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corsica my family is also from their

corsica my family is also from their

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Surnames: Damiani
I am having difficulties, locating how to search for family from corsica. My great grandmother is from there or her relatives are. How do I find, information on Damiani's from corsica, my grandmother was libreda emmanulei damiani if all is correctly spelled. She came to america, most likely in the 1800, not sure where to start been going into the french websites and the ones for corse are not easy to find.

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Surnames: Guili
My great grandmother is also from Corsica. I think I still have relatives in Bastia. I am also having a hard time finding anything out about them. Their name was Guili and I know they came to the US around 1900. Let me know if you have been able to trace any of your family and how you found them.
Good luck in your search.

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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My family, went to cuamo puerto rico, I met my cousins, online and they have researched. I learned most went to puerto rico, venzuela and australia. My cousin told me all male family members had to register for military service, so the names of the men are registered.i will see if any of your families name is on my list they gave. I will have to get on a regular pc to check. So, I will tomorrow, thanks for your reply.

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Look at ship records, they tell you also, always remember latins put the fathers name first mothers name last, example my grandma was liberata emmanuelli damiani, emmanuelli came from father damiani came from mom.

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Also,check public members trees too, they are not always correct it may lead you in the right direction. I met my family, through facebook,and other message boards.

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Hello there,
The first step would be identifying which town your relatives came from precisely, either from US censuses or ship manifests.

For US immigration, you can use these:

Then for a list of French genealogy links, see my message here (scroll down if needed):

Corse is divided into 2 departements with each its own archives. Also, some big towns, like Bastia or Bonifacio, have kept their set of archives (civil registry and/or parish registers) and put some documents or archives on-line on their own.

- #2A : Corse-du-Sud (South, formerly called Basse-Corse):

-> Departmental archives website:
Vital records have been digitalized but are not yet available on-line.
However you can already search the military service records for men from 1859 to 1918:

-> Bonifacio municipal archives:
All records are to be downloaded as PDF files. Can be found there: 1814 census, parish registers for Sainte-Marie from 1682 to 1814 and births, marriages, deaths from 1797 to 1800.

- #2B : Haute-Corse (North):

-> Departmental archives website:
All civil registry from 1793 to 1902 has been digitalized but only the first quarter (for towns from Aghione to Pigna) is on-line for now.

. naissances/mariages/décès = births/marriages/deaths
. publications de mariage = marriage banns (recorded in both the groom and bride home-towns)
. tables décennales = 10-years indexes (alphabetical and/or chronological)

-> Bastia municipal archives:
You'll find there transcriptions (= lists of dates & names) of Bastia parish registers: births (1763->1804), baptisms (1707->1795), marriages (1765->1804), deaths (1750->1805) as well as 10-years indexes (tables décennales) for the period 1893/1932.

/!\ These 2 last websites refused to work well with my Firefox browser, so try Internet Explorer if you get the same trouble.

One last tip: don't forget to check all possible spellings (especially on Geneanet). For example, the variant Giuli seems much more current than Guili. ;)

Hope that'll help you a little. Good luck!

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Thanks for sharing, I met some family on geanet, I read french and spanish, my from from rogliano

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Surnames: GIULJ
Try this original spelling in your searches: GIULJ

There's still at least one GIULJ family living in Ersa. Several that came to North America spelled it with a J until typos and/or homogenizing altered it.

Re: Corsica my family is also from their

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My great grandfather also was from Corsica, We were told he left to avoid fighting for Napoleon. His name was Nunce Marie Francioni. Any information on him would be appreciated He settled in St Marys Parish . Louisiana. Morgan City. Thanks

Re: corsica my family is also from their

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Surnames: francioni,bateman
My grandmother was a Francioni and married into the Bateman family. Morgan city La. Her father was born in Corsica france
And left for America when he was 14yrs. old to avoid the draft
for the Army. Any way thats the story I got from grandmother.
He was a store owner butcher or bar owner? He built a fine home across the street from the rairoad in morgan city 500 blk. railroad avanue.The house has since burnt to the ground.
My grandmother rented rooms later years to the rail road workers during the week to earn extra money. Grandfather was ill. I was told that Nonce Marie Francioni husband of Leontine Fraytee was also a captain.
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