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Levis o rama

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I think you have hit upon a good name for the messages, Nick. I know it's too early to think about this, but wouldn't it be great to have a huge convention of all the Levises in the U. S. at someplace like Las Vegas. I bet we could figure it all out and get all the answers. Anyway, I'm trying to get all the information I have on a chart and then send a copy to all of those interested. The oddest thing is that I keep remembering a vague memory that I heard my grandmother mention the name McCurdy when I was very young. I'm in my early 60's now. I wonder if the Mifflin Levises and the Mahlon Levises had any connection. I know this a very wispy clueand if Lucinda McCurdy was a writer or someone famous, that is probably where I have heard of the name. Anyway, I have a picture of " Ella Houghton's daughter and son" whoch I'm sending to Nick, since they are obviously part of his family and a picture of "cousin Ella's home , in Levis , Canada." What was the connection between our family and the town of Levis? Or was there one? I'm going through the old photos I have and I'll send a list of names to Nick, Mary ,and Barbara, in case they recognize a name. I'll write more later, Lyn.

Mifflin/Mahlon connection

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I think it is interesting that Lyn mentioned wondering if there is a possible connection between Mifflin Levis and the Mahlon Levis line, since both have descendants trying to connect them to their roots in Pennsylvania. I have frequently wondered the same thing. Of all the information posted on the internet about the Levis surname in Pennsylvania, it is interesting that no definite connection has been made except for an alleged connection mentioned in George W. Levis' obituary. I personally feel more documentation is needed to confirm that one. I work at finding the connection diligently but get frustrated and don't quite know where to look next. There is a woman named Ann Chandler who has posted various messages to Genforum, one stating that she has names of "all 13 of Captain Thomas Levis' children" and this Thomas is allegedly in our line but I have not been able to contact her as the e-mail address given is no longer valid. Lyn, does your mother have any clues as to this line going back?

Levis, Quebec, Canada

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Levis,Quebec is located directly across the
St. Lawrence River from the city Quebec.It
was named after General Francois Gaston Le
Chevalier de Levis, who was 2'd in command to the Marquis de Montcalm. During the French Revolution ,which was to follow,
fourteen persons of the name Levis were ex-
ecuted at the guillotin in one day for having
served the royalty.

Mifflin and Lucinda McCurdy Levis

Gail Ann Hodges Levis (View posts)
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My husband is a grandchild of Mifflin and Lucinda McCurdy Levis. We have made several trips to Tama County, IA, where he lived and died. Some of the things I remember hearing LeRoy's dad (Albert Leon) talk about was the the McCurdy's came down from Canada. Not uncommon for many Irish and Scots to do. Also, he talked that there was Indian blood somewhere. I mentioned this in a email to Barbara Chamberlain today that there seem to be a strong trait on the male side for dark, curly, bushy, hair with a slight bald area on the back of the head. I do have some pictures of our Levis' family. Also, LeRoy has an aunt in Delmar, IA, yet who married his dad's brother Walter. Also, three of Albert and Mary Eernisse Levis' children still live. In fact, two of the daughters were in Iowa a couple of months ago and we took pictures. If you have a snail mail address, I'll be glad to share what we have. Several of LeRoy's Uncle John's children are also pursuing the Levis lineage.

Best wishes.

Gail Ann Hodges Levis
1720 East 11th Street
Davenport, IA 52803

Mifflin connections

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Gail, I don't have anything further on Mifflin, except that I once read of a very famous general in the U. S. army; but the name Leon rings a bell. Admittedly this a long shot, but my grandmother had a fairly large collection of old photos dating from around late 1800 and early 1900's. She had identified each photo, but the ones I have are of people we do not know. There are several of someone named Leon. One in particular was of a child about 7 or younger. He was named Bert Leon. Do you have any one by this name in your line? He was a cute child with dark (med, brown hair) and was slightly cross-eyed. Let me know if this fits anyone. Lyn Levis A.

Mifflin Levis Roots

Gail Ann Hodges Levis (View posts)
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Thanks Lyn. Leon is the middle name although LeRoy's father was an Albert he always went by Al. LeRoy's grandfather was also an Albert but went by Bert.

Also when LeRoy's sister Loretta was in France a number of years ago they found three Levis' recorded as "loosing their heads" during the French Revolution.

Now that I have submitted my Reep lineage to DAR for membership I should pick up the Levis line and work to resolve some of these mysteries surrounding it.

From the Quad Cities USA


Levis in Canada

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With regard to Gail's Mc Curdys in Canada, my husband's grandmother who is still alive, Ruth Levis Blake (granddaughter of Mahlon Levis born 1826 Bucks County, PA) has information which she feels is accurate that Mahlon is descended from the Levis' of Nova Scotia, Canada. These Levis' were originally from Portree, Isle of Skye, a Scottish offshoot or island. Her information indicates that one of these Levis' went to Pennsylvania and thus the lineage for Mahlon there. She does not have much as far as names are concerned. This conflicts with information presuming that Mahlon descends from the original immigrant to Pennsylvania, Samuel Levis. I have tried, thus far in vain, to confirm either of these possibilities. There are still a number of Levis' in Nova Scotia, Canada and in fact there is also a family still there by the name of Coady into which one of the Levis girls allegedly married. Just a few random thoughts for this evening. Also, Gail, I did not receive an e-mail from you. Can you resend? Looking forward to Lyn's snail mail too.

Mifflin Levis and McCurdy Surname

Gail Ann Levis (View posts)
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Lyn and Barbara,

Just in from donating blood at our area blood center and thought I'd check on progress of our Levis discussions before the rest of the household is up.

My sister-in-law, Loretta Levis Butterfass, will be here the last weekend of September. We plan a cookout with LeRoy and Loretta's Aunt Helen Schmidt Levis and will try to get any clues/stories/etc. while we're visiting. Loretta is five years older than LeRoy and might have gleanings he doesn't.

I am organizing all the data accumulated since 1976 (when I married into the Levis name) and see what might be scan(able). Also, as I commented before...we've noticed certain traits/characteristics especially among the men in the Levis family. It could be other lines influencing but I don't think so. Several years ago we meet one of the Milwaukee Brewer catchers who is a Levis and there's no question that somewhere we have a common ancestor. LeRoy remembers more about where this Levis hails from so will get him out on this site or put the information on myself.

LeRoy is interested in his family lineage and has spent time in Tama County, IA, where Mifflin and Lucinda McCurdy Levis died. I'd like to know more about Mahlon Levis.

My snail mail address is

1720 E. 11th Street
Davenport, IA 52803
(319) 322-1916

From the Quad Cities,

Gail Ann Hodges Levis

Mahlon Mifflin Levis connection

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Gail, Barbara, Mary, I'll send you one of the copies from the Fresno County History book with the information on Mahlon and his descendants. You asked about physical characteristics of the Levis family. In our branch of the family there are very marked characteristics; in my father, brothers, and also in the children of Mahlon. The strongest feature seems to be the heavy eyebrows. Someone once said the family name might have come from the French for "of the face" or something like that because the eyebrows were so distinguished. Also we seem to have long arms, dark hair, and pretty hazel eyes, and also most Levises have charming smiles combined with a reticent personality when young. I am very interested in family first names and how they are repeated over and over. I have been looking at the birth records for Williams,Richards, Samuels, and Christopher, with an occasional John ,in England from Beeston and other places. It is astounding how in that line, the first son carried one of those names and was usually born about a year after the parents were wed. On the girls side, you find Elizabeths, Sarahs, Marys, and Alices with Elizabeth often being the name given to the oldest daughter. I hope I'm not researching the wrong line. My aunt Nona, (Winona) researched all of this when she was young(she was born in 1899, I believe) and came to the conclusion that the family was from Samuel Levis's line . I'm going to look up the birth records as far as I can to see if what Barbara said about someone from Scotland fits in. Now that I think of it, Mahlon sounds like it may be from Scottish ancestry; I'll ask our son-in-law, who is from Scotland. I will try today to find time to look at all the old photos and write down the names so I can send a list to all of you, or if it isn't too long, post a list to see if any of you recognize a name or two.
I would like to get the photos sent to the closest families. Lyn.


Gail Ann Levis (View posts)
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Thanks for your efforts. One of LeRoy's cousins seems to think that "hairness" of body is a trait, too.

Later...headed to the Pops Concert on the Levee/
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