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John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Steven Emery (View posts)
Posted: 1121036139000
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Surnames: Smith, Liggett
In the 1900 Census of Middlefork Township, Vermilion County John B. Smith is "Infirm" at the age of 86. One of his daughters, Rachel Smith, age 56 is keeping house for him. A son, Phillip age 52, along with a God son named William J. Smith, age 35 is living with him. John's spouse, Susan Liggett is not listed. She was in the 1870 Census. Can anyone with access to 1880 census look to see if Susan is still listed? I'm trying to find death dates for both John and Susan.

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

CheriMello (View posts)
Posted: 1121054918000
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It's really hard to look for someone named Smith when you don't have an age or birth location. Maybe if you could provide that, a search will be more successful.

Cheri Mello
Torrance, CA

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Steven Emery (View posts)
Posted: 1121061682000
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I think you read message wrong. I asked if anyone had the 1880 census for Vermilion County, Illinois to look up Middlefork Township, to see if John B. Smith and his wife Susan Smith is listed. (Date 1880. Vermilion County, Illinois)
I probably made the first message confusing.
Thank you,

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Cheri Mello (View posts)
Posted: 1121189309000
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Since someone else checked Ancestry, I checked Heritage Quest. They don't have the 1880. :( You can try by looking under They have the 1880 index of sorts. If you find anything that look promising, maybe we can check the censuses again.

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Posted: 1121202583000
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You can check the 1880 census using Heritage Quest, just not using the index. Check the index using, then go back to Heritage Quest and use the search-by-page-number feature, using the film roll number and page number that you found on

For smaller counties, you can also use the Browse feature to go through entire townships, just like you were using a microfilm reader.

You can do this also for the 1850 census on Heritage Quest. There is no index there, but you can either look up in an AIS index first and then use the film roll number and page number, or you can browse through entire portions of the census.

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Steve Emery (View posts)
Posted: 1121202817000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith/Liggett's
Thanks Cheri. I will try searching under You saved ne a lot of time. I don't have to run to library now. I think I will check Liggett's board to see if someone knows where Susan died between 1880 and 1900. Maybe that is where the twin girls are. Thanks again.

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Steve Emery (View posts)
Posted: 1121203036000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith/Liggetts
Thanks Michelle, for the instructions. I will try them out later tonight. I appreciate your reply and your help.

Re: John B. Smith, Susan (Liggett) Smith, Middlefork Township, 1870, 1800, 1900

Sue (Allison)Boblett (View posts)
Posted: 1121300140000
Classification: Query
I have this couple (if the same) in theVermilion County database...would appreciate any emails with corrections/additions to share with others!

Descendants of John B Smith

Generation No. 1

1. John B1 Smith was born Abt. 1820, and died Unknown. He married Susannah Lyons Liggett. She was born Abt. 1820, and died Unknown.

Child of John Smith and Susannah Liggett is:
2 i. Abner2 Smith, born Abt. 1841; died Unknown. He married (1) Mahala Washburn October 16, 1861 in Fountain Co, IN; born Abt. 1835. He married (2) Nancy Jane Rutledge October 17, 1894 in Vermilion Co, IL, 2 infants; born 1866 in Alvin, Vermilion Co, IL; died May 07, 1925.

Notes for Abner Smith:
Marsha McWilliams <>
(Fountain Co, IN Marriages)
Abner Smith - Mahala Washburn Oct. 16, 1861 (5 45)

I also checked some of the original censuses and found:
1860 Fountain Co, IN, Cain twp, pg. 851:
SMITH, John 49 NJ
Susan 49 OH
Rachel 17 "
Philip 16 "
Sarah A 13 "
Mahala 13 " <last 2 in 1 large bracket, indicating twins.>
Nancy 12 "
Louisa SMITH, 21, Domestic

1870 Vermilion Co, IL, Middlefork twp, 263a:
Susan 29 IN
Sarah A. 3 IL
Raymond 2(?)/12 IL

1870 Vermilion Co, IL, Butler twp, pg. 23a:
SMITH, Abner 30 IN
Mahala 35 "
Andrew 8 "

<Thru LDS>
1880 Vermilion Co, IL, Butler twp, pg. 220:
SMITH, Abner 39 IN DE DE
Mahala 45 IN KY KY
Andrew 14 IL
Mary Pugh 5 IL IN OH <listed as "other">

1880 Vermilion Co, IL, Middlefork, pg. 504:
Nancy J. Rutledge, 19, IL, living with parents & family.

Hope this helps.

<also, a BIRD descendent>

More About Abner Smith and Mahala Washburn:
Marriage: October 16, 1861, Fountain Co, IN

Notes for Nancy Jane Rutledge:
Message Board Post: <> 3/25/05

I went to our genie library in Danville and looked for other marriages for Abner or for Nancy. Found none. Neither in Fountain, Warren, Montgomery, Verm Co, Ind. Nancy & Abner's marriage record is at the IGHS in Danville and it stated on the application that it was his second and it was her first. He was 55 next bd and she was 36. (Kind of old for first marriage) So now where to look for someones previous marriage . Her parents were John W. Ruthledge and Susan Hannah Lyons. His were John B. Smith and Susan Liggett.Both living in East Lynn, Ill.

In the 1900 Appanoose Co, Iowa census I found Abner and Nancy J. with all
the children listed. Strangely, Nancy states that SHE had 8 CHildren and 6 are
living. So maybe it was Nancy who was married before and had the children.
Although it doesn't list the children as Step to Abner. Oh the mysteries of

I did find in 1870 Middlefork Twp, Verm CO, Ill, John and Susan Rutledge
with a Nancy J. 19 Born Ill. So scratch that theory unless this is not your
Nancy. This census would make her born 1850s and 1900 states 8-1860. And of
course Abner HAD a sister named Mahala too. born ca 1847. So more fuel for the fire.

In the 1880 census they are in Butler Twp, Verm Co Ill Abner 39 IN, Mahala 45 IN, Andrew 14 Il, Mary Pugh 5 IL
Abner Smith married Mahala Washburn 10-16-1861 Fountain Co, Ind. Found in 1860 Fountain Co, Ind census: John Smith 49 NJ, Susan 49 OH, Abner 19, IN, Rachel 17 IN, Phillip 16 IN, Sarah A & Mahala 13 IN, Nancy C. 2 IN, Louisa Smith 21 Domestic. Abner married Nancy Rutledge 10-17-1894 Verm Co, Ill. So children born from 1862 to 1893 are from Mahala, any children born after 1894 belong to Nancy.

More About Abner Smith and Nancy Rutledge:
Marriage: October 17, 1894, Vermilion Co, IL, 2 infants

Liggett-Smalley connection

Rondina Muncy (View posts)
Posted: 1123796164000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Liggett, Smalley
I see that you have a connection to the Liggett family of Vermilion County. I would like to know if you have any information on Liggett's that married Smalley's in either Vermilion County or in Ohio. Several of the Smalley's ended up in Williamson County, Texas. The Rev. Freeman Smalley was the first minister in the county. If anyone has information on these families, I would be interested. Thank you.

Re: Liggett-Smalley connection

Sue (View posts)
Posted: 1124058944000
Classification: Query
I'm the the volunteer that loads all the info and posts the huge tree...about 44,000 Vermilon Co folks all interrelated. Please let me know who you need information on, and how you are connected. Email me at - happy hunting!
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