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Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Surnames: Whelan, Whalen, Quigley, Keating, etc..

I am seeking information on my Whalen/Whelan line that thus far originates in Tor Bay Newfoundland around 1860. Would love to find kin to hopefully further bring this line back.


Descendants of John Whalen

Generation No. 1


Child of JOHN WHALEN is:
2. i. THOMAS2 WHELAN, b. May 1860, Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; d. March 1895, Torbay, Newfoundland Canada.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 WHELAN (JOHN1 WHALEN) was born May 1860 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada, and died March 1895 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada. He married ELIZABETH QUIGLEY November 26, 1882, daughter of PATRICK QUIGLEY and ELLEN KEATING. She was born February 23, 1857 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada, and died May 1909 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada.

3. i. THOMAS JOSEPH3 WHALEN, b. November 09, 1890, Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; d. August 25, 1963, Marshfield, Massachusetts.
ii. MARY WHALEN, b. July 07, 1894, Torbay, NewfoundlandCanada; d. 1960, Torbay, NewfoundlandCanada; m. PETER DOYLE, January 10, 1915.
iii. PATRICK WHALEN, b. 1887, Torbay, NewfoundlandCanada; d. 1920, Torbay, NewfoundlandCanada.
4. iv. CATHERINE WHELAN, b. September 16, 1886, Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; d. 1930, Torbay, NewfoundlandCanada.

Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS JOSEPH3 WHALEN (THOMAS2 WHELAN, JOHN1 WHALEN) was born November 09, 1890 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada, and died August 25, 1963 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. He married MARGARET MARY MALONEY September 08, 1915 in Holy Redeemer Church, East Boston, Massachusetts, daughter of PATRICK MALONEY and BRIDGET FARRELL. She was born July 27, 1890 in Harbor Grace Newfoundland, Canada, and died May 30, 1957 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

i. THOMAS JOSEPH4 WHALEN, b. February 02, 1917, East Boston, Massachusetts; d. September 04, 1991, Boston, Massachusetts; m. WINIFRED BRIDGET THOMPSON, June 07, 1942, St Mary's Star of the Sea East Boston, Massachusetts; b. June 13, 1918, Boston, Massachusetts.
ii. RITA MARIE WHALEN, b East Boston, Massachusetts; m. ROBERT PAUL MURRAY, St. Clements’s Church, Somerville Massachusetts; b. Charlestown, Massachusetts.
iii. PATRICIA HAZEL WHALEN, b. December 01, 1921, Everett, Massachusetts; d. May 07, 1959, Rockland, Massachusetts; m. JOHN SULLIVAN, November 11, 1950, St. Mark's Church, Dorchester, Massachusetts; b. December 01, 1921, Massachusetts; d. October 05, 1992, New Castle, Delaware.
iv. PAUL GERARD WHALEN, b. April 03, 1924, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; d. August 05, 1997, Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts; m. KATHLEEN COURTNEY; b. Abt. 1922, Charlestown, Massachusetts; d. Bef. 1998, Massachusetts.

4. CATHERINE3 WHELAN (THOMAS2, JOHN1 WHALEN) was born September 16, 1886 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada, and died 1930 in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada. She married CHARLES THORNE June 06, 1908. He was born in Torbay, Newfoundland Canada.

i. CHARLES4 THORNE, b. Torbay, Newfoundland Canada.
ii. AUGUSTUS THORNE, b. Torbay, Newfoundland Canada.
iii. MARY THORNE, b. Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; m. MICHAEL CROKE; b. Outer Cove, Newfoundland Canada.
iv. ELLEN THORNE, b. Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; m. MAURICE SLANEY; b. St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, Canada.
vi. AGNES THORNE, b., Torbay, Newfoundland Canada; m. BERNARD HOULIHAN; b. Flatrock, Newfoundland, Canada.

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Hi there! Have you gone further back as to who were the parents of John Whalen?

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Hello there,

I am new to this site and saw your message from a few years ago about you trying to find out your families' history. I am from Massachusetts originally but have moved to the South because I just couldn't do the weather there anymore. But my dad's family is from Newfoundland and his dad had I think 11 brothers and sisters. My dad is still alive and I am working on getting him to give me the history because he is the only one who knows the whole thing. When I get more info I will let you know.

Talk soon,

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Surnames: Hanlon-Brown
Hi my name is Eileen (Hanlon) Brown and I just read your posting from 2008 concerning the Whelan/Whalen ancestry from Newfoundland. I am trying to get information about my ancestry and wonder if there is a possibility if we are related. My father was Leo Hanlon (from Portugal Cove) and my mother was Catherine (Whalen) Hanlon from Torbay. I grew up in Medford, MA. I have info on gte Hanlon side of the family - but hardly any info on the Whalen side. I take after in looks like my grandfather Lawrence Whalen -- and as a child people always thought there was asian in my background - as I got older I thought maybe Eskimo since there are some tribes in NFLD. I know I have a cousin Mike Whalen that lived in Watertown, Ma. I really would love to find out more about the Whalens. If there is a possibility that we are related - could you e-mail me?? Thank you, Eileen (Hanlon) Brown

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Not my research, but happy to surf. Need a few more dates .... who came to MA, only Leo & Catherine?

You have connected with Pat Jenkins who seems to be a Torbay history buff?

Here is one of your cousins?

I am looking for the descendants of Larry Whelan and his wife, Julia Ryan, both of Torbay. Larry was born in 1866 and julia in 1873. Their children were Patrick, Matthew, Mary, Bridget, Kathline, and Annie. All born in Torbay.
Julia Ryan was a sister to my grandfather, James Joseph Ryan. e-mail:

Pat Jenkins above, has also transcribed the 1898 directory:

Name: Leo J Hanlon
Certificate: 052209
Death Place: Medford
Death Date: 7 Nov 1988
Birth Place: Canada
Birth Date: 3 Jul 1903

Name: Catherinfe Hanlon
Certificate: 020171
Death Place: Medford
Death Date: 24 Feb 2001
Birth Place: Canada
Birth Date: 5 Jan 1911
Spouse: Leo Hanlon

From Pat Jenkins post:

Lawrence Whelan (1866) & Julia Ryan (1873)
Kathline/Catherine 1911
married Leo Hanlon, Torbay>Medford MA

Kate in Chicago

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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Hi - I guess I must have replied to the wrong person - sorry !! I am pretty new to this. Yes - Pat Jenkins is a relative of mine. Several years ago we connected and e-mailed - then I stopped hearing from her. I know she was sick - so I am not sure if she passed away. Thank you for what you have researched. My mother's family (The Whalen's) married into my father's family (The Hanlon's - from Portugal Cove, NFLD). I have a lot of info on the Hanlons - but hardly anything on the Whalens. My mother's two sisters (one married my father's brother, and one married my father's cousin) also came to MA - they are: Bridget Whalen - married Raymond Hanlon and Nellie (real name might have been Ellen) Whalen married James Hanlon

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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My grandmother was Mary Whalen Doyle from Torbay. The Whalens were pure Irish, the Catholics married the Catholics. No Inuit in this part of the province, possibly black Irish???

Re: Whelan/Whalen from Newfoundland Canada

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i noticed you said you are related to the hanlons of portugal cove. im descended from the hanlons in the st> Marys area, do you know of any connection between th two fanilies
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