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C. Taub (View posts)
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I am interested in the illigimate descendants of royalty,

Also did Richard III or Henry VIII have any descendants in henry's case not his legimiate children.

Re: bastards

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See the series by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.," Royal Bye-Blows, parts I, II, & III in the NEHGS Register (Apr 65, Jul 67, & Oct 68). See CP (Complete Peerage) VI:Appendix F, "Bastards of Charles II."; and vol. XI:Appendix D "Henry I's Illegitimate Children. You might also find a copy of Chris Given-Wilson, Alice Curteis, "The Royal Bastards of Medieval England," Routledge Kegan & Paul; (1988).

See also the online newsletter of the Richard III Society; specifically:

Lastly, if you can locate a copy, see ES (Europaische Stammtafeln) Band III Teilband II, " Band III Teilband 2, Nichtstandesgemasse und Illegetime Nachkommen der Regierenden Hauser Europas" for illegitimate children of European nobility.

As for your last question, yes both Richard III and Henry VIII were said to have had illegitimate children. Those of Henry VIII included: Henry, Duke of Richmond; Sir John Perot; (probably) Ethelreda, m. John Harrington; [?] Sir Henry Cary, Lord Hunsdon; [?] Sir Thomas Stucley. These names are from the above-mentioned article "Royal Bye-Blows," part II. Hope this helps.


Re:Charles II

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In one of the publications issued back when the current Prince Charles was wed to Diana Spencer; there was a chart showing they were distantly related through James I (VI). It showed that King Charles II (1630-1685) had a bastard son by Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland (1641-1709); named Henry (Fiztroy) (1663-1690) who was created 1st Duke of Grafton . Henry married Lady Isabella Bennett and had Chalres (Fitzroy) (1683-1757) who was 2nd Duke of Grafton. He married Lady Henrietta Somerset and had Isabella (1726-1782) who married Francis Seymour 1st Marquess of Hertford.

Re: bastards

Lu Sleeper (View posts)
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find updated book in the library as possible: Britain's royal families : the complete genealogy / Alison Weir London : Pimlico, 2002

this book consists of completed genealogical informations in both of legitimates and illegitimates

Henry VIII

ashley (View posts)
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Henry the VIII also had a little girl by the name of Katherine Cary, she was Henry Cary's sister and both children were from Anne Boleyne's sister Mary. Henry also had a little boy by a woman named Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount. i hope this helps!
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my ancestor is the son of James V of Scotland names James Stewart. Since he was a bastard, he could not become king and his half-sister Mary took the throne. He was assassinated by enemies of Mary and his family moved to France, then came to Jamestown. They changed their name from Stewart to Renfrew in honor of their home in Renfrewshire, Scotland I suppose. Eventually they moved to Kentucky in the early 1800's where they have been ever since.

Re: bastards

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Richard III had one legitimate child, Edward of Middleham, died at the age of 11 years or under. He had two acknowledged illegitimate children: Katherine and John. Katherine was married in 1484 to William Herbert, Earl of Huntington, and died before 25 November 1487. There is no record of any children, her husband died 1490 without a son. John of Gloucester (b circa 1470) was granted an annuity during the first year of Henry VII and was later imprisoned. He is probably the bastard of Richard III that Henry had quietly murdered in 1499. He never married and there is no record of children. There is a story that the night before Bosworth Field Richard III told one Richard (1469-22 Dec 1550) he would be acknowledged as his son if the king won the upcoming battle. The boy became a bricklayer in Eastwell, Kent. He might have had children and could conceivably have descendants living today, but I doubt you could prove anything.

Re: bastards-Royal Bastards And Royal Cousins

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Surnames: Breheny, Briwere, Brewers, Baose, Brusters, Brewsters
BradRenfroe, sadly it matters little if your ancestors were illigetimate heirs to the British Throne because their time is over the same as my Royal British Throne Cousins that I can trace way back to the 4-5th Century.

Most Accredited Historians and Genealogy Researchers treat all such claims as fantasices at all Genealogy Historical Societies right across the world. I think you can see by my list of names here that it pretty well covers the gauntlet, you may as well eat your information you have collected because your not going to do anything with it.

The Current Queen Elizabeth II Royal family through 2,100 years make full work of discrediting the Royal Family Of King Arthur and upsurped his throne of some 30yrs so much so that historians and genealogists of today tell you there never was a King Arthur. So today all the illegitamate and cousins of royality must be dead long ago, but that is not true. ANY ONE THAT CAN TRACE THEIR FAMILY BACK FURTHER THAN THE 11TH CENTURY is of Royal Blood.....but to be recognized would take the wealth of Queen Elizabeth II.

Re: bastards

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CWWolf, sadly that is the problem we all face; you cannot even attempt to prove that the bricklayer had children that lived to a ripe old age to tell the legends of their father once a Royal Cousin, for Richard III killed all that he saw as a threat....dead men tell no tales that an Monarch would wish them to utter. For Good King Richard III would have been empeached by the people and be beheaded himself as an new king from his children elected to take his place.

And what of the Cousins of British Royality chased out of Britain at about 1620, the William Brewster III THE PILGRIM SEPERATIST; what of him did he not deserve the Throne of Britain after Queen Elizabeth I did her dastardy deeds upon him? No.....William III went to the New World founding Plymouth, Mass The British American Colony and remained on the run from "her gratious but bloodthirsty Majesty".

Re: Henry VIII

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Agreed ashley, Ahhh Henry 8th, got to love him for dallying with the ladies even to Ann Boleyne's sister that Henry 8th was desperate for an heir by. Sadly even that did not help him much; his daughter Queen Elizabeth I was intent on having and empire following in King Henry 8ths footsteps and she dallied with the men and we have know way of knowing alot of what went on in the name of Queen Elizabeth I.
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