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11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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I've documented six daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan (d. Scotland) and Harriet (Effie) Kennedy b. abt. 1747 and d. Jan. 1839 as follows:

Catherine d. 1827 m. John Kennedy 1808 St. Raphaels (Lot 7, 9th Charlottenburgh Twp.)

Nancy (Anna) m. Ewan MacMillan (a daughter Nancy or Anna m. Archibald MacDonell Lundi, of Lot 4, 6th Lochiel Twp.)

Mary b. abt. 1769 and d. Aug. 1849 m. John MacMillan (may have lived on the 5th Concession of Kenyon Twp.)

Mary b. abt. 1779 and d. Sep 1849 m. Duncan MacLean of Lots 19 and 20 of the 6th of Kenyon Twp.

Mary b. abt. 1782 and d. Feb. 1869 m. Alexander Ban Kennedy of Lot 32, 8th Concession, Lochiel Twp.

Catherine married Alexander MacKinnon and lived on the 9th Concession of Charlottenburgh Twp.

Has anyone researching descendants of Duncan and Harriet identified any of the other five daughters?

It is thought that Harriet (recently widowed) emigrated from Scotland in 1802 with all eleven daughters (some married with husbands) along with two sons (Miles Mor and Archibald) and settled in the 8th of Lochiel Twp. Another of Harriet's sons John "Roman" emigrated and settled in Finch Twp. shortly thereafter.

I'm interested in creating an ongoing dialogue with descendants of Harriet. Please post your family connections on this thread. I am descended from Harriet from her son Miles Mor and wife Marie (Donn Corriebuigh) McMillan from their daugher Mary b. Feb. 1812.

I've attached an excerpt from a K. McKenna article (Highland Paths) re: Harriet MacMillan, nee Kennedy.


Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Hi James Allan:
From 'Lochinvar to Skye' the daughters are listed as being married to....(1) Forbes, (2) William Corbet, (3) Dan MacDonell of Grant's Corners, (4) Dewar, (5) Mary m to Alex Ban Kennedy -32.8 Lochiel, (6) MacDonald of Glen Nevis.
The 32.8 Lochiel listing lists Alex Ban Kennedy's wife as 'Sarah'.
The 27.8 Lochiel notes also say there were two unmarried daughters.
I wish you well in your research.

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Surnames: MacMillan--Kennedy -MacDonald-MacPhee--Letourneau--Hardy--Hittinger
Hello James
My connection with Harriet is as follows
Alexander Ban Kennedy--m=Harriet's Daughter Mary Sarah
John Kennedy--m=Christy Ann MacMillan dau. of Miles MacMillan & Margaret MacPhee--9th. Con.Lochiel
Miles John Kennedy--m= Catherine Isobel MacDonald-dau.
| of John & Margaret MacDonald--lot 36-8th.Con. Lanc.
Hugh Duncan Joseph Kennedy--m= Georgianna Letourneau in Edmonton AB
Miles Andrew Kennedy--m= Phyllis Edith Hardy
Michael James Kennedy
I guess that would make Harriet my 4x Great-grandmother.
What would that make my relationship to you? My cousin Mary (Kennedy)Hittinger of Alberta went to the 200 year(?)anniversary & monument dedication for Harriet MacMillan a few years back.I wonder many descendents she would have by now?--This could be an interesting thread--Michael Kennedy

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Hello Michael,

Good to hear from you. Harriet is also my 4th great grandmother. That would make us fifth cousins. I had done some research on Miles John's family a few years back and had corresponded with a few of Nancy (Annie) MacDonald's descendants. Nancy (Annie) married a John Ranald MacDonald and was the sister of your Catherine Isobel. I also at the time gleaned some information from a few Alberta/Edmonton local history books that were viewable online.

I attended the 200th anniversary was well attended. I'm attaching a newspaper article that refers to the event. I've also scanned the mass brochure... LMK if you would like me to post this for viewing.

If you would like to compare notes on Mary Sarah MacMillan's descendants please view my WorldConnect tree at:

LMK if you find any errors or omissions...


James Allan McDonald

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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James, thanks to your recent feedback on another thread, I've been able to fill in more gaps. I'm delighted.

With - as it appears - Harriet McMillan being my 4th great-grandmother, I guess this makes us 5th cousins as well. Harriet's daughter Mary (Sarah) was the wife of Alexander Ban Kennedy.

Now I need to search for the parents of Jane McDonald, the wife of Alexander's son Duncan.


Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Surnames: Kennedy, MacDonald
Hi Cousins--I realize I posted an error on Nov. 20th. 2010--My great grandfather Miles John Kennedy wasn't married to Isobel Catherine MacDonald but to Catherine MacDonald---Isobel Catherine was her sister and she married Alexander MacDougald--

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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I am Lindsay Pickett - I believe that my great great grandfather was Archibald (Harriet's son). He fathered Angus A (m Sarah McDougald) who fathered Agnes (my grandmother) who married Alex Chisholm. Alex and Agnes had two daughters Heather and Sheila (my Mother). My confusion is that one source has Harriet married to Duncan Ban MacMillan while the note attached in the original thread here has her married to Loch Arkaig MacMillan. Some other research I have suggests that Duncan Ban was killed at the battle of Culloden (1746). Can anyone help here. Also confusing is that I believe that Loch Arkaig was an area of Scotland where they lived. Help ???

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Loch Arkaig is a lake in Lochabar Scotland. I don't see many MacMillan's in the muster roll for Prince Charlies Culloden's army and no Duncan Ban and no Duncan listed as a prisoner of the battle. There are three references to a Duncan MacMillan and Henrietta Kennedy in the St. Raphael's parish records.


Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Hi James, I believe we've spoken before. Thank you for including the photo from the 200th year celebration and the other article about Harriet Kennedy coming to Canada. I lived in Glengarry for 17 years, my mother's family is how I'm related, but all the while I lived there I didn't know my roots, and since my maiden name is Norman my father being from Nova Scotia, I felt like a fish out of water. It wasn't until 5 years ago, that I did both my parents trees and realized exactly who I am and where I'm from.

Hariett Kenndy -Duncan B MacMillan
Archibald MacMillan m. Isabella
Angus MacMillan m. Ann or a Nancy (haven't confirmed that!)
James MacMillan m. Mary Donovan ( her brother is Duncan...the photographer)
Isabella Ann MacMillan m. James MacKay
Sarah MacKay m. Joseph Arthur Gagnon
my mom married a Norman from Nova Scotia

Harriett Kennedy MacMillan is my 5th Great Grandmother. Would've been nice to know when I was in school with a town worth of relatives ;)

Re: 11 daughters of Duncan Ban MacMillan and Harriet Kennedy

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Surnames: MacMillan, Kennedy, Chisholm,MacDonell, MacDonald, Lynch
Hello Lindsay
I checked on James Allan MacDonald's World Connect site and I'm not sure your family line is correct as you have it posted. How positive are you that you are descended from Angus Alexander MacMillan and not his sister Mary MacMillan ? I got curious when you said Angus was your great grandfather -I suspected you missed a generation as he was born about 1811--I will post some of what is on the line of Harriet (Kennedy) MacMillan, from James Allen MacMillan's site;
1 Duncan Ban McMillan
+ Harriet Kennedy b: 1747 d: 02 JAN 1839
2 -Archibald McMillan b: ABT 1781 d: 23 JUN 1861
+ Isabella (Donn Corriebuigh) McMillan d: 1821
3-Angus McMillan b: ABT 1811 d: 21 NOV 1878
+ Ann MacMillan b: 05 FEB 1814
4 -Isabella McMillan b: 16 DEC 1834
4 -Mary McMillan b: ABT 1835
4-Ann (Nancy) McMillan b: 15 MAY 1841
+ Archibald MacMillan
5- Archibald MacMillan b: 30 NOV 1866
+ Grace Ann MacDonald b: 08 DEC 1863
6 --Archibald Arthur MacMillan b: 05 JAN 1888
+ Laura Jane Sherman b: 01 DEC 1881
6-- Theresa MacMillan
+ Patrick Lynch
I just posted Angus's daughters here--I will post some info on Archibald's daughter Mary --

3 --Mary McMillan b: BET 1811 AND 1813 d: 19 JAN 1897
+ Duncan MacDonell b: ABT 1791 d: BEF 11 FEB 1873
4 -- Mary MacDonell b: 18 JUN 1848
+ Hugh Alexander (Bowback) Chisholm

4 --Margaret MacDonell b: ABT 1849
+ Angus William Chisholm (Possibly one is your great grandfather ??)

Duncan Ban McMillan
+ Harriet Kennedy b: 1747 d: 02 JAN 1839
2 -Mary McMillan b: ABT 1769 d: 31 AUG 1849
+ John MacMillan

3 -Miles MacMillan b: ABT 1806 d: 02 JUL 1873
+ Catherine MacMillan b: ABT 1812 d: 11 OCT 1899

4 -Ann MacMillan b: 27 APR 1837 d: 27 AUG 1887
+ Christopher Chisholm b: ABT 1828 d: 18 FEB 1904
5 -Alexander Chisholm b: 10 NOV 1869
5 Mary Christy Chisholm b: 04 JAN 1872
5 Miles Donald Chisholm b: 21 FEB 1875

I hope something here works for you--Harriet was a widow when she came to Canada--I have no other info on how Duncan passed either--Let me know if you sort it out, either on this site or you can e-mail me at My greatXgrandmother ,Mary Sarah, was sister to Archibald
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