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Fiore from Bari Italy

Fiore from Bari Italy

Rose D'Elia (View posts)
Posted: 974431129000
Ciao Tutti. I am looking for anyone who is related to my great grandmother, Rosa Fiore. She was born in the province of Bari in Italy, married a Giovanni Constanza and had 12 children. They lived in Triggianno, a hamlet outside of Bari. Rosa had 3 brothers who migrated to America in early 1900s. Two had families and one was killed in an accident in New York. Am writing a book about the family at present and would love to make the story more complete. Please contact me on my email

fiore- bari ltaly

nancy gabus-bridges (View posts)
Posted: 976645939000
My grandfather Michele Fiore was from Bari Italy. His parents are Gaetano and Rosalina Fiore. Michele was born June 16 1884.

Fiore From Bari

Rose D'Elia (View posts)
Posted: 976655660000
I am interested in the names Rosalina and Michele. Both these names appear frequently in my family. In Bari, the tradition is to name your first born son after the name of the paternal grandfather and the first born girl after the paternal grandmother. The second after the maternal side. Then brothers and sisters. So, both Rosalina, Rosetta, Rosa, Rosella are all used in my family and Michele is also popular. Giovanni is another of our names. I guess that the name Gaetano is not used in that derivative but I wonder if it is short or slang for something else.

I will ask my mother who would know and get back to you. Can you tell me what Michele's siblings are called or his children?


Michele FIore's sibling's childern's names

Rose (View posts)
Posted: 976909428000
From what I understand Michele had one sister, her name was Carmela. I have a letter that is dated Dec. 8 1953. It reads about Michele going to live with his dad's sister and she nurssed him. It says he lived there untill he was 10. That is when his father died. I wonder if that's when Michele came to America. The letter also talks about selling little house with basement, in Triggiano. Michele setled in Harvey Ill. He had 11 children, Rose Ellen,August Gaetano,Michele,James Eral,Thomas, Grace Marie, George, Phillip, Roberta Theresa,Fredy, and Carmela Yolonda. He also had two step-children Viola and Johnny, but from what I understand these two kids did not live with the family, they lived with there grandparents. Michele would not raise them. I have acopy of Michele birth record I only know a few words, cannot read Italin. Michele mother was Rosalina Ottalino. I also have a picture of Michele (as a baby) with his parents. On the front of the picture readsT.GUERRAfuV. Bari. I hope this helps I'm having a hard time finding information on Michele, don't know much about his family. Nancy

I asked my mother

Rose D'Elia (View posts)
Posted: 976939861000
Nancy, I can read italian if you can scan the letter and send it via email for translation, if you want that is. Does the letter mention the name of the street the house is on? Is it via della mura?

Next, mum said that she thinks we could be related. Gaetano turns out to be a family name with us also, but on my great great grandfather's side so that in fact, my great grandfather is Gaetano. His brother is Michele and then the family line carries both names. For some reason, my line didn't carry Gaetano's name, and I think it is because I am a Fiore on the maternal side. The reference to guerra may be a name [my mother is a guerra] or it may be just referring to the war.

I will show your email with names to mum and see how we go. Can I ask how old you are? I was trying to place you in terms of generations so that mum and I could draw where you would fit in if in fact you are related to us.

Regards Rosie

Fiore's Italy-Bari

Hi rose (View posts)
Posted: 977945470000
Hi Rose
It's been a busy time of year not much time
to work on my genealogy. Now that Christmas has passed I hope to find more time. I turned 40 this year,so I was born in 1960.
I dont have a scanner at this time, but hope to get one soon. The letter I have is in English,The letter is written Dec. 8 1953 It is from my grandfather cousins his return address is Giuseppe Donuti, Capo Gestione Ferroire Stazione (Brindisi) Italy His name is Peppino.I hope this helps> Happy Holidays

Re: Fiore from Bari Italy

Posted: 1022125611000
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I may be able to help

Re: Michele FIore's sibling's childern's names

Posted: 1044693875000
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Hi Nancy,

I just read your posting from 2000 concerning Michele Fiore and his mother Roaslina Ottolino from Triggiano. I connect to both families in Triggiano on a lot of lines.

I have a marriage in the marriage spreadsheet of a Gaetano Fiore and Rosalia Ottolino, Sep 8 1883. I also have a Giuseppe Fiore married to Rosalba Ottolino on sep 29 1887.

I will see if I can find Michele and use that to get the right parents, and then I'll try to connect the parents to my existing research.

I have my Triggiano ancestry back to the late 1600s and then I am tracing the descendancies. I connect to practically every poor family in town!

I will check on the Fiore/Ottolino connection. In the meantine, I could use some more info about Michele Fiore and his siblings.

Looking forward to your reply.

Dan Niemiec
Vernon Hills, IL
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