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Vysočina Records - Where are they?

Vysočina Records - Where are they?

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I am trying to find records for the tiny towns of Jenikovec and Hranice (about haf a mile from each other) just north of Chotěboř.

The Eastern Bohemian archives has a map ( ) that shows these are just to the west of their domain and thus not included in their archives.

The Southern Bohemian archives thus would seem to be the place to find them. But the digital archives of the State Regional Archives Trebon ( does not have them. I know that the Trebon website is receiving new updates each week. But I cannot find Vysočina listed in their "Digital Inventories".

The bottom line is that I cannot find any online records for the Vysočina region and would like to know how to find them.

Re: Vysočina Records - Where are they?

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They should be here -

But if I understand it right, they haven´t been digitalized yet.

Re: Vysočina Records - Where are they?

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You have the right site, and they actually have been digitized, since what I am looking for are Czech Brethren Evangelical and not Catholic records, and the records for the area are in Hradiste. So I have found the one that I was looking for.

It is a pretty complex task to find the records though. So I wrote up the following.

here is how to find (1) whether they include your town, (2) whether they have yet digitized your town, and (3) the digital images of the records that include your town. You do need to be a bit computer savvy and to have a computer with good horsepower and disk space and a high speed internet connection.

Go to to open and download the 2-page PDF file of their (1) coverage area and (2) digitzation progress. The maps are a bit dis-orienting since they show only a part of Bohemia. So in order to figure out where things are on the map in relation to the town I am researching, I open Google Map in another window and find the town I am searching for there. Then I click on "Get directions" and pick one of the towns on the archives' map and get the directions from there to my town, so that I have some idea where the archives' map is in relation to my town.

The PDF file has two maps.

Catholic parishes - gold indicates those digitized on, and green indicates those digitized on

Czech Brethren and German Lutheran Evangelical parishes - red boxes indicate those digitized on

Once you have determined that the records you seek are digitized on, go to to open and download the 3.3MB (1,664 pages) file of all of the parishes. You definitely should download this and then work with it from a copy on your hard drive. The Catholic records are on pages 1-1557. The Czech Brethren and Lutheran records are on pages 1558-1664. You definitely want to use the PDF search feature, since this is an enormous document. I search for the parish that I found on the maps, making sure that I am only looking at the pages in the section of the appropriate religion.

The towns covered are in italics at the top of the first page of their section. The specific registers (matriky) then follow this text-block. For those that are digitized, there will be a URL for a ZIP file as the last entry for the register. Click on the URL to begin the download of the zip file.

The zip file contains every page of the register, with one JPG file for every pair of facing pages. Each JPG file is about 1.6MB. So the entire ZIP file can easily be on the order of 600MB and take as long as two hours to download, even with a powerful computer and excellent high-speed internet connection.

Once the zip file has downloaded, you must then extract the files from the zip file, and you can then finally begin to search for specific records among the images.

Re: Vysočina Records - Where are they?

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Re: Length of time to download

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A year ago I found one of these books I wanted to download. At my son's house in Washington, D.C. it would have taken 8 hours. At my house in Omaha, fairly decent Internet connection, it would have taken 4 hours. At the university, it took 2 hours. And then what I was looking for wasn't in the book.

I haven't tested it yet on my new Mac, but considering how fast the actapublica pictures load on it compared to my PC laptop, it would probably beat that 2 hour mark. In some ways, I wish actapublica would have a download option, though, because for some of those books, there's an entry on every page that I need. Even though the book I downloaded didn't have any of my data, it was nice to be able to just page back and forth in the book.

Your process post is very well written. Perhaps you should make it a separate post with a title that might come up if someone searches the board. Although since you have Vysočina in your subject, maybe that's enough.

Side note: some of my records are from the Zleby area. I ended up finding them in the Praha archives in actapublica. Zleby is not far from Chotebor, so it is worth it to investigate multiple archives.
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