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Picture/Certificate of Colbergischen Grenadier Inquiry

Picture/Certificate of Colbergischen Grenadier Inquiry

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Surnames: Brandenburg
I have inherited a picture/certificate/document with my Great Grandfather's name on it. I believe it is some kind of remembrance of military service. My Great Grandfather Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand Brandenburg was born on January 15, 1860 in Falkenberg, Naugard, Pommern, Prussia. He Immigrated to Wisconsin in 1885. I have attached (hopefully) a picture of the document. It is about 24 inches high and 36 inches across. It seems to depict battles and has three (possibly military officers) men in wreaths on top and three men in military outfits in the middle. It seems the three in the middle are of the same man in three different uniforms. It almost seems like the heads were cut out of a picture and pasted on. The wording on the top is: Es lebe hoch das Regiment, das sich mit Stolz das 9te nennt.
Bottom wording is : Bur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit.
Wilhelm Brandenburg
2.Comp.i. Colbergischen Grenadier Rgt. (2.Pomm.) No.9.Stargard.1882.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have no information on his military service.

Re: Picture/Certificate of Colbergischen Grenadier Inquiry

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'Bur Erinnerung an meine Dieenstzeit' Seems to mean 'In remembrance of my service'.

I suspect that the men in the 3 pictures at the top are (L to R) Umberto I, King of Italy/ The German Kaiser/ Emperor Franz Joseph of Austro-Hungary. 1882 is the year they signed the 'Triple Alliance'.

The scenes to each side appear to be generic military scenes rather than specific incidents.

Looking at the 3 figures in the central scene you have already pointed out their apparent oddness. Additionally, you may note that they are very white in the face, specially compared to the other heads at the top and to the sides. My suspicion is that this is because the panel was mass produced, then identifiable faces would be added later, but I am not sure about this. It might be intended that 3 individuals who were friends would be portrayed. If so then the heads were completed by a different artist, and at a later time, than the rest of the panel. Can you pick out, by close inspection with a magnifying glass, differences in production methods or ink type between the 3 heads and the rest of the panel ?

The ancestor you identify would have been too young to take part in the notable military campaigns that led to German unification which culminated in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. He would, however, be old enough, at 22, to be in the military in 1882.

Unfortunately, the picture is not in focus so, even by expanding the picture it is difficult to see much.

Re: Picture/Certificate of Colbergischen Grenadier Inquiry

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One of the three men appears to be Kaiser Wilhelm I, the other two possibly being Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke and the regiment's commander at the time, v. Grote.

This kind of print is usually referred to as a "Reservistenbild". Do you have any other papers relating to him? If not, due to the fact that he served in peacetime and that Prussian military records were largely destroyed in 1945, this is almost certainly the only document that confirms his military service.

The information for this regiment understandably is almost exclusively in German. Still, the following pages may be of assistance:

The 1889 regimental history has been digitized by google:

This page consists of a register of names for the 1889 regimental history. Several are named Brandenburg. Could they be related?

Re: Picture/Certificate of Colbergischen Grenadier Inquiry

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I attached another photo. It appears to be the same person attached to all three people. It may be my great-great grandfather but I only have 1 photo of him on what I believe is his 50th Anniversary, so I am not positive. Thanks for your reply.
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