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Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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Are there any members here that are able to identify details from Schutzstaffel uniforms please?

I have several pictures of my g.grandfather in uniform, and also my g.uncle but know nothing at all about the medals and pips and insignia, reserch online has drawn a blank.

Also if anyone knows how to trace any records (if they survive) regarding service?

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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As to records, the National Archives in Washington has many records of the SS seized at the end of World War 2. The problem is unless you are in the DC area and can spend the time digging through the files yourself it can be very difficult to locate any information. I believe most of the Waffen-SS records are held at the College Park, Maryland facility of the National Archives.

Another option would be the German State Archive-BundesArchivs
Postfach, 79024 Freiburg
Wiesentalstrasse 10
79115 Freiburg
Phone: ++ (0761) 47817-0
Fax: ++ (0761) 47817-900

Personnel Records
Abteigarten 6
52076 Aachen
Phone: 011-49-2408-1470

Also they may not have been SS, almost everyone in Germany from the postman to gamekeepers to miners besides the military wore a uniform. Can you post or send a photo? That would help dtermine rank and branch and give a little better idea of where to go.

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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Thank you.

I have uploaded a photo here:
I thought i would post in general WWII.

Im in the UK and the family in Germany are old and have no intrest in ''dragging up the past'' as they see it, which is a great shame as im sure its interesting.

I am 99% percent sure he was SS as this is always not spoke about, and ive photos of him at some of the rallys too.

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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This uniform appears to me to be an army uniform, not an SS uniform.

The cap is the standard issue officers' cap, lacking the SS Death's Head emblem.

The collar double tramline effect is the army officers' designator. The SS used a variety of collar emblems used separately or inter-mixed. These were, :

Square stud effect, in a variety of layouts and numbers

SS lightning emblem

Variety of different laurel wreath layouts

All of this are absent in this picture. Unfortunately the exact rank is shown on the shoulder flashes and I can't make them out at all.

The only thing I can tell you about his medal ribbons is the one in the second picture that is wrapped from the button to behind the tunic. This appears to be the War Merit Cross Second Class. The Iron Cross Second Class ribbon is similar, but the colours were reversed. The ribbon pictured here has a dark (black) central stripe and lighter (red) outer stripes.

Presuming this is the same individual, the second picture is probably taken later as the first one lacks the ribbon.

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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Tim beat me to it. He is definitely NOT wearing an SS uniform. He has a Wehrmacht officers uniform. Would you be able to post a closer view of the left shoulder? The rank badge looks like that of a "Wehrmachtbeamten des Heeres". They were specialists who ranked accordingly from NCO up to Generals rank. They wore Army uniform but had slightly different shoulder boards. Here's a sample-
With a better view maybe we can pinpoint a rank and if indeed he was a Wehrmachtbeamten.

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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Wow thank you all! This is all brand new information to me!

I unfortunatley dont have anymore photos showing the sholders.

Re: Help Identifying rank/medals/branch using photos of uniform

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In case you don’t yet know German Military records can be obtained from the W.A.S.t. at this site;

There are certain confidentiality restrictions about who can access these and it may take some time to receive a reply - as they say. There is also a charge but worth a try.

If you have any problems with the web site above let me know.

For personal replies, my contact address is:
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