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Surnames: McDougall, Topa
I am looking for more information on the McDougall family and specifically John Baptiste and his wife Marriane Topa. I know John was married twice and Marriane was his second wife. I am curious about Marriane's family, but anything else that can further my research.

Re: McDOUGALL, John Baptiste, Marriane [TOPA]

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Classification: Query
Hi, You are searching for information re Marriane McDOUGALL nee TOPA - wife of John Baptiste McDOUGALL?
What time frame are you searching ?
D0 you have Dates of Birth - Place of Birth.

Searched Provincial Archive of BC Vital Events Index:
Marriage 1859 - 1936 Birth 1872-1903 Death 1872-1990
with 0 results.
Searched for John Baptiste McDOUGALL, Jean Baptiste McDOUGALL / MacDOUGALL
With 0 results.

Searched 1911 Census for Canada - Nationwide
Topa Per 23
British Columbia New Westminster
Richmond Riding Enum Distr.15 Page 15 Line 3.
Topa Sava 35
Ontario Ottawa Dalhousie ward 24 Page 37 Line39

Cheers, Stella

Re: McDougall

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Do you have any dates as to time frame? Do you have evidence that they lived in BC?


Re: McDOUGALL, John Baptiste, Marriane [TOPA]

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Thanks Stella.

I guess I was a little too vague in my initial email ... sorry.

I know that John Baptiste McDougall was born in Fort Gary, Manitoba in 1827 and died in the Okanagan in 1903. His wife Marianne Amelie has been much more challenging. Based on a historical account I read, she was born sometime around 1835 and then passed around 1889. I believe she may have been first nations which makes the search more difficult.

John and Marianne had 10 children, their son Edward is my G-G-Grandfather. Edward married Eusebia Smithson who I am also trying to learn more about.

Re: McDougall

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Classification: Query
Hi Judy,

Thank you for the response. I just responded to Stella with a bit more information that I neglected to include in my first post. John Baptiste McDougall came to the Yale area sometime before 1881, but was originally from Manitoba. I believe Marianne Amelie was born in BC and could have been first nations. They had 10 children between 1850 and 1879. It is possible Marianne passed away around 1889 while John lived until 1903.

Anything you can point me towards would be appreciated.

Re: McDougall

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Re: McDOUGALL, John Baptiste, Marriane [TOPA]

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Surnames: McDougall/ Smithson
Edward is my great grandfather as well, and his wife was a a Similkameen indian woman according to Census records of 1881 for Nicola, Okanagan, and Yale area census. Marianne Amelie's maiden name was Topa. And the dates 1835 and 1889 are correct, same person.
Amelie is a similkameen indian from the mission of kelowna.
Eusebia is also known as christine Smithson was the daughter of indian mother named Julia and an englishman named william smithson, they married in the methodist church according to early misssionaries.
you can email me at my name is Donna,
Edward had a son named Joseph David McDougall who is my mother's father.
You might want to contact the methodist church or look up the similkameen indian band office. If this helps please email and let me know, I could phone you and tell lots more.

Re: McDOUGALL, John Baptiste, Marriane [TOPA]

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Classification: Query
Groom Name:
Groom:Edward Mcdougall
Bride Eusebia Smithson
Place Vernon District
Date:1884 12 29 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event:Marriage
Reg. Number:1884-09-167731
Microfilm #:B11387 (GSU # 1984108)

Were John Baptiste McDOUGALL b. Manitoba 1827 -married in Manitoba to Marianne Amelie?
Where were the children born ?
Have you found John Baptiste McDOUGALL/ McDOUGAL in the Provincial Archive of BC Vital Events Index? I have had no luck.

Perhaps Family?
Name:Jean Mcdougal
Father's Given Name(s):Jean-baptiste
Mother's Given Name(s):Melie
Date:1866/4/1 (Yr/Mo/Day) Place:Immaculate Conception

Name:Edward Mcdougal
Father's Given Name(s):Jean Baptiste Mcdougal
Mother's Given Name(s):Melie
Date:1863/12/25 (Yr/Mo/Day) Place:Kamloops

CENSUS: have you searched Census -may show the names of all of the childen -then follow up in Vital Statistics index search.
Cheers, Stella

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