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Bojga(sp?)/Boyd 1920's

Bojga(sp?)/Boyd 1920's

Lynda Boyd (View posts)
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Surnames: Bojga, Boyd, Hargin
My husband's gfather emigrated from Norway in the early 1900's to earn money to bring his family over. No one remembers his exact Norwegian surname, but it was pronounced something like boy-gah. His wife and son Malvin received their ship tickets from him to sail to the US and meet him in Chicago, but he did not meet them when they arrived. Despite years of searching, he was never found. The family name was changed to Boyd, my husband's father's name being then Malvin Andrew Boyd. Could anyone help me with the probable true spelling of the name, and any info on the ships sailing from Norway to the US during the early 1900's. We would love to find out who my husband's gfather was and about his family, where in Norway they are from, etc. Thank you so much!


Lynda Boyd (View posts)
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Surnames: Boyd, Belga, Bulga
I have recently learned that the name was Belga or Bulga, or possibly Buelga/Beulga. The first name was possibly Undreus. He would have emigrated in the 1920's, I think, maybe between 1910 and 1920. I don't know how old he was or where he lived in Norway. Thanks for any help!


John Strøm (View posts)
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What was his first name and the name of his wife ? That would help some to narrow down the search :-) There are some farmnames that sound something like boy-gah Among those are Bøygaard, Bøygum and Bøye. But these are in quite different parts of the country, so if you need some help please submit some more info.


Re: Bauge at Skaanevik, Hordaland

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What a touching story, and how sad that something must have happened to the father.
Malvin Anders Boyd was born in Bauge, Norway (source:)

Others who resided at Bauge, Skånevik, Hordaland, Norway and who emigrated to USA changed their Bauge farm name to Boyd and used that as a surname in America (see discussion here:):

One location for these individuals was Aurora, Kane, Illinois. Since Malvin's father was to meet his wife and son in Chicago, it would make sense that he might have lived in Illinois.

The usual source for Malvin's father's name would be Malvin's American marriage record and death record. The father's name can also be found in the Norwegian church books online by looking up Malvin's birth in the Skånevik church books. Seemingly you know Malvin's date of birth (about 1922?) and his mother's name (Bertha?). This information is key to correctly identifying Malvin in Norwegian records so you'll want to answer that question and post that information as a next step, if you are still searching.

Did Malvin also have a sister Solveig born in Norway ca 1920?

All best wishes

Re: Bauge at Skaanevik, Hordaland

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Here is a Malvin Bauge leaving Norway 1922 with his mother and sister and going to Iowa (the family refered to by falsterden above):

When they arrive EllisIsland they say they are going to husband and father Tolleif Bauge in Jewell Iowa; no 2, 3 and 4:

The first page of the ship-manifest:

Might this be your family?


Re: Bauge at Skaanevik, Hordaland

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Good find Vivi. The Original Poster started this thread in 1998, and so she might not answer. I posted "just in case" due to the discussion currently underway in the other forum. But yes, I am certain you found her family!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Emigrating from Bergen 1922 8/6 Britha Johannesen Bauge, and she is identified as the mother of the children Solveig and Malvin:

* Britha Johannesen Bauge age 26 born in 1896 in Skånevik and living in Skånevik, married, Penge, Farmers wife, traveling to Amk. Ivell Iowa [Amk = Amerika] Reiser til sin mand [going to her husband] Husmor, traveling on the Norske Amk. shipping line II, yes, Reisepass Hdl. pkm.
* Solveig Tolleivsen Bauge age 3 born 1919 in Skånevik living in Skånevik, Penge, Forr. Børn Amk. Ivell Iowa Reiser med sin mor Barn Norske Amk. Lj. II Ja
* Malvin Tollevsen Bauge age 1 born 1921 in Skånevik living in Skånevik, Penge, Forr. Børn, Amk. Ivell Iowa, Reiser med sin mor, Barn, Norske Amk. Lj. II

Notice that the passengers below her on this list are also from Skånevik and they are traveling to Aurora, Kane, Illinois - the residence of the Bauge/Boyd families discussed in the link I posted. So apparently there is a colony of family and/or friends and neighbors who stuck together and live near each other in America. Still more folks from Skånevik and traveling with the farm name Bauge are found arriving at Ellis Island in the years before and after. Some could be related; some would be neighbors from Norway.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Here is Tolleif arriving at Ellis Island:

Ship of Travel: Stavangerfjord
Port of Departure: Bergen
Port of Arrival: New York
Date of Arrival: Aug 09, 1921
Manifest Line Number: 0002
Name: Tolleif Bauge
Age at Arrival: 28y
Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ethnicity: Norway, Scandinavian
Last Place of Residence: Skaanevik, Norway
Place of birth: Skannevik
Occupation: farm laborer
Nearest relative in country whence alien came: wife, Brita Bauge, Höilandsbygden, Söndhordland
Final destination: Sheridan, Illinois
Traveling to brother Andrew Boyd in Sheridan, Illinois (Boyd is typewritten and overwritten with Bauge)

And now turns up more from the Original Poster:

...and here:
"Malvin lists his father's name on his social security application as Andreas Boyd, so
that may be what Tollef's name was changed to."
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