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Ammeial de Minoville

Ammeial de Minoville

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Surnames: de Minoville; Kinchen
I am searching for any information available on Ammeial de Minoville, who is said to have been born in 1798 in France, married Nancy Kinchen in 1821 in St. Helena Parish, and had a son born in 1822. Specifically, I would like to obtain a copy of his death record and/or succession record and possibly a court record from a suit of separation filed by his wife.

Re: Ammeial de Minoville

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Classification: Query
This was the only marriage I could find
for Nancy Kinchen....
if you have any other info on your Ammeial de Minoville please post ...maybe someone else can help.
Good luck in your searching

Spouse 1: Kinchen, Nancy
Spouse 2: Menonoreco, D.[Dr]
Marriage Date: 28 Nov 1821
Marriage Location: Louisiana
St. Helena Parish

LA MARRIAGES 1718-1925
Name: Dr. D. Menonoreco
Spouse: Nancy Kinchen
Marriage Date: 28 Nov 1821
Marriage Place: St. Helena

Re: Ammeial de Minoville

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NANCY MINOVILLE, Nee Kinchen, 1823 File M-4
May 12, 1823 - William Kinchen is grandfather of the infant child of his decd daughter Nancy Kinchen, alias Minoville; prior to Nancy's death, she had entered suit for separation against her husband Ammeial de Minoville.
Minoville had abandoned her and the infant child John Milton and has been guilty of crime capital against the state of Louisiana; that he is unfit as natural tutor. Wants
family meeting. Elam Kinchen is an uncle of sd. infant.
Judge L. H. Moore, Parish Judge, orders that sd. Minoville be interdicted.
William Kinchen and Mary Kinchen, grandparents of minor, and Elam C. Kinchen, John Kinchen, and Wlilliam Brown, uncles.

Re: Ammeial de Minoville

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Minoville Kinchen Menonville menonoreco REGNAULD DENOIRJEAN
Not Dr. Perhaps Pierre or Pr.

This guy was barely 20 and courting with Farm Girls so likely not a Doctor.

[Dennison or Duasonne] Due a Son? Menonville
(There was a Menonville who existed in that area at that time who was this age - born about 1798) This person departed from and arrived in France, then shortly after Marrying about 1824. This was an arranged marriage.
(as apposed to a Forced) Nancy Minoville.

There was no Minoville in any census or record set but there was many french Menonville who lived in that exact area before the louisianna purchase, around the civil war they most all returned to france with thier property "and slaves" for fear of loss.

Ammeial (Dudmus?) de Minoville.

This person's full name was Pierre Lois Narcisse Amehel Menonville

S0 I think it was him...
IE Dr = Pr.

Shown in transportation records departed at the time the child was an Infant.

The father was french from Bettancourt-la-Longue which happens to be near a german bordering area.

IE mother is German.(shown in records as mother german)

Ie he fits the profile almost exactly.

The guy was young, who married/impregnated an american, a french citizen who right after the loisianna purchase in 1803 was forced home when france no longer had ownership, abandoning her and the child, moving on, remarrying and living in france.

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Sermaize
Age: 26
ans Father: Louis MENONVILLE (defunt)
Mother: Marie-Suzanne DENOIRJEAN
Spouse's Name: Sophie-Palestine REGNAULD
Spouse's Place of Origin: Maurupt
Spouse's Age: 22 ans
Spouse's Father: Charles REGNAULD
Spouse's Mother: Marie-Anne DROLLET
Marriage Date: 15 nov. 1824
Marriage Location: Maurupt-le-Montois

1806 Passenger Manifest: Menonville, Louis N A
Age about 8.
Desitnation Pointe Aux Ces Le Gouffre

Which sounds like the same guy, perhaps moving to Louisiana owned by france with his dear family only to find,, whoops, they sold it. But the family stayed a while anyway, and then... they didnt.

This is all I can come up with. This guy, It might be him, i think it is, it all fits together like a puzzle. But All I really have is circumstantial except I do have the DNA evidence (paid for the geneology dna test) now that proves this guy whoever he was in regards to my direct linneage was in fact french or german.

What do you all think? I wish I could see the original text for this to confirm what it might say. Image etc. But for now, I am going to go with this.

Re: Ammeial de Minoville

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Classification: Query
Wow! I'll bet you are right! Thanks so very much.
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