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Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Surnames: Lovin(g), Crisp, Fann, NeSmith, Brooks, Pendley, Kreuger, Hulsey
My connection to the Lovin(g) family is through my Grandmother, Beulah Brooks. Her mother was Kate Lovin(g). Kate's father was Joel Lovin(g). Joel's father was William B. Loving.

Thus establishing my connection to the Lovin(g) family.

I would like for someone out there tell me why some Loving family memebers dropped the "G" at the end of their surname.

The research I have done over the past five years has yeilded very little past William B. Loving. I have a nearly straight branch. It would be wonderful to find the siblings of the names mentioned and include them into my lineage.

Any help is appreciated.


Dee Dee NeSmith Bonds

These are the surnames that are connected through William B. Loving:

Lovin(g), Crisp, Welch, Nixion, Shaw, Steerman, Holman, Dill, Montgomery, Lovine, Mayfield, Stevenson, Owenby, Jenkins, Edwards, Ammons, Marcus, Cable, Brooks, Westbrook(s), Wilson, Fann, NeSmith, Bonds, Garret(t), Taylor, Pick, Coleman, Oaks, Evans, Kreuger, Thomas, Harper, English, Fallinger, Roland, Hulsey, Sawyer, Price, Moreland Calhoun, Phillip, Kirkland, Mayton, McCullough, Morrell, Corso, Orr, Williams, Higdon, Holder, Lakely, Medlin, Duckett, Israel, Gibson, Lentz, Pioch, Hensley, Bumgarner, Cooper, Adams, Hale, Fenseirg, Warren, Elliott, Thomerson, Law, Moreland, Kirkland, Mayton, Jones, Pendley, DeHart

(in alphabetical order)

Adams, Ammons, Bonds, Brooks, Brown, Bumgarner, Cable, Calhoun, Coleman, Cooper, Corso, Crisp, DeHart, Dill, Duckett, Edwards, Edwards, Elliott, English, Evans, Fallinger, Fann, Fenseirg, Garret(t), Gibson, Hale, Harper, Hensley, Higdon, Holder, Holman, Hulsey, Israel, Jenkins, Kirkland, Kreuger, Lakely, Law, Lentz, Lovin(g), Lovine, Marcus, Mayfield, Mayton, Mayton, McCullough, Medlin, Montgomery, Moreland, Moreland, Morrell, NeSmith, Nixion, Oaks, ones, Orr, Owenby, Pendley,Phillip, Pick, Pioch, Price, Roland, Sawyer, Shaw, Steerman, Stevenson, Taylor, Thomas, Thomerson, Warren, Welch, Westbrook(s), Williams, Wilson

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

Donald "Don" Lovan (View posts)
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Surnames: Loving, Lovan, Coffman, Adcock, Long, Ellis, Shirley, Littlepage, Hadden and many more
Hi Dee Dee

In attempting to answer your question regarding the dropping of the 'g' in Loving.....Please allow me these thoughts.

Lots and lots of theories and speculation abound but seemingly the most logical would be language culture or the spelling mannerism used by some. Spell it like it sounds is the golden rule. Thus words with a 'g' become....goin', talkin', walkin', throwin' and so forth, leaving us with Lovin instead of Loving. People didn't seem to try and correct any uncorrect spellings or pronouncation given to family surnames. I have discovered, in my research, a lot of the early census takers were not well educated and spelling was not their forte.

In my surname history the variance Lovan came from the surname Loving as did many other Loving surname variances. I have in my possession 8x10 b/w glossy snaps taken of the John Loving/Lovan Bible in which the spelling of the names show the sudden transition to Lovan.

Case in grandfather was an educated man but he chose to allow his surname to be spelled Lovin and Loven including an added 's' to each at different times. I have several envelopes addressed to him in this manner. As he was of an easy demeanor, he didn't rock the boat, just let the spelling of his surname slid by.

Does any of this make some sense?

I made mention of having 8x10 b/w glossy photographs of the John Loving/Lovan Bible pages. My memory is six pages with two cover pages. I have scanned these eight photos and will be only too happy to email as attachments to ANYONE who might wish a copy for their genealogy files. I also 'zipped' them but the zip file is over 1.2 mb. Takes a little time uploading on my part and downloading on your part as I'm on a 56K DSL, cable, T1 or such hook up yet for me. As I say, I will be happy to email them, individually, all six, all eight or the zip file to ANYONE would might like them.

Take care and Good Luck in your hunt......

Donald "Don" Lovan
A Loving/Lovan Descendant

P.S. My home location is Lincoln, IL and I am retired.

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Surnames: Loving
I am trying to find some of my husbands family. His grandfather was Henry Morris Conn (22 jan 1873 in Copiah County, Ms) married to Nancy Hattie Loving (30 mar 1879 in Copiah County, Ms). This was Henry's first wife. They had 7 children all born in Ms. I have no information on her at all other than she died 9 oct 1918 and is Buried at Holly Green Cemetery in Wisner, Franklin Parish, LA. If you could be of any help I would appreciate it. I can be contacted here or email me at Thanks, Christine

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Sorry, but I do not have a thing on either person you are looking for. Wish I could help you.

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Surnames: Loving/Dameron/Anderson/Heflin

You mentioned the bible pages of John Loving/Lovan - which line is this John? Thanks

Debra in Virginia

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

Don Lovan (View posts)
Posted: 1016494250000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Loving/Lovan, Coffman, Adcock, Shirley, Hadden, Littlepage, Long, Ellis, Dale, Allen
Great to hear from you and to answer your question regarding which line my John Loving/Lovan is from....

My John Loving was born 7 Sep 1779 in Wilkes Co, NC, a son of Gabriel Loving Jr and Sally Norvell (this is who I firmly believe is John's mother...others will disagree).

I also believe we all of the different LOVING lineages will eventually discover we come from the same family. Tracing our family trees are as with the thousands and thousands of others.....lost records, misspelled names and just general carelessness on the part of our ancestors. Hopefully, we don't use speculation to over-ride what is truth or fact.

As I stated, I will be only too happy to email scanned files of the bible pages I received many years ago but it is of the John Loving/Lovan family who migrated to Hopkins Co, KY from Wilkes Co, NC area. This offer is open to any and all who might desire a scanned file.

God Bless and take care.



Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Dear Don,

In the best interest of providing accurate information in the Loving, Lovin, Lovan lineage, I want to post what I have so that I can make sure I have received accurate information. If any person wishes to make corrections to what I have, please feel free to contact me by placing a post on the message board here or contact me via email at

Descendants of Gabriel Loving

1 [1] Gabriel Loving b: 1750 d: 1809 in Hopkins, KY
. +Sally Norvell m: December 29, 1778 in Lovington, Goochland, VA
*2nd Wife of [1] Gabriel Loving:
. +Rachel Sisk d: 1807 m: August 27, 1781 in Wilkes Co. NC
*3rd Wife of [1] Gabriel Loving:
. +Mary Polly Sumpter m: Aft. 1806
. 2 John Loving b: September 07, 1779 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina d: January 30, 1844 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky
.... +Frances "Fannie" "Frances "Fannie" Parks" Parks m: January 01, 1801 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina
. 2 Jane Loving b: 1782 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina d: in Missouri
.... +James Davis m: July 27, 1807 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky
. 2 William Ransom Loving b: Bet. 1784 - 1785 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina d: 1857 in California, Missouri
.... +Christina Rife m: March 09, 1805 in Danville, Boyle Co., Kentucky
. 2 Joseph Loving b: April 18, 1786 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina d: 1842 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky
.... +Susannah May Bourland m: November 1806 in Kentucky
. 2 Wiseman F. Loving b: December 18, 1803 in Burke Co., N. Carolina d: August 24, 1864 in Wayne Co., Kentucky
.... +Alvina Hunt m: May 02, 1826 in Wayne Co., Kentucky

As you can see, I have Gabriel Loving having 3 wives, but am not confident that all children were the result of Mary Polly Sumpter.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.


Dee Dee NeSmith Bonds

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

Don Lovan (View posts)
Posted: 1016699223000
Classification: Query
Morning Dee Dee,

As you will note by time I'm up and not in bed. Courtesy of my arthritis and the cold dampness we are now experiencing in Illinois. It's 2:25 AM here at this time.

Great to hear from you again and I'll post here and ask a question or two.

Question No. 1....Do you have a certified copy or verified copy of Gabriel Loving Jr marriage to Sally Norvell in Lovington, Goochland Co, VA ? Or was it from a publication?

Question No. 2....Do you have a certified copy or verified copy of Gabriel Loving Sr marriage to Clary Bond in Wilkes Co, NC about 1747 ? How is your Bond lineage research advancing ?

Regarding a 3rd marriage for Gabriel Loving Jr....This I've not seen in my research but have heard or read from others who may have been speculating or repeating statements made by other researchers. I have read from other family researchers who have been attempting to prove a 3rd marriage because of an assumed son, Wiseman. This is verified I understand from a will of Gabriel Loving Jr naming Wiseman as a heir.

Is this common information you have on Wiseman ?

My understanding of children has been that John Loving was of 1st marriage. Jane, William Ransom and Joseph from his 2nd marriage and Wiseman was from his 3rd marriage. Also, and I can't remember who, stated Gabriel had additional children to Wiseman during his 3rd marriage to Polly Sumpter.

Happy Spring ! And Good Luck hunting !



Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

Dee Dee NeSmith Bonds (View posts)
Posted: 1016711440000
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Dear Don,

Sorry to hear that your arthritis is giving you fits. Hope you get better.

Most of the information I have on the Loving family has been contributed by others. Shirley Rogers; Marjorie Legris <> ;Debbie Ferguson < ; and my great uncle Hayes Brooks. My grandmother Beulah Brooks Fann had written some stuff down for me, but I didn't believe it to be accurate (she had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s) until her brother, Hayes, confirmed it. Uncle Hayes is a manual researcher and takes a lot of road trips so I feel confident in his contributions as to the accuracy.

Uncle Hayes has not ever provided me with hard evidence, however on the few occasions where my own mother has tagged along, I know that they have viewed hard evidence in some court houses as well as copying from others family Bibles. I as know that they are paranoid (Uncle Hayes and my mother that is) about any scandals that are connected to their lineage. In other words, they bury it. On few occasions when my mother has told me of one of their "skeletons in the closet" she hasn't mentioned names, and further instructed me never to publish it. Which would be kind of hard since I don't know who to connect it to anyway.

The only confirmed "scandal" I have is when her father, Joseph E. Brooks walked out on Katherine "Katie" Lovin and left her to raise the children. It is said that he remarried and started another family. It is also said that there was never a divorce.

I am in the process of cleaning up my data base of duplicate entries and would be glad for you to view what I have in its current messy condition. Please email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you again real soon.


Dee Dee NeSmith Bonds

Re: Establishing connection to Lovin(g) family tree

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Among your names that you are reseaching, you list Holman. My gr/grandfather was James David Loving b/abt 1850/60s, married Mary Holman, daughter of Tandy & Mary Fones Holman, in Buckingham Co Va. I have my Holman side, but am unable to find James Loving, he left Buckingham 1897 and his family never heard of him again, beleived to have died after 1940 in the Lynchburg Va area, are either names familliar to you? I would very much like to find parents or siblings of James'. Thanks, CC Marshall
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