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ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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Fran, I have posted a reply to your query dated 22 Mar, 2001.
I sent an email to your AOL Email address (see bleow) but it bounced. If you are still on this list, please contact me (

Email to Fran:
I saw your message on the CARROLL Rootsweb message board looking for CARROLL's in New Albany, IN. I am seeking the descendants of Patrick and Lydia (YAGGI or BARKER) CARROLL. of New Albany, IN. Patrick was born 25 Sep, 1889/90 in Cannelton, Perry Co., IN. He and Lydia were married 1912 in Perry Co., IN. and they had 5 sons (that I know of): Charles C. b. 1913, Joseph B. b. 1918, Marvin W. b. 1921, Robert L. b. 1923, Irvin P. b. 1926. I'm not sure when they moved to New Albany but I think at least some (if not all) of the children were born there. I do know that New Albany is where Patrick lived most of his adult life and I am pretty sure he died and is buried there (I would like to know where). Patrick was the brother of my grandmother, Anna CARROLL.

I responded to your query in Jan of 2005 and got no reply but I thought since so much time had passed that you may not have seen it.

I have other information about this family but since I'm not sure that this email will get through, I didn't want to spend too much time on it. Let me know if this might be the CARROLLs that you are looking for.
# End Email

If anyone other that Fran is reading this post and has information regarding this CARROLL family, please contact me.

Jane Gibbs Wheaton
Evansville, IN

Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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Man I'm excited. Patrick and Lydia were my great grandparents. I do not as of yet know where they are burried but I will look. I am trying to trace my roots to Ireland.

Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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I'll be happy to share what I have on the Carroll-Minton family. Patrick was my Great-Uncle and Lydia my Great-Aunt by marriage. My oldest brother was named Patrick after him. All I ever remember hearing about my grandmother's brothers was that Patrick was in New Albany and either he or one of his sons was a basketball coach (?I think that's right) and Joseph was in Louisville and he was a barber.
My grandmother, Anna (Carroll) Gibbs, died when I was only 2 years old so I have no actual memories of her, but my dad (deceased) talked family a lot. He was the one in my family that actually wrote things down about family history.
I feel certain that Patrick & Lydia must be buried somewhere in New Albany or maybe Perry Co., IN since they were both born there.
I have Lydia's parents as William & Bettie R. (Young) Barker and 10 children for them: W. Oscar, Lydia, Nora E., Zachariah, Hester, Harry, Mary, Alonzo, Jennie V., Leona.

Look forward to sharing information.

Jane Gibbs Wheaton

Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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this is so cool! lol

Patrick died at 72 here in New Albany. They lived at 242 Green ST. forever. He and Lydia are my Great Grandparents, they owned a small grocery for awhile, there are two pics on my tree. I'm trying to get all the info I can on Patrick before they moved here. I know his father is from Ireland, I just want to go as far as I can.

Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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You are off to a good start. Found your tree and the pics –I always enjoy seeing old pics.

Patrick was my paternal grandmother's brother making him my GreatUncle. His parents were William and Anna (Minton) Carroll. That’s the furthest back that I have been able to go. They are both brick walls for me.

This is what I have. William Carroll, born abt. 1842, Co. Tipperary, Ireland., died 20/21 Jan, 1889, Cannelton, Perry Co., IN. His tombstone is inscribed 1843-1888, but clearly the death year is incorrect, so the birth year may also be incorrect.

I’m not sure of the exact birthdate but I used these sources to estimate:

1837 - Obituary states age 52 (in 1889):
William Carroll, aged 52, was buried from St. Patrick's Church on Wednesday last. He leaves a wife and three children. (Cannelton Enquirer, published 1/26/1889)

1842 - St. Patrick's Catholic Church Death Records, age 47:
St Michael.St Patrick Perry Co. Parish Cannelton IN
Death 1866 1916
Catholic Center Indianapolis

?Enlielmus Carrol
Die 21 Jannarú obút in Domino Inlielmus Carrol anno 47 aetatis enae quem sepetas die 23 ef???dem
Joannes Enl Book

Loosely translated: On the 21st of January A.D. died William Carroll, 47 years, was buried the 23rd day -?-
Joannes Enl Book

1843 – Tombstone,
1846 - Death record, age 43:
Date recorded: Jan 21, 1889
Name: Will Carrol
Age: 43 yrs, __mo,__days
Occupation: Laborer
Date of Death: 1/20/1889
Nationality: Irish
Duration of Illness: 6 days
Place of Death: Cannelton
Cause: Pneumonia
Name of father: ---------
Name of mother: --------
Perry Co., IN Death Records,Book CH2, Pg 7,Entry#69

I have not been able to find any information about his arrival in the U.S. Given the uncertain birthdate and the very common name of William Carroll, it's going to be hard to nail down. The hope of finding any paperwork or letters that might have family information is very slim. I think that my Aunt Georgia would have been the one most likely to have been the keeper of such things and she died in 1983. She had two sons and I am quite sure they would not have been interested in keeping something like that.

Anna A. Minton, born 10 Mar,1853,Hardin/Grayson Co., KY, died 13 May, 1941, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN (at the home of her daughter, Anna (Carroll) Gibbs; Vanderburgh Co. Health Dept, DC #05391, no parent info). Buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Cannelton, Perry Co. IN. Cause of death was bronco pneumonia. I have no information about her parents and/or any siblings.

I have not found a marriage record for William & Anna (Minton) Carroll. I believe they may have been married around 1873/1874 based on a birth record found in St. Clare Church Records (Hardin Co. KY) for James Dionisius Carroll, b. 27 Oct. 1874, christened 6 Dec 1874, s/o William Carroll and Anna Jane Menton; however, this is only speculation.

Besides James Dionisius (if he was indeed theirs), their next two children were Maggie (Mary Margaret), b. 1876 in KY, and Joe (Joseph W.), b. 1878 in KY. I have searched very hard to find this family in an 1880 Census, but have not found them.

I have Patrick's birthdate as 25 Sep, 1890. I'm not sure where I found that but if it's correct, it does raise a question about whether William was his biological father, since William died in Jan. 1889. Patrick would have needed to be born no later than Sep. 1889 to have been fathered by William. I have no information from oral family history that answers the question, nor have I heard it discussed in any way, and there is no one still living that I am aware of that might know. If you can locate Patrick's death certificate, that might shed some light. I have his death as 23 Sep 1963, 242 Green St., New Albany, IN. I do know that my dad was fond of his Uncle Pat since he named his first child (my oldest brother) after him.

I hope I haven't given you too much for starters. If you have any questions, please ask. If my data doesn't match
yours, let me know so I can fix it.


Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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Thank you so much! I believe that Patrick and Lydia are buried in Graceland Memorial Park, New Albany, IN 47150. I will try to keep you in the loop, I have uncles etc. to contact still, and im sure more info will come about.

I do remember one story of Patrick taking care of Grandma, washing her feet. He is said to have been a devout Christian and as of his death was a standing member of the Methodist church.

I also was told he was in training as an alter boy at one point in cannelton, something freaked him out and he left the church that day, ended up at a tent revival, and never went back to the Catholic church, lol.

I have some stuff to upload this weekend. If ya see anything different, or that doesn't match your end let me know.

Thank You Again so much!

Re: ATTN: "Fran/" (CARROLL's in New Albany)

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Classification: Query
This is a resend from 7/18/2013. Not sure what happened but I am not seeing it on the Message Board or List. Sorry if the following is a duplicate:

Given what's become public in recent years, it isn't hard to guess what could have freaked him out.

I don't know the full story, but my grandmother, Anna (Carroll) Gibbs [Patrick's sister], also left the Catholic Church but I don't think it was over whatever happened to Patrick. I think it had more to do with her husband, George Gibbs [my grandfather], than anything else. George was a Lutheran at the time he married Anna Carroll; however, the two oldest children, Georgia and Carroll, went to Catholic Church up until it was time for Georgia to start school.

At age 13, my dad was confirmed in an Evangelical Church in Evansville. There wasn't one of those in Rockport so my family went to the Lutheran Church when I was a child. My mom was raised in the First Christian Church so that's where our family eventually settled.

Dad's sister, Georgia, returned to the Catholic Church when she married and she stayed with it until her death.

I think I've found a link to just about every Christian denomination in researching my ancestors.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Good Luck with your research.

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