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Robert H. Farrow, Sr. (View posts)
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 18:37:36

From: Robert H. Farrow

Subject: General England Query

I am seeking information about Francis Farrow who was the earliest known Farrow to arrive in North Carolina. He came from Northern Ireland to Elizabeth, New Jersey. It is believed that Francis Farrow was part owner in a shipyard at Elizabeth on the New York harbor. He sold his interest and sailed on to Hatteras Island. He had land grants from the King of England which he had received for transporting settlers to the Colonies. We believe he was born about 1650 either in England or Northern Ireland and was married to Barbary in 1670. His death has been listed at 1722. It is believed he had the following children: Hezekiah Farrow, Isaac Farrow, John Farrow, Ezekial Farrow, and Jacob Farrow. I am Robert H. Farrow, Sr., 12706 Bristow Road, Nokesville, VA 20181 USA; e-mail
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I, too, am interested in Francis Farrow who, according to "New World Immigrants, Vol 1," page 345 by Michael Tepper bound himself at age 16 (bc 1667) on 31 Oct 1683 to sail to Maryland from Middlesex County, England. His bond was for 8 years. I believe he is the Francis who married Barbary and settled in Currituck County, NC. He left a will dated 7 Oct 1721, probate 4 Feb 1722 and mentioned wife, Barbary. He also mentions sons and daughters but did not name them. I am interest in where your info on Francis Farrow came from.
My mother-in-law was a Farrow and my husband and youngest son carry Farrow as their middle name.


susan heim/ was farrow (View posts)
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Surnames: Farrow
dear sir i was brought up in england my self my name is Susan mary farrow , my mother's name was mgurie her mothers name was Elizabeth and was a full isish lady she died in 1990 of senile demenisa and also cancer my step fathes name is farrow ,, his name Athony frances farrow his father was Frances Farrow and come from scotland both sides of my family have coat of arms and the name farrow orginates from yorkshire england its self but in the 17500's the irish side of my mothers family emergrated back to england would believe from newyork citie and also micgian and also pennsilveinia also and many other parts of the united states of amaerica its seems funny me marring remarring to a wonderful man from the states and now finding you message on this message board if you ever want to contact use email of the name i go by in yahoo on the internet sir as{littlepeace_totheworld} as this is ny net name.. it would nice to talk with some like you god self and you family about our name {farrow}iam also looking for connection some which i found in the milliatry side of the internet pages of ansetry .com bout four years a go also contection with my forbears working along side one of your wel known presidents also and fighting along side of you well know admirals and genrals also in the 1500's and 1700's also and the 18. and 19 's also its so surprising seenign you message i was drawn to writing this massage to i don't know why but iw as any way any time you would like to reply do so ill deffinalty anwser you emails or even see an im message from you in yahoomessanger some time .. yours sincerely Suzie..


catherine (View posts)
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Surnames: Farrow , Robinson, Keeler,

I have a John Farrow married Harriet Keeler and father of Frances Farrow MY ggrand mother, they also have other children
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I have two articles written about one of my ancestor's, Senator Joseph Henry Farrow of Washington County Md.

What I find interesting is that both state he was of Scotts-Irish descent though we always took the Farrow name to be English.

His father was born in 1802 and all census info list he and his parents as having been born in Md. Bios state his family had been in Md. during colonial times.

Is your gedcom on line?

thank you, Teresa Farrow
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I would like to hear from you. I am interested in the line from Ireland. Thank you, Teresa Farrow


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Surnames: Farrow
I have traced my family back to Virgina - they are Farrows. They go back to Issac Farrow along with his wife Sibell who immigrated from Scotland (he died in 1741 so they probably immigrated around early 1700's- the children seem to have been born in Virgina). So I think there was probably a influx of people from the Farrow family who did originate in Scotland.
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Meg, this is indeed exciting info.
Thus far I have been working backwards but would love to have your info and I shall start moving forward. Will you guide me to the info you have which originates with the immigration?

We know how our people traveled in the early years. WVa was VA when my people were there. What I found amazing was that I could walk a block or so from their home in MD and be in WVA. I would so value any guidance.

My new e-mail is;
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Do any of you know of Farrow's that lived in or around Dallas, Texas?


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Surnames: Farrow, Farrar, Ferror, Ferrar, Farrer
I have Abraham Farrow married to Sybil Whitledge as grandson of Abraham Farrow born 1653 Staindrop, Durham, England died 1730 Stafford Co, VA, he had a son Isaac born 1724 Married Ann Scott.

Then there are the Farrows of Curratuck, Chowan, Hatteras Island.

For the most part Farrow is an occupational name derivative of a black smith a ferror/ferrour or farrier.. but by no means are they all related. The known Farrows who have taken DNA tests either belong to the Saxon/Danish haplogroup I2, or there are the descendants of Abraham Farrow of Durham County, who are related to the Ferror/Ferrar/Farrars of Yorkshire county and they belong to Haplogroup R1a1a1b2 (Eurasian) the Farrar Farrow DNA site
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