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Lumbee Indian or not?

Lumbee Indian or not?

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Surnames: Chavis
My great grandfather name is Johnnie Chavis and my great grandmother maiden name is Elizabeth Chavis. My grandmother always told me that our family were never slaves and she knew that we were indians (but she didn't know the name). So during my research I've found several surnames that the lumbee indians have that my family has. Ofcourse Chavis, also Snellings, and Woods. The only thing that is making me not so sure is that my family has always lived in Wake county since anybody can remember; lumbee indians are from robenson county. One other thing we are black, and in a lot of articles that I have read lately says that lumbee indians didn't have any black in them. Also when I look at our census from the 1900's and earlier it has my family listed as mulatto's (during one decade a family could be mulatto, and the very next decade that same family was listed as black , so it kept switching back and forth). My grandmother also told me that her grandmother was a white woman with black hair, and she called her "mu". When people see my family members they always ask us if we are related to the lumbee indians in robeson county because we favor them. A lot of my family members have gray or green eyes, and olived toned skin. Someone please help me out!!!!

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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It seems like we have alot in common. Check this website out and see if anything rings a bell:

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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US Census records in the 1800s and part of the 1900s classified 'people of color' (including INDIANS) as "mulatto" -meaning 'not white'. They just lumped all non-whites in one category.
The CHAVIS name is prominent among LUMBEE Indians in Robeson (not "Robenson") County NC.

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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Surnames: Chavis
I saw your post regarding your research on the Chavis family in Wake County, NC. I am also researching the Chavis family in Wake Co. for my mother-in-law and would like to see if any of our Chavis lines are the same.They also have Native American Heritage.
I believe they originated in Virginia, migrated to Granville
Co. then to the Creedmoor Rd.and House Creek areas in Wake Co. Around the 1930's some of the family moved to Raleigh to the Third Ward area.
This Chavis family were "free" mulattos as many are found in the 1790 census living in the Method Community.
I hope that we can compare notes.

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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My grandparents are both Native Americans. My grandmother is from the Navajo tribe. My grandfather is a member of the Lumbee tripe in robeson county in North Carolina. His last name also is Chavis. Their decent does contain some Spaniard and European blood, but they share the same characteristics of the Cherokee Tribe than any other. My Grandfathers side of the family share the red-brown skin tone and olive , gray or light brown eyes,and have very dark hair.

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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I am not a descendant of any CHAVIS, although I do have some in my family related through marriages at different times, however, I have done a bit of research on some of the associated names and wondered if you have ever researched the possibility of your family descending from the group of settlers known as the Lost Colony of Roanoke? I know that some of the Lumbee tribes are supposed to bear the same surnames as some of those early settlers, and one of the rumors has been that some of the colonists went to live with the local Indian tribes and intermarried with them, thus accounting for much of the mixed heritage of the tribes. One of the Colonists was a JOHN CHEVEN, very similiar to CHAVIS and one of the ways the surname was spelled in the past (CHEVES, CHAVES, etc.) The CHAVIS name has been found to be free even before 1650, and it could very well go back to 1587 to the Lost Colonists. A list of the people who settled in 1587 and who disappeared are:
The 1587 Colonists


John White, Governor
Roger Bailie, Assistant
Ananias Dare, Assistant
Christopher Cooper, Assistant
Thomas Stevens, Assistant
John Sampson, Assistant
Dyonis Harvie, Assistant
Roger Prat, Assistant
George Howe, Assistant
Nicholas Johnson
Thomas Warner
Anthony Cage
John Jones
John Tydway
Ambrose Viccars
Edmond English
Thomas Topan
Henry Berrye
Richard Berrye
John Spendlove
John Hemmington
Thomas Butler
Edward Powell
John Burden
James Hynde
Thomas Ellis
William Browne
Michael Myllet
Thomas Smith
Richard Kemme
Thomas Harris
Richard Taverner
John Earnest
Henry Johnson
John Starte
Richard Darige
William Lucas
Arnold Archard
John Wright
William Dutton
Morris Allen
William Waters
Richard Arthur
John Chapman
William Clement
Robert Little
Hugh Tayler
Richard Wildye
Lewes Wotton
Michael Bishop
Henry Browne
Henry Rufoote
Richard Tomkins
Henry Dorrell
charles Florrie
Henry Mylton
Henry Payne
Thomas Harris
William Nicholes
Thomas Phevens
John Borden
Thomas Scot
William Willes
John Brooke
Cutbert White
John Bright
Clement Tayler
William Sole
John Cotsmur
Humfrey Newton
Thomas Colman
Thomas Gramme
Marke Bennet
John Gibbes
John Stilman
Robert Wilkinson
Peter Little
John Wyles
Brian Wyles
George Martyn
Hugh Pattenson
Martyn Sutton
John Farre
John Bridger
Griffen Jones
Richard Shaberdge
James Lasie
John Cheven
Thomas Hewet
William Berde


Elyoner Dare
Margery Harvie
Agnes Wood
Wenefrid Powell
Joyce Archard
Jane Jones
Elizabaeth Glane
Jane Pierce
Audry Tappan
Alis Chapman
Emme Merrimoth
------ Colman
Margaret Lawrence
Joan Warren
Jane Mannering
Rose Payne
Elizabeth Viccars


John Sampson
Robert Ellis
Ambrose Viccars
Thamas Archard
Thomas Humfrey
Thomas Smart
George Howe
John Prat
William Wythers

Born in Virginia

Virginia Dare
---- Harvye

Deloris Williams

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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I am also researching a Chavis family that lived off Creedmore Rd. near Jeffrey's Grove Elementary School. Willos Nathaniel Chavis married Lovie Mae LMU. Lovie took care of me as a child and I would love to know more about her family.


Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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Surnames: Chavis
Hi Melissa,

My grandmother was a Chavis and I have family in the Jeffrey's Grove area. I think I know the Lovie Chavis you are talking about. Do you know if she had any children?


Toya Snelling-Miles

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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I believe she had a son and a daughter. Daughter was Laverne? And Laverne had a daughter. I am thinking her son moved from Raleigh and was a choreographer or dancer? I am having to tap childhood memories and I am 45 now.

Lovie kept our home and watched us when we got home from school. We loved her so much!

Re: Lumbee Indian or not?

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i was wondering the same. my name is kristin chavis, and my dad said that my grandads, dad, was indian, but so dark that he couldn't sit with the white folks...
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