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Is there a way to search by SS# and date of death? I have both of these and can't locate my relative when I include her name. Without the name included I am getting 18000+ hits for the date and specific SS#
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try using "old search" if you aren't already.
you will prob get less hits

on the SSDI
just fill in the state and dod
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You also need to know that all people are not in the SSDI, if their death was not reported to social security. This is especially true if the person was not yet collecting social security when they died. Here is a good site to search by first name and birthdate, if you don't know a woman's married name.
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Have you tried putting the SS# in the keyword field marked exact with no other info on the search form?
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Also try a search under last name and just the month/year, or just the year.
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Also try a search under last name and just the month/year, or just the year.

By the way, when did this person die?
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Thanks for the suggestions. I do not have a birthdate for her, but do have maiden and married names. She died in 1961 and was employed from the 1920's until her death. Perhaps she never received benefits?
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tried both ideas...with the second, got this result,

Matches 1–20 of 17,811 Sorted By Relevance
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This is what I'm getting:

Matches 1–20 of 11,768,115 Sorted By Relevance
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Those in the SSDI usually date from the early to mid-1960s, to the present. There are some exceptions, but perhaps she died a little too early to make the index?
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