, Avonmore Ont. Registration # 011480.
Note at the bottom of registration says:
The bridegroom is an illegitimate child and I cannot find anything about his father, all the information I can get is that the mother's name is McGillvray. Signed F A Mitchell [he's the minister that married them].

On 1901 census his birth is given as 1 June 1863, aged 37. Janet's is 28 Dec 1873, aged 27.
Children Lawrence 29 March 1892, Fredric 19 April 1896, Murdock 29 Mar 1898 and Annie L 5 Dec 1900.

Lawrence's birth rego says he was born 29 March 1895, not 1892. s/o Daniel McGillvray and Janet Ann Christie.
This is a Declaration of Birth given my his mother 2 Jan 1948 at Cornwall.

Frederic's birth rego says he was born 19 March 1895, s/o Donald McGillvray & Janet A Christie.

Another child - John Roderick 5 Aug 1903, s/o Donald McGillvray & Janet A Christie.

I cannot find them on 1911 census but have a look on
They must have stayed in Stormont as Janet gave the declaration of birth there in 1948 and Laura McGillvray married Russell Taylor in 1926 at Stormont.
Lawrence was married to Irene Mary Dennis in Cornwall 1 June 1921.

WW1 Attestation Papers
Lawrence Duncan McGillvray,, electrician, of Lancaster Ont, b 29 April 1893, mother Janet McGillvray of Lancaster Ontario. Previously served 3 yrs 59th Regiment and 3 mths in 58th Regiment. signed up Cornwall 22 Feb 1914.
This seems like a more reasonable birth date for Lawrence.

I cannot find them anywhere on 1911 census. Have tried on both available sites and have tried under both first and last names. No luck. They never seemed to move from Stormont.
The ages for the adults are not very consistent.
Get Daniel/Donald's death registration and it may have his mother on it.

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Would you be able to provide me with a link for the source of the marriage record? I haven't had any luck at all finding this or the death registration. Now I am extremely curious to find out who Daniel's mother was and more particularly who his grandfather was and when they came to Canada. I hope the circumstances of his birth don't lead me to a dead end.

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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All the information given re registration is from

The original will be in the Ontario Archives. They will not do research.

If you know his death date you can get a copy from the Ontario Vital Stats at a cost. It should give his mother [if the informant knew the name].

I checked the 1861 census for McGillvray single women but there are too many without having a first name to narrow it down.

Witness on his marriage was a Miss McGillvray so that could have been his mother. I couldn't find him on 1891 census with a single older woman.

Did find this in 1891 census in Roxborough Stormont
A Donald McGillvray, cousin, aged 26, b Ontario, parents b Ont, labourer is with William McGillvray,23.
Here is the whole census item.
William, 23, Ont, father b England, mother Ontario, laborer
Donald, cousin, 26
Mary 44, father b Ontario, mother Scotland, servant,
Christy, 53, widow, mother, father b Ont, mother Scotland
Murdoch, 41, lodger, f Ont, m Scotland
Alexander, 27, lodger, f England, m Ont
Roderick, 16, lodger, Ont, Ont
William, 18, Lodger, Ont, Ont
Bella, 16, lodger, Ont, Ont
John,7, lodger, Ont, Ont
All born Ontario.

Daniel/Donald's birth won't be registered as registration didn't begin until 1869. Church records would be your only source.

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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Thank you again. I still have been unable to successfully find the marriage registration that you refer to. Would you be able to send me a .pdf the actual document? If so, I can message you my personal email address. I would really appreciate it.

No worries. I just found it. I don't think this is the right person after all. Janet Ann Christie's mother's name was Catherine McKinnon, not Jennet Miller as named on the record. It would have made for a more dramatic family history though! Now, to continue the search. Thanks again.

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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Last night I realized that Janet Ann Christie's mother must have died while giving birth to her or shortly thereafter. Therefore, the name Jennet Miller may in fact be her biological mother's name. Catherine McKinnon, who I always thought was her mother until now, married her John Christie around 1876 so perhaps that is the correct marriage record after all! Thought I'd let you know. Thanks again.

Re: Daniel McGillivray (1863-1946) of Glengarry

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I believe I may have the information you're looking for. My mother came from this line of Christie's.

I have Daniel McGillivray born 13 Nov 1868 St. Elmo, Ontario; married 27 Jun 1893; died 24 May 1947 Cornwall, Ontario. His wife was Janet Ann Christie born 10 Dec 1870 Apple Hill, Ontario; died 31 Dec 1964, Cornwall, Ontario. Her parents were John D Christie born 24 May 1840 Apple Hill Ontario, died 16 Jan 1925 and Janet Miller born 1841 Roxborough Twp., Ontario; married about 1866 Died 19 Dec 1870 Apple Hill, Ontario. A few years after her death John remarried to Catherine McKinnon, born 26 Apr 1855 EHT, Ontario; Married 28 Jun 1876; died 8 Nov 1926, Apple Hill, Ontario. Their first child was John Colin Christie, my maternal grandfather.

Janet's Grandfather, John D.'s Father was John Christie, born 1796 Tirarthur Croft, Killin, P, Scotland; died 22 Aug 1872. His first wife was Janet McArthur, born 1802 Martintown, Ontario; mariied 21 Nov 1826; died 6 Nov 1884 Apple Hill, Ontario. John D was the last of 6 children.

If you would like more information, send me your email address. I have lists of several generations after John Christie. I also have pictures of gravestones at App;e Hill that will confirm names and dates.
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