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Genealogies of Catholic Families of Aroostook County, ME and the diocese of Edmunston, NB

Genealogies of Catholic Families of Aroostook County, ME and the diocese of Edmunston, NB

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Classification: Lookup
I am willing to do free lookups in this book. The information that I need for a lookup would be the following:

The surname of the husband and the surname of the wife
The full name of the husband and the surname of the wife
The full name of the husband

Good luck searching!


Dube m. Boucher; Plourde m. Thibodeau

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Dube, Roy, Voisine, Boucher, Plourde, Thibodeau
Hi Christine!

I'd like a look up of the following names and couples, please.

Hortense/Arthemise DUBE (b.1847-d.1919 Frenchville of Pierre Dube and Arthemise/Hortense Roy/Voisine) Francois (Xavier) BOUCHER (no information other than a son named Joseph b. about 1885 place?)

Remi PLOURDE (b.abt. 1815 where? parents?) Margaret THIBODEAU (b.abt. 1817 where? parents?) children in Van Buren

Appreciate any help or new information you have/find.
Thanks very much,

Re: Dube m. Boucher; Plourde m. Thibodeau

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Dube, Pelletier, Caron, Roy, Boucher, Dionne, Davenport, Levesque, Plourde, Thibodeau, Marquis

The series of books I have list the surname of the husband and then are in alphabetical order by the wife's maiden name. I need at least the surname of the husband (these books are about 1200 pages) to be able to find someone (unless they were married in St. Basile, I have a seperate book for that).

I was unable to find Hortense/Arthemise Dube, but I did find her parents. Here is the information:

Dube, Pierre son of Pierre and Theotiste Pelletier married in 1819

Roy, Arthemise daughter of Raphael and Marie Louise Caron married in 1810.

Pierre and Arthemise were married on May 11, 1846 at St. Luce, Me.

For Francois Boucher with a child born around 1885, there was only one couple who could have had a child then.

Boucher Francois Phillipe son of Nicolas and Eugenie Dionne married in 1842.

Ouellette Sophronie fille de Eusebe et Marie Davenport married in 1866.

Francois and Sophronie were married on the August 23, 1887 at St. Francois, NB.

I found Remi and Margaret--

Plourde, Remi son of Pierre and Reine Levesque (They were married in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec).

Thibodeau, Marguerite daughter of Olivier and Madeleine Marquis (They were married in St. Basile, NB)

Remi and Marguerite. were married on October 29, 1839 in St. Basile, NB.

If you need any additional information, let me know!


Re: Dube m. Boucher; Plourde m. Thibodeau

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Surnames: Dube, Boucher

Thank you very much Christine.

You've confirmed some of what I had and added more too. I appreciate it.

Francois Boucher and Hortense/Artemise Dube definitely had a son Joseph in 1885, but they may have married outside the church I'm begining to believe.

Thanks again.

Lizotte, m. Bosse; Bosse m. Michaud; Lizotte m. St. Onge

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Lizotte, Bosse, St.Onge, Michaud
Looking for information about Ferdinand Lizotte (dob 1-24-1894) who married Claudia Bosse (dob 7-30-1900) on 3-28-1921.
Also Xavier Bosse (dob 1872) who married Christine Michaud (dob 1877) on 5-14-1896.
Also Charles Lizotte (dob 1852) who married Demerise St. Onge (dob 1872) on 8-28-1892.
Any additional info you can provide would be great.
My email address is:

Re: Lizotte m. Bosse; Bosse m. Michaud; Lizotte m. St. Onge

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Surnames: Lizotte, St. Onge, Michaud, Bosse, Sincoeur, Chasse, Belanger, Beaulieu
Here is what I was able to find:

Lizotte, Ferdinand son of Charles and Denarise St-Onge (they were married in 1892)

Bosse, Claudia daughter of Xavier and Christine Michaud.

Ferdinand and Claudia were married at St. Jacques, Madawaska on the 28th of March 1921.

Lizotte, Charles son of Stanislas and Henrietta Sincoeur (they were married in 1830)

St. Onge, Demerise daughter of Jos. and Demerise Chasse.

Charles and Demerise were married at St. Jacques, Madawaska on the 28th of August 1892.

Bosse, Xavier son of Prudent and Mathilde Belanger (they were married in 1860).

Michaud, Christine daughter of Theophile and Adelaide Beaulieu (they were married in 1855).

Xavier and Christine's marriage date and location are not in the record.

Hope this helps...if there is any additional help I can give you, let me know.


Any additional info you can provide would be great.
My email address is:

Re: Dube m. Boucher; Plourde m. Thibodeau

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Dube, Pelletier, Roy, Caron, Boucher

Hello again Christine!

Am I correct in assuming that the reference books you are using list marriages only? Or do you have something that lists births and deaths as well?

If you are still willing to do lookups, here are more requests for you.

Frist part of request:

You previously looked up, and found:
DUBE, Pierre [s/o Pierre Dube and Theotiste Pelletier who married in 1819]
M. May 11, 1846 at St.Luce, Me.
ROY, Arthemise [d/o Raphael Roy and Marie Louise Caron who married in 1810]

[That couple's eldest daughter, Hortense (Artans/Arthemise) Dube b.Mar.27, 1847, is my great-grandmother through her ill. son Thomas, b. Jul. 24, 1870, Frenchville/St.Luce. She later had another son, Joseph Boucher, b. Mar. 6, 1885 GrandeIsle/Lille? with a Francois Boucher, but no marriage date or place has been found as yet for this couple]

I thought I'd try a request the following way and see what you could come up with if you are still willing to look.

I know that Pierre DUBE and Arthemise ROY had several other children and I will list the names I've found, (Note: I've not found them all listed in one source, and some may be duplicates with name variations.) and am asking if you find any marriages for any of these children based on these following names WITH THE ABOVE parents. I do not know much about any of them but will list birth years I have found so far.

--1,DUBE, Hortense, b.Mar.27,1847 FEMALE
--2.DUBE, Joseph b.abt 1849 MALE
--3.DUBE, Pierre b. Mar.7,1851 Male
--4.DUBE, Mary? b. abt 1852 Fem
--5.DUBE, Leon/Leandre? Mar.22,1853 Male?
--6.DUBE, Marie b. Mar.2,1855 Fem
--7.DUBE, Frederic? b.May 17,1858 Male
--8.DUBE, Flavie b.Apr.1,1859 Male?
--9.DUBE, Flavia? b.abt 1861 Fem?
-10.DUBE, Vital b.Aug 24,1862 (twin?) Male
-11.DUBE, Charles b.Aug 24,1862 (twin?) Male
-12.DUBE, Damase? b.Sept 28,1863 Male
-13.DUBE, Methaide? b.May 25,1867 Fem?

Second part of request:

BOUCHER, Joseph b.Mar.6,1885, d.Jun 17, 1967
married Jul 10, 1905
PELLETIER, Sophronie/Febremie b.May 12, 1887 d. Dec. 8,1979

Can you confirm this couple's marriage date, and give place?
And if so, will you report as well any parent information you may find listed?

(You previously tried to find a marriage/parentage record for Joseph's mother (Hortense Dube) and father (Francois Boucher) with no success. You reported a Francois Boucher who married a Sophronie Ouellette, but I'm fairly certain they are not connected to my Dube family)

Thanks again in advance, and if this is too much to ask for I quite understand.
John Waugh

Re: Genealogies of Catholic Families of Aroostook County, ME and the diocese of Edmunston, NB

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Classification: Query
I am still willing to do lookups. I just looked back and see that I haven't received some of the requests that people have left (I am supposed to be sent an email everytime someone responds...). So if I don't answer you, please know that I am not ignoring your request. If I don't respond within a few days, feel free to email me at


Isaac Lajoie m. Octavie Thibeau

linda buttach (View posts)
Posted: 1084933530000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Lajoie, Thibeau, Gorneau
I would love to know anything about isaac lajoie and octavie thibeau they were married on jan. 7,1886 i'm not sure if it was in edmunston or not. they would be my g-grandparents. isaac's parents were charles and marie anne gorneau. I would love to know if isaac was born in edmunston or his wife.I know nothing about them because my grandparents died in me. in 1918. any help you can give me would be appreciated linda e-mail me if you like.

Re: Isaac Lajoie m. Octavie Thibeau

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Lajoie, Corneau, Thibodeau, Deschamps, Ouellette, d'Italien, Dupille, Boucher, Ayotte
This is the information in the book:

Isaac Lajoie (Charles & Marie Anne Corneau) m. Octavie Thibodeau (Baptiste & Clarisse Deschamps) on 7 Jan 1886 at Edmondston, NB

Charles Lajoie (Amable & Judith Ouellette) m. Marie Anne Corneau (Alexandre & Scholastique d'Italien) on 23 April 1855 at Ste. Luce

Amable Lajoie (Barthelemey & Genevieve Boucher) m. Judith Ouellette (Barthelemy & Jeanne Tardif) on 12 Oct. 1795 at Kamouraska, QC

Barthelemy Lajoie (Barthelemy & Francoise Dupille) m. Genevieve Boucher (Basile & Genevieve Ayotte) on 28 Jan. 1748 at Kamouraska

Anything further back will be in the Kamouraska records. This is only a repetoire of marriages and no birth, baptism, death, or burial information is included.


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