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In need of birth, death and immigration records

In need of birth, death and immigration records

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Surnames: Devonshire, Pearce
Hello! I am looking for birth, death and immigration records for the Pearce and Devonshire families, Cape Colony area between about 1882 and 1915. Any assistance or advice would be appreciated!! Immigration records would be for between Cornwall or Plymouth England to and from South Africa/Cape Colony.

Re: In need of birth, death and immigration records

David Hinde (View posts)
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Hello Kimberley,
I saw your message whilst browsing the rootsweb message boards.
I have been researching my families South African connections and whilst census data is not available I have been very successful in tracing two living descendants,back to an early emigrant in 1856,under the Byrne Emigration Scheme,which was a Government Assisted Scheme.
I have a number of good & most importantly helpful contacts in South Africa who I would be pleased to advise you of.
I have South African death notices,baptism certificates etc.

Re: In need of birth, death and immigration records

Kimberly Wood (View posts)
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Surnames: Pearce
Hi David,
Yes, that would be wonderful if you could provide me that information, thank you so much! I have been trying to research my great grandmother and her family in SA for a few years and have made no progress. Recently, I obtained new information regarding her parents and siblings that I am eager to check out. Please feel free to write to me at with the info. I would love to hear more about your research.
Thank you!!

Re: In need of birth, death and immigration records

Murray Wilson (View posts)
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PMFBI spotted your message to Kimberly Wood.
I have just located an unknown marriage by an Aunt of my wife, Cynthia Marjorie POWELL to Mr EL GERECKE 03July1947 in Johannesburg.
Cynthia returned to Australia prior 1963 so we assume that her husband died prior to this date.
Do your death notices cover these dates. Pardon my ignorance but my knowledge of South African research is about two hours old.
Many Thanks, Muzz

Re:In reply to In need of birth, death and immigration records

david hinde (View posts)
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Murray-My own South African Death Records are just Individual HINDE death records.
You will need to search & source from NAIIRS Database in South Africa or look at my E-mail as to how I tackled it, & contacts used..

Kind Regards

David Hinde

Re: In need of birth, death and immigration records

david hinde (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Sorry Murray,
I sent a more detailed reply to Kimberley off list.
Please see below.-Happy Hunting
Hi Kimberley,
Pleased to be of assistance.
I first tried writing to the South African Newspapers with as much possible detail of my ancestors.I put my home address in.I got a reply from a genealogist Pam Barnes who looked up my family name HINDE in the South African records and extracted all the South African death notices with the name HINDE.
This gave me a tremendous amount of information as South African Death notices are very different to ours in UK.
As you will be aware UK death Certs give name,address at death,how death occurred and age at death. South African death notices also list next of kin,how many children and who they are,if widowed or not,and occupation.Almost as good as our censuses.

With my own family history research,I traced my Manchester family of HINDE,back to rural roots in North Nottinghamshire,with the discovery in the UK 1851 census of A Thomas HINDE living in Manchester but born Leverton,(close to Retford).Nobody in my family knew of the Nottinghamshire connection& roots.
I then looked up and made note of The Hinde descendants.It seemed that the Leverton & Sturton Le Steeple HINDE families from this area of Nottinghamshire
had moved away by the 1870's.
At this point I turned my attention back to my Manchester HINDE relatives in particular my Great Grandfather,whose life after arrival in South Africa was a mystery.

I had started off researching my Great Grandfathers arrival with his family in 1901,as a bricklayer,who then returned to England with his family after a few years in South Africa.I had e-mailed Durban Library who had searched their records in 1900,1901 & 1902 for a R.W.Hinde and they had traced him living at 271 Boom Street in PieterMaritsburg,listed in the Directory as a Bricklayer.Later entries were not found.The Librarian,who has now retired,Brian Spencer,sent me photos,a detailed street Map of PieterMaritsburg in 1900,photos of the rebuilding of PieterMaritsburg Town Hall,which he may have been employed on.
Then the Death Notices from Pam Barnes
came up with a number of HINDE ancestors who had come to South Africa
from 1856,one of the earliest settlers under the Byrne Emigration Scheme,but from North Nottinghamshire.

The Nottinghamshire ancestors were listed in the South frican Death Notices as living a street away in PieterMaritsburg,from my Grandfather.
I can therefore assume they invited him over for work.
I then turned back to the Librarian's wife,Shelagh Spencer who is an expert on the original Byrne Emigrants.
She has found a wealth of information,some 10 pges of info.
She is producing individual volumes A-Z
of Byrne emigrants and is publishing these.
I then used a genealogist Grant Nurden,who cost me about £50 to trace descendants forwards
from these records and I succeeded in finding two living families from the original
Nottinghamshire ancestors & emigrants-neither of which even knew of the others existence in South Africa !! I am in regular contact with them.

The contacts/web pages I can recommend/used are:-

contact Sandile Miya

Grant Nurden Genealogist

Anglican Church Records

Surname Searches

Mary Gardner

Anne Lehmkuhl,Ottawa,Canada
Also carrying out South African research
may have other contacts for you

Sheila Spencer & Brian Spencer(Sheila will probably know Pam Barnes address & E-mail detail also)

South African Sunday Times(Printed my letter E-mailed to them.

You can also search some South African records on line on the NAAIRS database
I attach a web Page I keep permanently on my favourites list-this will be very helpful for you too.

Hope these links bring you success too.

Let me know how you get on.

Best Wishes

David Hinde

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