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owen milton buster/bonita buster

owen milton buster/bonita buster

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Looking for information on Owen and Bonita Buster of Muskogee Oklahoma. Owen buster died Muskogee Oklahoma in 1950 or 51. Bonita Buster died Ponca City Oklahoma in 1984. They had six children. Mildred, Anne, Lillian, Ruth, Mary Ellen and Betty Buster. Appreciate any information.

Owen/Bonita Buster

Jack Buster (View posts)
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Also looking for info on same family. Please send me your EMail:

Jack Buster

Floyd Woodall

David L. Pendley (View posts)
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I am seeking information about my father, Floyd Woodall. He was born 30 January 1912 in Muskogee, Oklahoma (I'm guessing the place of birth). Last known address was 74401 Keefeton, Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was an employee of the Muskogee, Oklahoma Police Department from 1944 (approximately) until 1957 (approximately). He died March 1974 in Muskogee, Oklahoma (I am guessing place of death. he is buried in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I am seeking any information or relatives, children, brothers, sisters, mother, father or grandchildren.
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We are part of the family that you are looking for. Rodney is my husband, and Bonnie Ethel Arbough/Owen Milton Buster are his grandparents. Ruth Buster, Parks, Bentley is his mother. What do you need and who are you, how are we conected. You may e-mail us with your reply. Vicki Bentley

Bonnie and Owen Buster

David L. Pendley (View posts)
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Thanks for your reply. I am Roger and Rodney's cousin. My mother was Ruth's sister Mary Ellen. Also, I believe that Rodney's sister Jackie was married to my step-dad (Howard Pendley). I use to spend my summers with Ruth and her family on their farm outside of Coyle when I was a kid. I and my brother Jim are a little younger than Rodney's older brother. I live in Jacksonville, Fl, retired from the Navy, wife and five children (none at home) and nine grand children. In case you all would like to talk sometime my phone number is (904)642-3721. In what city do you all live in? I know Ruth died a few years ago while living in Ponca City. I also believe Bonnie died there and is buried there. Nice to have heard from you and Rodney. I don't know if he remembers me or not. Hope to hear from you soon.
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Glad to hear that we are all connected. We just had a buster reunion in Arkansas City. Jackie came for it, and stayed a week with us, it was nice to catch up. Yes mother, Ruth died Dec 20, 1991, Grandma Buster (Bonnie) died 31 Dec. 1984. We lost Dad, Vearis 26 June 1996. Also Terry (Pudge) died 30 April 1997 in Berryville Arkansas. Jackie is going to be 71 in Sept. But she is doing great. Looks maybe 60. I'll make sure Rod reads this e-mail and give's you a call. We've been doing family History, and have been working hard gathering up information. Maybe you have some that we don't. Talk with you later. Vicki Bentley

Bonita (Bonnie) Buster

David L. Pendley (View posts)
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Vicki, glad to receive an answer to my e-mail son soon. Sorry to hear about Pudge passing, I didn't know. I am looking for information about Bonnie Buster, such as her place of birth, her father and mother's name, their place of birth and dates if you have that info. Also, any info on Ruth's sisters (Mildred, Lillian, Anne, Betty). Also, info on my mom (Ellen) place of birth. Also, their was a son named Charles Buster who died as a young child (any info on him). Do you know where Owen and Bonnie were married? I have info on Owne, such as his date of birth (month and year only) death, place of birth I know who his mother and father were, but no further info on them. He had a brother Archibald M. Buster (need his date of birth and place of birth). I also believe either Owen or Bonnie had a sister known as Bess (that is what I knew her by). I remember her very well, but can't find out how she fits in the Buster family.Any info that you might have would be helpful. I have thought of requesting a copy of Bonnie's death certificate, that would give me some info about her. I wish I had ask these qeustions as I was growing up, but the thought never entered my mine. I do remember Vearis, he use to give me some spankings during my summer visits to the farm. RuthI remember always, she use to drink 6 oz. bottles of coke and smoke all day. Jackie,I haven't seen since she was was living in Coyle and married to Joe Birdsong. I know when my step dad died, he left me and his son out of the will, so he and I have something in common. Well enough of me rattling on, any info you need, let me know, I might have it. If I think of anything I need,I will ask. Thanks for the reply.
David Pendley.


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David, Here is some of the information that you ask for.
Owen Milton Buster/Bonnie Ethel Arbough
Married 8 June 1907 Denning, Franklin, Arkansas
Owen Birth Date 29 Aug 1884 Missouri
Died 22 Mar 1950 Fort Gibson
Parents: Charles Berry Buster Birth: 20 Nov 1855 Kentucky Died 23 Apr. 1928 Ft. Gibson.
Lillian Huntley Armstrong Birth: 18 Nov 1856 Illinois
Died 30 Sep 1923
Bonnie Ethel Arbaugh Birth 28 Nov 1889 Denning, Frnaklin, Arkansas Death 31 Dec 1984 Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma
Parents: Jacob Francis Arbaugh Birth 1841 Cassville, Barry, MO Died 20 Oct 1900 Denning, Franklin, Arkansas / Sarah Jane Jackman Birth 6 May 1845 Denning, Franklin, ARK. Death 15 Sep 1922
Children for Owen and Bonnie
(1st date is Birth 2nd date is death)
Mildred Louise Buster Birth 8 Nov 1908 Denning Arkansas Death6 Mar 1969 Muskogee, OKLA.
spouse: Curtis Geiger
Mary Ellen Buster
2 May 1917 Denning Arkansas
4 Apr 1962
Spouse Floyd Woodall, Howard Pendley
Ruth Buster
19 Sep 1911 Denning, Arkansas
20 Dec 1991 Ponca City,Kay,Oklahoma
(Resthaven Memorial Park Cemetery)
spouse Ted Parks 27 June 1908 Coyle Oklahoma
Died 1970 Missouri
Married 14 May 1929 (Div)
children: Jacquelyn Louise Parks 2 Sep 1930 Muskogee
Terry Owen (Pudge) Parks 7 Aug 1937 Chandler Oklahoma/ 30 Apr 1997 Berryville, Arkansas
spouse Vearis Noble Bentley 2 Apr 1913 Coyle Oklahoma. Died 26 June 1996 Ponca City,Kay,Oklahoma
(Resthaven Memorial Park Cemetery)
Married 28 Feb 1942 Guthery, Oklahoma
Children: Rodney Wayne Bentley 17 Aug 1943 Coyle,Payne,Oklahoma (Twin)
Rodger Dane Bentley 17 Aug 1943 Coyle,Payne,Oklahoma (Twin)

Lillian Lynis Buster
9 Sep 1914 Denning Arkansas
20 Jul 1980
spouse Chester Payne
Charlie Buster
28 Aug 1915
8 Oct 1916 Ft. Gibson (Buster Family Plot)
Annie Sue Buster
28 Apr 1919 Ft. Gibson
Died: ?
spouse J.Dow Phillips
married 30 Mar 1939 Muskogee, Ok
Betty Jane Buster
22 Jan 1923 Ft. Gibson
1 May 1972
spouse: Curran

Children of Charles Berry Buster/Lillian Huntley Armstrong
Annie Buster 1878/1902 Ft. Gibson
Bess (Elizebeth) Buster 1880/1954 Ft. Gibson
Louisa Buster 1881/1955 Ft. Gibson
Owen Milton Buster (All ready gave to you)
Kate Buster ???????
Mabel (May) Buster ???????
Archilald M. Buster 1891/26 Nov 1955 Ft. Gibson
Carmen Buster ??????

Jacob Francis Arbaugh Parents: Francis Arbaugh/ Mary Magdelen Henneger

Sarah Janes Jackman Parents: Charles Richard Jackman/Ellen Jane Fergus
Children: James H Arbaugh 24 Dec 1882 Denning Arkansas/25 Oct 1974 Yuma Arizona
Bonnie Ethel Arbaugh (Gave to you)
Mary Pearl Arbaugh Abt 1905 Denning/ Mar 1947 Colton, San Bernadino, CA

I can give you more if you want. Just let me know what you need other than this. Do you use any of the Personal Ancestoral Files?

If you do I could just make a copie of our family history, ofcourse you'll get information that you don't need, because my line is on it also.
(mothers side/Buster)
If we start with Rod we have his parents, (Ruth/Vearis),grandparents (Bonnie/Owen),g-grandparents (Jacob/Sarah) g-g-grandparents (Francis/Mary). Some children and dates also.
Let me know if this helps. We can work together to get the rest filled out.
Thanks for your help.

Anne Buster Phillips

David L. Pendley (View posts)
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Vicki: You are a gold mine concerning the Buster family. The info you gave me will fill in a lot of holes in info I have. In your info you left out the date of death on Anne (25 Nov 1968), don't know if you have that or not. Also, I was wondering if this aunt Bess I knew growing up was one of Owen's sisters (Kate, Mabel or Carmen). Maybe Bess was a pet name someone called her. She raised Lillian's son Robert until he was grown, he never lived with Lillian and Chester. I never realized why his last name was Buster until years later. Let me go over the info you sent me and I will get back to you with any questions. I have a picture of Owen sitting up on a big black horse in front of some people (Arch is one of them, I wonder if these people could be some of his family). Will get back to you soon. Thanks alot for the info.
David Pendley

Re: Information

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Vicki: Sorry for the dely in answering your last msg, but the Buster msg board was undergoing some changes. Here is some info you might not have:

Owen Buster was born in Flat Springs, DeKalb Co. Mo. on 29 Augut 1884.

Archibald Buster was born in Coal Hill, Johnson Co., Ark.

Mary Ellen Buster is buried in National Cemt. Ft. Gibson, Ok.

Lillian Buster had a son Robert Buster (Born: 31 Dec 1931). His father was Edgar Seay.

Betty's husband's name was John.

I also have the names and birth dates of all of the sister's children, if you need them.

Do you have Ellen's date and place of marriage of either of her marriages to Floyd Woodall or Howard Pendley?

Date's of marriage for Anne, Lillian or Betty.

Archibald Buster married Ethel in Lehigh, Ok.

Also, it would be easier to send reply's to me thru my Yahoo address (

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