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Surnames: manke
my grandmother is marion agness manke, her father was edward emil frank manke born 1884, died 1948. he had brothers, Emil b about 1870 in prussia germany, william m 1872, robert 1873, albert h 1875, otto (ottis) died 1911, frank samual 1887 died 1966. their mother was emilia maybe born 1850 in prussia germany, father robert born about 1856 died 1917 in cuyahogo oh. they all were born in prussia germany--may have been jewish. they immigrated to ohio where ther was ahuge settlement of german immigrants, there is also a large number in that time in minnisota--she remembers styorys of her dads father coming over with his family and his brothers family, they split and one went to ohio and the other to minnisota. also all her father and all his brothers had upwards of 3 to 4 middle names, alot of them the same, this may be why hard to track any, if they happened to use a middle name not first name. i have also found an alexander married to mena in prussia germany that could be roberts parents but no real proof yet. if your a manke give me a note see if we can find some more. i keep asking my grandma and every once in a while she remembers something new. her fathers never spoke english in the house only german--he was a engineer on the railroad that went through groton south dakota.

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Surnames: manka manke
interesting. My grandfather, Adolph Manka came to the US from Germany with his brother Edward MANKE. Story goes names got changed from A - E upon landing at Ellis. Everyone is deceased over here and I guess we'll never know. Funny thing is I did a project as a senior in HS, while my grandmother was alive, and she gave me a picture of someone plowing a field and said it was Emil.....interesting! All Manka/Manke are in Waterbury, CT area.

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Surnames: manke
that is interesting. from what i can find there were a few common names and they all used them from very early till recent--makes tracking them a little harder, i did find naturilization info for 3 older brothers so have birth dates, found their mother in a census along with 3 younger brothers living with her in OH. This included immigration date for all. This group went to Ohio and never seemed to leave, most died there, except my greatgrandfather and his youngest brother frank, who both ended up in wyoming by the 1930 census. I have found info on older brothers, wife, kids ect. but have a gap in great grandads life from 1900 Ohio census when he lived with his mother and 3 brothers till 1930 when he was recorded in wy census, he was in wyoming in 1913--i think thats when they had their first child, but some of info told to my grandmother by her mother, i have proved false--so am still searching for actual local of Edward Frank MAnke (given birth name also included first name as emil)( He went By E.F. after marriage.)he was born 1875 in germany, immigrated in april 1889 along with 4 brothers and mother, youngest brother born in OH. another problem is father is listed as different in 3 boys cases so far, still tracking others, HAve a William manke as oldest boys father, john as second sons dad, herman as third sons dad, robert as 4th sons dad, and last 2 boys dont know as of yet--the oldest boys are born within a year of each other--and mother is listed as same for all--this is confusing--will get what i have typed up one of these days maybe has something to lesson confusion--lol---thank you all

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Surnames: manke,ropke, poderili
This is my manke line so far- have a few items that i didnt get added. The father of boys i have yet to prove --each death certificate and census says something different. i dont think she could have married so many mankes in so few years.

A. Amelia (emilia) Manke b. sept 1849 prussia germany d. March 30 1916 in Oh (have death certificate- listed as widowed on certificate) buried lutheran cemetary ?m. before 1871 John Manke germany ( a john manke is listed in ohio 1910 mira code-age 72, birth would be 1838==listed with robert 37, william 38, albert h. 34--also listed john 24, michael 47==all are listed in 1900 oh census except john 24 and robert 37) ?m. between 1875 and 1883 Robert Manke germany (1900 census =divorced, cleveland OH, mother of 6, # living home 3-Emil, Otto, Frank; Immigration 1889) (her parents are John Ropke and Johanna Poderili-germany==listed on Ohio death index 1908-1953)
I. William M MAnke b. april 6 1872 (ohio 1910 census)(ohio 1910 mira code-age 38) (naturilization petition #19596==pomeronla, germany date of naturilization April 5, 1902; born april 6, 1872 date port in us in april 25, 1889 address 158 robert street cleveland ohio)
II. Robert Manke b. oct 28, 1873 germany (father listed as John) d. Jan 31 1912, OH have death certificate signed by anna) buried Lutheran cemetary m. Anna (ohio 1910 census)(ohio 1910 mira code -age 37)(naturilization petition # 9200, pomeronla, germany Date of naturilization sept 23, 1896 born oct 28, 1873 Date port in us in april 25 1889 address 148 seldon ave cleveland ohio)
III. Albert Manke b. feb 24, 1875 germany D. 1912?? (ohio 1910 census) (Naturilization petition #9206, pomeronla germany, date of naturilization sept 23, 1896, born feb 24, 1875 date port in us in april 25, 1889 address 148 seldon ave, cleveland oh)
IV. Emil (edward frank) Manke b. aug 15 1884 germany (based on 1900 oh census-everything listed same as mother) d. aug 18, 1948 in Carlile Wyoming (death certificate and obit--lists robert as father) m. 1912 (met in groton SD--railroad) Edna Mae Fuller b. dec 27, 1893 ILL d. May 28 1976 buffalo Wy (1917-1918 draft card issued)(he was an engineer on railroad)
1. Emiline manke b. may 21, 1914 d. ?
2. Viola B manke b, nov 25 1915 d march 15, 1995
3. albert edward manke b. dec 31, 1916 d, may 1979
4. myrtle irene manke b. aug 21 1920 d. march 3, 1989
5. richard theodore manke b. march 17 1922 d. ?
6. marion agnes manke b. dec 6 1944
V. Otto MAnke b. april 1886 germany (based on 1900 oh census-everything listed same as mother)(was sickly -came to visit edward and had some disease, and tried to kill one of ed's sons and was kicked out)
VI. Frank b. aug 28, 1891 OH (based on 1900 census-same as mother) d. aug. 1966 in wyoming (1920 census listed as living in carlile wy--so moved close to brother after moms death--he signed death certificate for her)
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