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Julia Leclaire

Julia Leclaire

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Looking for any information on Julia Leclaire...born 1834 in Mount St Patrick, On...died 1939...buried in Matawatchan, On. My grandfather was her only son..he was adopted as a baby by Antoine Gagnon and Adesse Belanger. He had a twin sister, Mary, adopted by Edward and Angeline Dodge...also brother to Adelaide, Margaret and Harriet and Clophia...Clophia also being adopted. Have had no luck in finding any information as to who my grandfather's birth father might be.

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Is Julia's birth and death date correct? Was she 105?
What is your grandfather's name and what year was he born?

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I found both Mary and James in the 1891 Canada Census living with the families that adopted them. The surname for the children in this census is "BOVIN or BOVEN" so this may shed some light on who the father may be.

Hope this helps,

1891 Canada Census, Matawatchan, Renfrew South
Antoine Gauneau, Male, Age 30, Married, Head, Shanty-man
Addess Gauneau, Female, Age 20, Married, Wife
James Bovin, Male, 3, Lodger
Narenn Jero?, Male, 26, Married, Lodger, Gen-Blacksmith
Adel Jero?, Female, 19, Married, Lodgers Wife
All born Ontario

Note that this surname has been transcribed as Lodge on
1891 Canada Census, Matawatchan, Renfrew South
Edward Dodge, Male, 26, Married, Head, farmer
Angeline Dodge, Female, 22, Married, Wife
Mary Bovin, Female, 3, Lodger
All Born Ontario

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Seeing as how you didn't give any information re your grandfather, I worked on his twin, Mary.

Birth registration
Informant: Mrs Edward Dodge
Registered: 1 July 1893 Griffith & Matchewan Renfrew
5 March 1888
Mary, female, father Joe Bovin [scratched out], mother: Lenii Leclare.
Father's last name has been transcribed as Bossin but on 1891 census she is listed under Bovin.

The Dodges must have registered Mary when they adopted her.

Did not find any other children b 5 March 1888 in Renfrew but it stands to reason if her father was Joe Bovin/Bossin, then so was your grandfather's.

1891 census Matchewan Renfrew
Edward, 26, Ont
Angeline, 22, Ont
Mary Bovin/Boven, 3, Ont, lodger, both parents b Ont

She is with the Dodges on 1901 census with birth 5 March 1888.

1906 she married Paul Napoleon LeClair and on the marriage registration is just says 'both parties illegitimate' where the parents names should be.
I looked in the Ontario Druoin Collection but doesn't look like Renfrew is on it.
Try Google for church records.

Harriet's [1880] father is listed as Milton McCoy and he was living next to Dodge's on 1901 census and he has a Harriet,8, living with him.

Maybe Mary's descendants know something about her past.

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I posted Julia's birth year wrong, it was 1844, not 34. Thanks to you both for the information. I did find the census that had James and Mary listed as adopted, but never had any success in finding anything else. As for her birth registration, could you possibly paste that link to here for me? I've not found it yet.
In doing my research, I found that Mary and the man she married were related, Mary's mother was Julia Leclaire and Paul's mother was Felicite Leclaire, who's father was Julia's brother Antoine.
Julia had 6 children, all with different fathers, so it's been somewhat challenging at times to get the information that I have been lucky to find.
Thanks again!

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The birth registration was on

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I tried to copy to record to you but am not having any luck. This is exactly what it says.

Registration # 029146
Griffith & Matachewan
5 March 1888
Father: Joe Bovin [scratched out]
Mother: Lenie Leclare
Occupation of father: farmer
Informant: Mrs Edward Dodge of Matachewan
Date of registration: 25 March 1893
Registrar: John Holly
Remarks: illegitimate child.

If you are looking up the other children, try under the father's names.
Harriet is listed under McCoy, father Milton McCoy and mother LeClarer.

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I have found birth registrations and such for the other sisters, all except for a Clophia. I don't recall being able to find the 1891 census before. I know there was one that wasn't available, so maybe it has since I first started searching. There are so many misspellings for Leclaire and with the writing back then, alot of the names couldn't be made out. I will search the birth registrations later tonight. I do appreciate you responding back to me. As for Harriet, Milton is listed as her father, but it was actually his brother, Bill, who was her father. I was fortunate enough to have a long lost relative, who was also searching the family, get in contact with me and provide me with so much information that I wouldn't have found out otherwise.
Thanks for your help!

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sorry to bother you again, but honestly, I must be the most useless person doing research because I have searched and searched and cannot find the birth registration for Mary Bovin at all. Could you please tell me what it's under, I have searched the birth, baptism and christening records...looked under the ontario births...looked under the ontario catholic records, but I don't see anything that remotely says birth registration. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where it's to be found.

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It is on

Just type in Mary and her birth date and last name of mother and it comes up.
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