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Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Carpenter, Romine, Lathem, Reed, Garrett
Hi folks,

It's been a while since I've posted a query about I thought I'd try again. I'm interested in Isaac Romine who married Mary Lathem. They lived in Frederick and Loudoun counties in VA. From there they moved to Harrison County, VA. They had the following children:

1. Hiram Romine - married Susan Carpenter
2. Nancy Romine - not sure if she married, but had a child with Samuel Reed. The child was born in 1839, and was raised by Isaac and Mary.
3. Hester Romine - married Jacob McConkey (1843)
4. Mary Ann (Polly) Romine - married John Deskin Carpenter (1839)
5. James Lathem Romine - married Mary Garrett (1841)
6. Jacob Romine - not sure if he married, but he owned and ran the mill at Romine's Mills outside of Clarksburg, WV

I don't know for sure, but I believe that Isaac was married more than once.

Isaac died in Harrison County in the late 1840's. There's a court case in Harrison County where his estate is settled.
Isaac appears(according to the 1840 census) to have been born between 1761-1770. Mary was born between 1771 and 1780.

I'd still like to find out for sure who Isaac's father was. There is a marriage record in Harrison county for an Isaac, and it shows that his father was Peter Romine. I'm not sure if this is the correct Isaac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Hi lescarp,

Here’a a possibility.

Layton died in Loudoun Co, VA and his son Joseph died in Harrison Co, VA.

Descendants of Christofel Janse "Christopher" Romeyn

1 Christofel Janse "Christopher" Romeyn b: Abt. 1641 d: 1709
. +Geertje Pieterse "Margaret" Wyckoff b: Abt. 1660 m: 17 Mar 1676/77 d: Abt. 1711
...... 2 Peter Romine b: 1688 d: Abt. 1788
.......... +Rachel Layton m: Abt. 1723
.............. 3 Layton Romine b: 02 Apr 1727 d: Abt. 1788
.................. +Esther Holstead m: 04 Dec 1762
...................... 4 Jacob Romine
...................... 4 Isaac Romine
...................... 4 John Romine b: Abt. 1766
...................... 4 Joseph Romine b: 07 Aug 1773 d: 11 Feb 1849
.......................... +Cathrine Davis m: 04 Jan 1796

My own Romine line also comes through Loudoun Co, VA. Rachel was born there, married Barnabas Curtis in 1789 and died in Washington Co, OH after living in Belmont Co, OH in the early 1800’s.

Descendants of Jan Claesen Romeyn

1 Jan Claesen Romeyn b: Abt. 1686 d: 1723
. +Geertje Van Dyck b: Bef. 08 May 1681 m: 1708 d: Aft. 10 Dec 1788
...... 2 Peter Romeyn b: 08 Apr 1716 d: Abt. 1788
.......... +Abagail _____
.............. 3 John Romine b: 1735 d: 08 May 1797
.................. +Rebeckah _____ b: 1747
...................... 4 Rachel Romine b: 1767 d: 20 Apr 1847 <<<< 4th great-grandmother
.......................... +Barnabas Curtis b: 1766 m: Abt. 1789 d: 16 May 1847

Skip Magyar
Shadyside, Ohio

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Carpenter, Romine, Garrett, Reed
Hi Skip,

Thanks for the information! That would seem to make sense. Isaac had a daughter named Hester who was probably named for her grandmother. His daughter Mary Ann was probably named for her mother.

My Isaac's age seems to fit in perfectly with Layton's family too.

I've always been puzzled with the marriage bond for Isaac Romine and Nancy Smith. It's for the 1808 marriage and has a letter attached from Peter Romine saying that he is the father of Isaac.

Thanks again for your information, and I'd like to chat with you sometime. My email is

Thanks again!

Les Carpenter

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Romine, Osburn
I can't help with your question, but want to pose one of my own to see if you have any thoughts. Rhoda Romine married Joseph Osburn (1775-1796) who owned a lot of property very near Romine's Mill. Jacob, who owned the mine has been posited to be her brother. I see no Rhoda in your list of his siblings, Isaac's children. Could she have been Jacob's daughter, or Peter's daughter?


Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Romine, Osburn
Hello Skip, I'm seeking the parents of Rhoda Romine who married Joseph Osburn, who owned land near Romine's Mill in the same time period that Jacob Romine lived in the area. Do you have any knowledge of a Rhoda Romine? I hadn't considered Dutch ancestry. Very, very interesting.

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
My guess is that she is the daughter of Layton and Esther Romine and a sister to my Isaac. I also think there are 2 Jacob is the son of Layton and Esther and the other is the son of Isaac and Mary Romine.

I've seen the records for Rhoda and Joseph, and I believe that's how they fit in with the rest of the family.

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
It has been awhile since I did any Romine research, but as I thought about your post, several thoughts came to mind. It appeared from land deeds that Isaac sold most of his property in Harrison County in 1811 and I don't think he was appearing on the census records in Harrison Co after 1811. It was my theory that he left Harrison County and moved to Cambridge, OH. I was thinking Isaac and several family members were actually buried in Cambridge, OH. I believe I came across records at one time that indicated that Isaac would frequently travel back to VA from OH. I remember I was surprised at how mobile he was. It might be worth a look. The records were either located in Cambridge at the local library or at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, OH.

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
In the posting I just made regarding Isaac, all references to Cambridge, OH should have been Zanesville, OH. Sorry for the confusion.

Re: Isaac Romine - Frederick VA to Harrison VA

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Classification: Query
Hi and thanks for your reply!

I believe there were 2 Isaac Romines in the Harrison County area. I think they were several years apart in ages. The one that moved to Ohio was married to Mary Slusser, and my ancestor was married to Mary Lathem. My ancestor also died in the late 1830's. I believe it was in 1839 because his wife and granddaughter moved to Romine's Mill to live with Jacob Romine. Thanks!!
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