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MacMillans of 34.7

MacMillans of 34.7

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I am looking for information on these MacMillans. Donald the Beaver was my great grandfather.

Re: MacMillans of 34.7

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any dates?

Re: MacMillans of 34.7

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About 1802 until ?

My grandmother, Mary Margaret McPhee, grew up in Glengarry, Ontario. She was born in 1879 and moved to Nova Scotia in about 1902. Her father was Little John McPhee from 27.5 and her mother was Margery MacMillan from 34.7. Margery MacMillans father was Donald the Beaver whose father came from Ardmurachan (sp), Scotland.

Thank you!


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not sure what you have already...

Name: Maggie McPhee
Date of Birth: 26 Oct 1879
Gender: Female
Birth County or District: Parry Sound
Father's Name: John McPhee
Mother's Name: Margery McMillan
Archive Name: Archives of Ontario
Archive Series: MS929
Archive Reel: 40

Name: Mary Margaret McPhee
Birth Place: Lochiel
Age: 22
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1880
Father Name: John McPhee
Mother Name: Margaret McMillan
Spouse Name: Raphel Robinson
Spouse's Age: 23
Spouse Birth Year: abt 1879
Spouse Birth Place: Quebec
Spouse Father Name: Sydney Robinson
Spouse Mother Name: Harriet Milton
Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1902
Marriage County or District: Glengarry


Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967
Name: John McPhee - CATHOLIC
Spouse: Marjory McMillan - PROTISTANT
Event: Marriage
Religion: Catholique
Marriage Location: Alexandria, Ontario
Marriage: 9 OCT 1856

Margery Mcphee 24
Duncan Mcphee 4
Home in 1861: Lochiel, Glengarry, Canada West
Religion: Roman Catholic
Film Number: C-1024-1025
Page Number: 75

John Mc Phee 45
Marjory Mc Phee 34
Duncan Mc Phee 14
Christy Mc Phee 12
Mary Mc Phee 10
Donald Mc Phee 8
Alexander Mc Phee 6
Ewen Mc Phee 4
James Mc Phee 1
Charlotte Mc Donald 68
District: Glengarry
District Number: 74
Division: 02
Subdistrict: Lochiel
Subdistrict Number: d

John McPhee 55
Magery McPhee 44
Duncan McPhee 24
Christy McPhee 21
Mary McPhee 19
Donald McPhee 17
Alexander McPhee 15
Hugh McPhee 13
Dougald McPhee 9
Jane McPhee 6
James McPhee 4
Mary M. McPhee 1
Province: Ontario
District Number: 99
District: Glengarry
Sub-District Number: D
Subdistrict: Lochiel
Division: 2

John Mcphee 65 B ONT
Marcella Mcphee 54 B ONT
Ewen Mcphee 24
Jane Mcphee 16
James Mcphee 14
Mary Maggie Mcphee 11
Charlott Mcdonald 88 B ONT
Province: Ontario
District Number: 65
District: Glengarry
Subdistrict: Lochiel

John Mcphee 75 B ONT
Margry Mcphee 64 B ONT
Hught Mcphee 34
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Farmer
Province: Ontario
District: Glengarry
District Number: 62
Sub-District: Lochiel
Sub-District Number: F-5


Name: Donald McMillan
Death Date: 21 Apr 1897
Death County or District: Glengarry 37.4
Age: 92 & 11 MTHS
Gender: Male
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805
Birth Location: Lochiel, Ontario

Name: Mary M McMillan
Death Date: 8 Sep 1881
Death County or District: Glengarry
Age: 78
Gender: Female
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1803
Birth Location: Lochiel, Ontario

Donald McMillen 77 B ONT
Mary McMillen 77 B ONT
John McMillen 53
Mary McMillen 49
Flory McMillen 45
Christy McMillen 72
Province: Ontario
District Number: 99
District: Glengarry
Sub-District Number: D
Subdistrict: Lochiel
Division: 2


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Dear EllinSpain,

Thank you so much for all of this info. Some of it I have, and some is new--yahoo! I have some follow-up questions in case you might be able to help further:
1) Your first entry is from Archive Reel 40. What was the nature of this archive for Maggie McPhee. This is my grandmother whom I know as Mary Margaret or just Mary. She emigrated to Boston in 1926 and did not share a lot of details with her children . . . Also it says that she was born in Parry Sound, though I know she was born in Lochiel, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada. Is there any way to correct this.
2) Your second entry is about my grandparents' marriage. Again what is the source? Mary Margaret's husband is listed as Raphael Robinson. This is my grandfather, and I know his name is Russell William Middleton Robson. Is there any way to correct this?
3) Your third entry is the marriage info. for my great grandparents, and I see a problem, for those times--a Catholic, John, marrying a protestant, Margery. I do know that they baptized all of their children in the Catholic church though some if not all attended the Kirkhill, the Free Church, in Lochiel. John is buried at the Catholic cemetery, St. Alexandria while Margery is buried at the Kirkhill one.
4) What is the nature and source of this entry? It seems so incomplete with only Margery and her son, Duncan. Then is just says, "ETC."
5) The 8th entry--1901 is interesting. It denotes the religion as Roman Catholic, though Margery was a protestant. Did they automatically just list the head of household's affiliation?

Also, thank you for the info. on the MacMillans. My initial info. was incorrect. My MacMillans are from 37.4.

Yours in figuring this all out,



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I have shown all info as found - old/older records are, oftentimes, very difficult to read so, one has to be a tad "open" to spelling variations etc by the transcriber/s

1. Archives of ontario, as stated

2.Ditto - Archives of Ontario; Series: MS932_108; Reel: 108.

no, there is no way to correct it - the original states the same - again, something to note, in "Catholic" records, the persons name is often the name they were baptised with (not the name they are known as) i.e. Mary would usually be Maria... etc


4. I ran out of time; there are 55 people named Mcphee in Lochiel in the 1861 census.. with Marjery there are (in order going down


5. The "man or Head" of the household would have answered this & (as for many generations) what he was/said was what was entered

you have to bear in mind, that these were very different times - a woman had no rights & once married, was basically, the husbands "property" - she would not have had any say in matters


Re: MacMillans of 34.7

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Donald the Beaver is my 1st cousin 4 x removed.

The Book Butternuts and Maple Sugar by Elsie MacMillan pg 279 (book can be found and read on-line)

Donald the Beaver MacMillan born Apr 24 1804 died Apr 21 1897 married Mary MacMillan They lived as you said on 34.7 Lochiel Glengarry

Donald and Mary had 11 children according to the book.

Donald the Beaver was born in Upper Canada. It was his father Archibald and his brother Ewan (whom I descend from) that emigrated from Ardnamurachan Scotland in 1790.


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There is an error on Ancestry in some of the records for Glengarry, they have stated Parry Sound but the records are actually Glengarry records, go to the top of the page and check and you will see Glengarry if you do come across any that say Parry Sound and you are not sure.


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Thank you--Details like this are very helpful in the research!

Re: MacMillans of 34.7

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Thank you so much for your response!

I was fortunate to get a copy of the book about fifteen years ago at a bookstore in Alexandria when I was there to do a little research and to go to the Highland Games in August. Donald Simon Fraser told me about the book, and I think Elsie is one of his distant cousins. BUTTERNUTS has been a wealth of information, because Donald the Beaver's daughter, Margery, married Little John McPhee also referenced in the book as are my grandmother's siblings. However, I am having a difficult time tracing those roots to the present time. You are only the second person I have found. The other is on my McPhee side in a similar situation. Our great great grandfathers were brothers and arrived in Lochiel, Glengarry in 1802.

Do you know any more about the MacMillans of 34.7?
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