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Figuring out location after 7 yrs

Figuring out location after 7 yrs

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Surnames: Griffin, Griffen, Mulvany, Mulvaney
I have a picture of my Great Grandmother Anna/Annie Griffin Mulvaney, time stamped with the year 1893 from Bostwick's Photography at 98 6th Ave NYCThe address can only be in Manhattan as there is no 8th Ave Ell Station in Brooklyn or Queens .
My problem is with picking her out on the 1900 census (she married my G Great Grandfather in 1903.
There is an Annie Griffin at 6 Rivington sited as a boarder, working as a domestic, this maybe a hotel ( also the building was built in 1900) this Annie has a birth of Jan 1870 arriving in 1895.
This address is very close to an 8th Ave. Ell.
The other Anne is a domestic in the Thompson household at 488 St. Nicholas. Her birth given is May 1874 with an arrival of 1894. This address is steps from the 8th Ave line near W. 134th.

Anna died in Nov 1916 her home 846 3rd Ave in Manhattan. From the 1910 census and her children's birth records a birth of 1873 is pretty consistant. The Census said she arrived about 1890-1891. After marriage the family stuck to midtown addresses.My Grans was Christened in 1915 at St.Patrick's Cathedral.

The Anna on St. Nicholas is a better match to the 1910 Census. Then again, I can tie her to the area closer to the Rivington address. I have considered that 7 years is a long time, factored in that Irish moved about a bit, though from what I've seen it tends to be within a close parameter. The St. Nicholas home is not close to that 6th Ave location.
Any thoughts as to which is more likely or best way to figure this out ? I am desperate to figure this out since it seems the names of her parents on the death record are very highly likely incorrect and 2 commissioned searches for a marriage license, were fruitless.


Re: Figuring out location after 7 yrs

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The census birth years and months tend to be off about a year,because they usally didnt ask for the birth date only the age of the person and the census takers would deduct that from the present year and month to determine the month and year of birth,also the census takers never considered months in a persons age because they never ask,say a person is 23 years and 3 months and 12 days old and you try to figure their age by the age 23 and the present month only,then you are gonna be off a year and maybe some months,it looks like the one at st.nicholas ave.because people usally dealt with the local merchants.

Re: Figuring out location after 7 yrs

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I'm missing how or why the 8th Ave El (if you mean elevated train) plays into your scenario. Can you explain why the 8th Ave EL was more important than parts of the transportation system?

Rivington Street (runs East-West) is on the lower east side of Manhattan, 8th Ave runs north-south on the west side, they're no where near one another. According to an 1897 real estate map there was an existing building @ 6 Rivington.

Are you using period maps to plot this data out? The address 98 6th Avenue exists in a different place today than it did in 1893.

An affordable and vast transit system made and continues to make NYC extremely accessible. She had the ability to move around the city quite easily and cheaply. The gay 90's, foot loose and fancy free. The locations aren't as relevant in this case.

You mention she married in 1903 and have a bap record for a child in 1915 at St Pat's. Do you know if it was the Old or New St Patrick's? What about other children? Have you tracked the baps of older children? This could give you more insight to the area where you might find the (church) marriage record. These records have the godparents recorded and can lend if there is extended family to put together.

Is the "time stamp" on the photo engraved? If so, where exactly?

Re: Figuring out location after 7 yrs

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Griffin, Griffen, Mulvaney, Mulvany, McNamara, D'Onofrio, D'Ottavio
Thank you for your reply. It's funny how Census birth info can hinder or make a search! On my Dad's side a great Grandmother's family in Vineland, NJ in 1900 seems to be spot on for her and her siblings. 1910 in Chicago all the dates for the same Great Grandmother, now married matched up. On my mom's side my Grandfather's Grandmother on the 1900 census is 10 years off of what was found in Ireland. Anna's husband consistently put 1869- 1870 for his birth, it was 1867. I have been including late month births of the previous month and early births in the next, keeping the years from 1870-1873. I don't think she was that much younger than her husband.... So, am I correct you think the Annie on St. Nicholas is a better fit?

Thanks so much, Danielle

Re: Figuring out location after 7 yrs

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Griffin, Griffen, Mulvany, Mulvaney, Burns, Byrnes,McNamara
Dklart, Thank you for you reply,. I'm going to try not to ramble.

The Photo was taken at Boswicks at 98 6th Ave it was established in 1867 and on the back of the picture the date 1893 is embossed. On the back of the picture under the address is " across from the 8th Ave El Station."

At the very least I would think that Anna knew someone in the vacinity if not lived close to Bostwick's herself. So, in an effort to possibly connect other Griffins to her I have been checking 1892-1893 Directories for Griffins close by. That is why the 8th Ell holds significance to me. I was focusing the directory addresses I do not have a map for 1893.

You asked about her marriage in 1903. I have a picture that was concluded to be Anna in a Wedding Dress by a professional authenticator used by the Phoenix PD. Unfortunately, there is no information on the picture as to where it was taken. The Wedding probably was in 1902 very early 1903 as their eldest son John was born Dec 3rd 1903. I have birth records but no Baptisms for the boys.
My Grandmother Rose Marie was Christened at the New St. Patrick's Cathedral. Her sponsors are listed as John F. Mulvaney and Mary Byrnes John may actually be her brother. Mary Byrnes, well if it is her maiden name as is supposedly customary I can connect both common spellings to Griffin and Mulvany in NYC and back in Ireland. I have contacted a person I think has a connection to a Mary Griffin who married a Martin Byrnes but I have yet to hear back . The connection would be very distant if there was one. I have researched every last name of any person in my baby book as I was born in Brooklyn, my sister was not, all of the old pictures my mom took from Grans when she died, the Funeral Cards, nothing has turned up a link to a Griffin. I think I said I had Archives do 2 searches of all Boroughs from 1900- 1904 for a marriage certificate, received 2 letters that nothing was found.

What site did you visit that said the building was built in 1897? Google took me to Trulia and it said 1900. Your site could very well be right. I did think it was strange that it said 1900 because I think the census was early to mid year for the building.

Much appreciated, Danielle
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