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John Howland

John Howland

Dianna (View posts)
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I have my husband's mother's family traced back to John Howland who came over on the Mayflower. Anyone else have a connection?

John Howland

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About 2/3's of the people with the last name Howland trace back to John of the Mayflower. He had the most offspring of the three Howland brothers. Arthur is the rare one. Henry had a large family as well. Among John's descendants are George W. Bush, Dan Quail, as well of a number of other well known figures. Marilyn Monroe, Humphery Bogart, etc.

Noteable Desc. of John Howland

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The ancestry of John Howland is discussed in John Howland of the Mayflower
through Desire Howland for Five Generations", Vol. 1, by Elizabeth Pearson
White, available from the Mayflower Web Page bookstore. John Howland is the
son of Henry and Margaret Howland of Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England. Henry
died on 17 May 1635 in Fenstanton, and Margaret was buried on 31 July 1629.
Besides son John, who came on the Mayflower, they also had Humphrey, Arthur,
Henry, George, and Margaret. Henry came to Plymouth sometime before 1633,
and Arthur came sometime before 1640. For information on Arthur Howland, see
the National Genealogical Society Quarterly 71:84+, and for information on
Henry Howland see NGSQ 75:105-116, 216-225.

John Howland is an ancestor to President George Bush, and to First Lady Edith
(Carrow) Roosevelt (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt). Presidents Richard Nixon and
Gerald Ford are descendants of John Howland's brother Henry. Winston Churchill
is descended from John Howland's brother Arthur.

Howland family

Sherrie Sell (View posts)
Posted: 990866354000
Do you have, within your tree, a man named Hiram Howland (b. 8/23/1834 d. 8/2/1896)?
Hiram served in the 106th PA Infantry Co E during the civil war. He migrated to WI and in 1880-1881 married my g. grandmother Alice
Mary Chase. Hiram was a farmer in Chippewa Co, WI. He and Alice had 6 children - 5 raised to adulthood. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery Menomonie, WI. Other than this I know nothing about him. Do you have a Hiram in your tree - or out of perhaps PA (Philly is where the 106th organized)area? Thanks. Sherrie Sell

All my Howlands

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Roger, I've been reading all your messages, for ever so long and still researching every day.I have inherited a pedigree sheet for P. Glenn Smith. He was California State Governor of the Society of Mayflower Descendants 1973-1975.It shows his descendants for himself to Alfred the Great and more. Included in this is his relation to John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley and then back to 900's. Have you seen this document? I connect at Jeremiah Babcock and Amy Angel.Let me know if you have seen the Smith pedigree.

Howlands, et al.

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Hi Betty,

I have not seen the genealogy that you mentioned. I would guess that the line going back to Alfred does not go back though either John or Elizabeth. Please correct me if I am mistaken on that. I don't think the Society has accepted anything on the Howland's before John's parents in Fen Stanten. As Tilley is not my line, I am note familiar will where it might go.

The only royal Mayflower line that has been proved and with which I am familiar is that of Richard More. There were Royal lines in the colonies. I believe I have Alfred as well. I think I proved that I was the 23rd cousin of Princess Diane once. My daughters love the idea. The Kings and barons of old were a pretty bloody lot.

I have a keen interest in early colonial history. The people were not like the stories that come down to us through the national traditions.

Howlands, et al

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Hello Roger: If you would like a copy of this pedigree I am referring to I would be happy to send one. If you can follow my decendant list, this is what I see on the sheet. Desire Howland m: John Gorham; their daughter Mercy Gorham m: George Dennison; George Dennison's father Capt. George Dennison m: lst wife Bridget Thompson and then on back thru Bridget. You may e-mail me at if you would care to have this copy. If you want to check the Society, perhaps they have a copy as well. The sheet is dated 1978.

Howlands, et al.

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You make a very tempting offer but I must decline. It is good to know that it is there, but I have limited storage space and as it would be a very collateral line, limited interest.

Thank you for your kind offer.

Re: Howlands, et al.

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Surnames: Duer-Weldon-Whilldin-Howland-Gorham-Tilley-Cameron-Leaver-Mackey-Folland-Dilkes-Heppard-Venable-Lippincott-Shinn-Adams-Hinchman-Playford-Fuss-Jackson-Manley-McGinnis-Mueller-Borradail-Biddle-Wallis-
Roger do you have any info on the Gorham-Whildin line? My father's mother's line. We descend from the Howland-Gorham line to Hannah Gorham and John Whilden line that relocated to Cape May NJ. The last of my descendancy from Cape May was with Jonathan Whilldin's son Lawrence Johnson Whilldin(Weldon) as the spelling changed at that point. Lawrence married a woman from Philadelphia. And his family relocated to Philadelphia from then on. My grandmother's grandmothers' bible with all recordings in it are with my aunt and cousin in Florida. It was great that this ancestor was wonderful at writing everything down. And she included all their middle name, which turned out to be mother's maiden names and family names. That gave us many clues and links to the rest of our lines. My cousin had the pages scanned for me and sent me the disk. I have been able to find more cousins because of that bible. And we have worked together to research the names and the people recorded there. I still have to get back down to Cape May as soon as it thaws out to do more research on Lawrence and make sure he is the son of Jonathan Whilldin. Most of the Whilldin line are buried in Cold Springs Presbyterian cemetery in Cape May. I managed to take pictures of the headstones. The remains of Joseph and Hannah probably washed out to sea as their land was so close to the sea and is now under water.There are headstones for them at the cemetery in memory of them. Their son Joseph and Matthew and Seth and many more are also resting there. I got an application to join the Mayflower Society, but I want to make sure I have to documentation for the link between Jonathan and Lawrence. Would love to hear from you. Jean Duer Ashe...

Re: Howlands, et al.

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Mistake. Hannah Gorham and Joseph Whilldin, John was Joseph's father. Jean Ashe
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