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NACCARATOs of Priest River

NACCARATOs of Priest River

Jeff Forry (View posts)
Posted: 1031630914000
Classification: Query
I have been told that six brothers and a sister came to Priest River around 1890. Can anyone confirm and give me the names. My wife is related thru her mother Evelyn Naccarato.

Re: NACCARATOs of Priest River

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031670213000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Naccarato
The Naccarato families are a very old, prominent family of the Priest River area. There is a lot of information on them and I will gather it for you as well as contact people you can reach for further information. They originally came to the Priest River area from Italy to work for the railroad in the late 1800's when this area was just starting out.

Re: NACCARATOs of Priest River

Jeff Forry (View posts)
Posted: 1031714758000
Classification: Query
Thank you. Whatever you can provide will help me verify my research. My wife is directly related to Joseph Naccarato b:1857 who married Teresa Caprai. I'm trying to verify his parents and if he is one of the borhters.

Naccarato Brothers of Priest River

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031716017000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Naccarato, Anselmo, Presta, Bombino, Saccomanno, Falsetto

From the Beautiful Bonner County History Book Volume I:

The following information about the six almost legendary Naccarato brothers was obtained from George A Naccarato, whom this writer taped on June 17, 1986.

After Charles Anselmo and Mike Presta, they were the first Italians to arrive in the Priest River area to build the Great Northern Railroad, which would put them here in 1891 or shortly thereafter (Angelo’s obituary says 1894). Like most of the Italians who came to Priest River, they were from Grimaldi in Cabria, Italy. Their names were Mike, Charles, Frank, Joe, Angelo and Tony. They had one sister who also came here who was married to Pete Bombino (See separate story). Her name was Rosa, and she was apparently among the older of the siblings. George’s father was Angelo. Three of the brothers were older than he and two were younger. The two oldest brothers were Mike and Charlie, who left wives behind in Italy. Stanley Saccomanno said when he was taped on Jan. 17, 1986, that the Naccarato brothers got together after they arrived here and built a cabin every year. Whoever got that cabin would send back to Italy for a wife until they got everybody here.

George A Naccarato said that his father, Angelo, and Charlie “bought homestead rights to their property – 160 acres that the two split between them, and they lived together when they fist came. When Charlie went back to the old country to bring his family here, he also brought a wife back for Angelo. She was a distant relative, Marie Theresa Naccarato. When they replaced their original dwellings, Charlie and Angelo built houses just alike. Charlie’s burned years ago, but Angelo’s still stands, in excellent repair, and went to George A, who died in 1990. His youngest son, George, his wife, Jenny, and their family continue to occupy it along with two of George A.’s other children. The large two-story frame house cost $1,100 and was built by two carpenters, Angelo, his oldest brother and his brother-in-law, Henry Falsetto.

The men grubbed out stumps by hand from the virgin timberland and worked on the railroad making ties and building grades, etc. (According to an old Priest River Times newspaper, it was commonly recognized “that Italians make the best gandy dancers in the world.”) When George A. started school, his dad and brothers were still making ties in the winter and hauling them out toward the spring of the year. The men planted big truck gardens, which the women and children took care of.

Charlie Naccarato built a big earthen oven outside in which his wife and Marie Theresa baked their bread. George A. said he remembered his mother taking a 4 x 4 board, putting 10 or 12 round loaves of bread on it, loading it on her head and marching down to the oven about one quarter mile away. She baked on Wednesday and Charlie’s wife on Tuesday. Marie Theresa could carry 200 pounds on her head and “walk straight as an Indian”. She learned to do it in Italy where she carried rock on her head from the quarries. She washed clothes at the spring from which the family carried its drinking water. Angelo built a platform there with two tubs, and she used big rock slabs for washboards. An extra tub stood out to the side with a fire under it to provide the hot water.

According to George A., for a long time the Italians had to make “fisticuff history” in their new country. When they went to town, people would cry out, “Here come the Dagoes,” make fun of their English and pull jokes on them. It wasn’t bad enough that they were Italian but they were Catholic, too (which doesn’t seem to have been held so much against the Catholic Germans in the area, however).

Church services in the Italian Settlement were held in the schoolhouse until the church was built and dedicated at the first Settlement Picnic in 1915. (The annual picnic still endures, held now in August every year. The church is gone.) The priest came out from Gonzaga by train every Sunday, walking to the Settlement after saying Mass in town if no one came to pick him up.

Tony, the youngest of the six Naccarato brothers, was the first to die, of a bleeding ulcer, about 1920. Angelo died in 1923 when George A was 18. Mike died in 1925.

Charlie Naccarato was actually the first of the six brothers to reach Priest River, according to his grandson, Robert J. He may also have been the oldest.

By Marylyn Cork.

More to follow. Mary

Naccarato Burials

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031716812000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Naccarato
s/p - Same Plot
s/s - Same Stone
f/p - Family Plot
n/d - No Date

Evergreen Cemetery, Priest River, ID

Bombino, John A 10-01-1910 09-16-1994 s/p H Naccarato
Grazia, Maria See Maria Naccarato
Lundy, Barbara Naccarato 05-17-1945 11-06-1995
Naccarato, Angel M 1907 1910 s/s Teresa M
Naccarato, Angelo 02-22-1863 11-12-1923 s/p Francesco
Naccarato, Anna 04-11-1830 03-12-1910 s/s Maria f/p 5
Naccarato, Anthony Eugene 11-18-1926/7 12-13-1926/7 f/p 3
Naccarato, Anthony 02-26-1928 04-08-1929
Naccarato, Antonio 1853 03-05-1922 f/p 3
Naccarato, Antonio 1863 05-23-1925 s/s Josephine f/p 4
Naccarato, Arthur Anthony 02-26-1928 04-08-1929 s/p Nancy Ann
Naccarato, Arthur 04-06-1906 02-19-1971 s/s Christina
Naccarato, August Joseph 08-03-1894 06-22-1973 s/s Margaret f/p 8
Naccarato, Barbara See Barbara Lundy
Naccarato, Bernard Charles 09-13-1971 09-13-1971 s/p Minnie
Naccarato, Carl A 08-10-1900 06-15-1933 s/p Anna f/p 5
Naccarato, Carmela Mary 10-11-1899 06-25-1982 s/s George C f/p 3
Naccarato, Carmellian Marie 04-19-1882 10-30-1964 f/p 3
Naccarato, Charles G 1922 11-14-1994
Naccarato, Charles Michael Jr 11-28-1961 08-30-1981
Naccarato, Charles 01-01-1909 01-25-1994
Naccarato, Charles n/d 11-1943
Naccarato, Charlotte A 02-21-1914 02-01-2000 s/p Tony
Naccarato, Christina 03-12-1911 11-02-1988 s/s Arthur
Naccarato, Douglas R 01-02-1952 03-24-1993 s/s Jeanette
Naccarato, Duane Joe n/d 02-07-1941
Naccarato, Elise O 1904 1906
Naccarato, Elizabeth Mary 08-15-1905 12-30-1985 s/s Joe F
Naccarato, Estella Age 14 Mo 10-29-1918
Naccarato, Eva Alice 08-30-1906 06-17-1986/5 s/s Medino
Naccarato, Flora Sarah 05-1906 03-25-1964
Naccarato, Francesco 04-15-1902 11-21-1918 s/p Angelo
Naccarato, Frank F 1857 1909 s/s Stella L
Naccarato, Frank Tony 04-03-1919 01-02-1989
Naccarato, Frank 1867 1956 s/p Teresa M f/p 3
Naccarato, Frank n/d 08-18-1952
Naccarato, George A 03-11-1905 05-04-1990
Naccarato, George C 1888 10-31-1955 s/s Carmela M f/p 3
Naccarato, George 1880 1954 s/p Rose
Naccarato, Geraldine June 01-12-1931 05-08-1968 s/s Minnie
Naccarato, Gus A 08-25-1896 04-19-1968 s/s Minnie
Naccarato, Harry 1897 02-11-1928 f/p 8
Naccarato, Helen Edith 07-12-1920 12-10-1983 s/s Joe A f/p 8
Naccarato, Henry A 08-27-1888 02-04-1966 f/p 4
Naccarato, Henry M 10-25-1899 11-07-1978 s/s Rose M f/p 5
Naccarato, James T 10-13-1901 11-30-1983 s/s Vera
Naccarato, Jeanette Marie 10-03-1944 11-27-1992 s/s Douglas
Naccarato, Jeraldine J 01-12-1931 05-08-1979
Naccarato, Joe A 1919 n/d s/s Helen E f/p 8
Naccarato, Joseph Frank 06-17-1901 11-22-1987/8 s/s Elizabeth M
Naccarato, Joseph 1857 04-09-1929 s/p Theresa f/p 8
Naccarato, Joseph 1941 1941 s/s Joe A f/p 8
Naccarato, Josephine 01-01-1861 03-16-1943 s/p Charles f/p 5
Naccarato, Josephine 1861 02-14-1946 s/s Antonio f/p 4
Naccarato, Josephine 1867 09-25-1930 s/p Mike f/p 5
Naccarato, Josephine Age 44 02-03-1923
Naccarato, Josephine n/d 08-04-1945
Naccarato, Margaret Louise 10-12-1901 12-30-1973 s/s August J f/p 8
Naccarato, Maria (Monica) 09-12-1962 09-12-1962 f/p 3
Naccarato, Marie Grazia 07-02-1892 03-26-1911 s/s Anna f/p 5
Naccarato, Marion “Teddy” 04-17-1907 03-28-2002
Naccarato, Medino 12-04-1898 12-04-1984 s/s Eva
Naccarato, Medino 12-04-1898 12-04-1984 s/s Eva
Naccarato, Michael Charles Jr 11-28-1961 08-30-1981
Naccarato, Michelina 05-19-1893 06-06-1970 f/p 4
Naccarato, Mike 03-12-1915 08-06-1943
Naccarato, Mike 05-28-1849 01-30-1925 s/p Josephine f/p 5
Naccarato, Mike 1924 1928 s/p Henry f/p 5
Naccarato, Mike n/d 11-29-1948
Naccarato, Minnie 02-28-1903 01-28-1971 s/s Gus A
Naccarato, Nancy Ann 11-26-1937 01-15-1938 s/p Anthony
Naccarato, Nancy n/d 01-12-1937
Naccarato, Pasquale 03-29-1861 11-14-1943 s/p Josephine f/p 5
Naccarato, Pauline G Anderson 08-18-1927 02-17-2000 s/p Hagman
Naccarato, Peter 1888 11-13-1918 s/s Frank F
Naccarato, Robert Douglas 05-09-1930 08-31-1960
Naccarato, Rose M 10-24-1905 06-25-1991 s/s Henry M f/p 5
Naccarato, Rose 1884 1956 s/p George
Naccarato, Ruby 11-22-1912 04-09-1982 f/p 3
Naccarato, Stella L 1917 1918 s/s Frank F
Naccarato, Teresa M 06-29-1868 06-27-1942 s/s Angel M
Naccarato, Theresa 1869 03-06-1949 s/p Joseph f/p 8
Naccarato, Tony H 03-27-1910 05-01-1994 s/p CHARLOTTE
Naccarato, Vera 09-26-1908 10-09-2000 s/s James

Pinecrest Cemetery, Sandpoint, ID

Price, Kristin C Naccarato 08-25-1949 06-21-2001


Alexander, Lenora AKA for Dolores Naccarato
Naccarato, Dolores Age 24 n/d
Naccarato, Estella 14 M 11-1918

Any Obits you want just let me know and I will look them up.

Naccarato - Idaho Death Records

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031716880000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Naccarato

Name/ Year of Death/ Certificate #/ County #/ Place of Death/ Date of Death/ Date of Birth

NACCARATO, TERESA 1949 000858 09 PRIEST RIVER 03/06/1949 08/15/1870
NACCARATO, JOSEPHINE 1943 133168 09 PRIEST RIVER 03/16/1943 01/01/1861
NACCARATO, JOSEPHINE 1945 145034 18 OROFINO 08/01/1945 99/99/9999
NACCARATO, ANTHONY EUGENE 1926 055818 09 PRIEST RIVER 12/13/1926 11/18/1926 NACCARATO, ARTHUR ANTHONY 1929 065746 09 PRIEST RIVER 04/08/1929 02/26/1928 NACCARATO, JOSEPH 1929 065747 09 PRIEST RIVER 04/09/1929 02/10/1857
NACCARATO, JOSEPHINE 1930 071994 09 PRIEST RIVER 09/25/1930 99/99/9999
NACARATTO, LUCY MAY 1921 032818 09 PRIEST RIVER 01/14/1921 09/19/1920
NACCARATO, ANGELA 1923 043713 09 PRIEST RIVER 11/12/1923 02/22/1864
NACCARATO, ANTONIO 1925 049414 09 PRIEST RIVER 05/23/1925 03/05/1863
NACCARATO, MIKE 1925 048438 09 PRIEST RIVER 01/30/1925 99/99/1849
NACARRATO, TERESA 1917 016952 09 BONNER COUNTY 02/04/1917 12/99/1916
NACCARATO, FRANK 1918 022761 09 PRIEST RIVER 11/20/1918 04/12/1902
NACCARATO, STELLA AURORO 1918 022419 09 PRIEST RIVER 10/29/1918 08/09/1917 NACCARATO, STILLBORN 1919 027632 09 PRIEST RIVER 10/17/1919 10/17/1919 Z
NACCAROTO, PETER 1918 022422 09 PRIEST RIVER 10/31/1918 05/01/1887 -

Naccarato - Marriage Records

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031717037000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Naccarato
Here is a start of the Marriage Records. You will notice that it indicates Kootenai County. Bonner County was actually part of Kootenai County until 1907. Also if you wish to have a copy of the record from the Court house they charge $1.00 for the copy.


NAMES/ Date of marriage/ Date recorded/ Book #/ Page #

BOMBINO, Bruno of Priest River
To Guieppino Naccarato of Priest River
By Rev. James Kelley, Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Pasquale Bombino & Cresino Naccarato
Cert. #8785 09-11-1904 09-19-1904 3 200
NACCARATO, Antonio of Priest River
To Carmela Naccarato of Priest River
By Thomas J Purcell a Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Francesco & Louisa Mauro 11-14-1900 11-22-1900 2 231
NACCARATO, Frank of Priest River
To Teresa Bossio of Priest River
By Thos J Purcell a Roman Catholic Priest
At Coeur d Alene
W – Giuseppe Bossio & Mrs Kate A Smith 05-01-1899 05-02-1899 2 67

NACCARATO, Geniale of Priest River
To Estonza Aceione of Priest River
By Thos J Purcell a Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Francisco & Louisa Mauro 11-14-1900 11-22-1900 2 234
NACCARATO, George of Priest River
To Mary Napier of Priest River
By Rev. James F Kelley, Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Charles & Rosaria Bombino
Cert #16882 12-09-1905 01-20-1906 3 487

NACCARATO, George of Priest River
To Rosa Saccomanno of Priest River
By Joseph Chianal Priest of Catholic Church
At Priest River
W – Joe Welch & A Saccomanno 06-27-1903 06-30-1903 2 565
NACCARATO, Gumero of Priest River
To Mehlma Bombino of Priest River
By A M Fotch, Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Pasquel & Rosario Bombino
CERT #15986 12-06-1905 12-13-1905 3 470
SACCOMANNO, Joseph of Priest River
To Anna Naccarato of Priest River
By Thomas J Purcell A Roman Catholic Priest
At Priest River
W – Frank Naccarato & Louisa Mauro 01-10-1899 01-12-1899 2 44

More to Follow.


Mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031717285000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Caprai
Oh Boy! Caprai is another well known old established Italian family name in the Priest River Area. I know there is info on them as well. I'll send what I find for you.

Also if you want the coies I printed off (Some have pics of the people) just send me a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Mary Garrison
PO Box 482
Hayden, ID 83835

Happy Hunting!


Marylyn Cork is the editor or was the editor of the Priest River Times and has lots of information on the Italian Families of the Priest River area. I will find her address and pass it on to you.

Caprai Family

mary (View posts)
Posted: 1031717564000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Caprai
Burials in Evergreen Cemetery in Priest River, Bonner County, ID

Caprai, Bessie Claire 08-09-1903 02-24-1985 s/s John J
Caprai, John J 03-02-1897 08-21-1987 s/s Bessie C
Caprai, Joseph C 1860 1933 s/s Maria C
Caprai, Joseph H 04-15-1904 09-15-1946
Caprai, Louge 1895 09-06-1908 s/s Maria
Caprai, Maria Carmina 01-21-1865 04-16-1944 s/s Joseph C
Caprai, Michael 1871 11-28-1966 s/p Theresa
Caprai, Paul 10-27-1888 12-14-1923 f/p 3
Caprai, Rosy 1900 12-12-1918 f/p 3
Caprai, Theresa 01-16-1885 12-10-1918 s/p Michael
Caprai, Warren John 10-29-1921 01-15-1945

Re: Caprai Family

jeff forry (View posts)
Posted: 1031719314000
Classification: Query
Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful information. I'll get a self-addressed envelope off to you asap. We have some of the cameo's from the cemetery, but anything you have would be great. Again I can't thank you too much. You certainly filled in the holes for us. If you can pass on Marylyn Cork's address we will follow up with her.
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