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MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

Robert Jerin (View posts)
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Nikola TESLAs mother was Djuka (sounds like joo ka) MANDIC. Mandic is a very common name in Croatia, where the TESLA family is from. For instance one of the Croatian Saints is Leopold Mandic.

Here is a link to a Tesla Society Newsletter written by a Nicholas Kosanovich. Sava Kosanovic was Tesla's nephew, son of one of his sisters. Can we assume that this Nicholas Kosanovich is related to Tesla? Don't know but they give an address for the society. Might try writing them and see if they have anything on the Djuka MANDIC family. I know that Djuka was an inventor in her own right from the many books I have read about TESLA.

Also you may wish to try the LDS Family Search web page. They have microfilmed both Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches in Smiljan, Croatia, which is the birthplace of TESLA. The LDS also have some genealogical publications from that area which was published in 1982. The LDS Church has Family History Centers in most US cities, you can find the one nearest you on the Family Search page.

Also the Croatian National Archives in Zagreb may have some records, even though this territory of Croatia had been under the control of the Austrian Crown, as the Military Borderlands (Vojna Krajina) at the time of TESLAs birth. Sometime in the 1800s it was returned to the control of the Croatian civil authorities.

Also the correct spelling is IVANISEVIC, sounds like eevoneeshavich, from the name Ivan (John) -IC ending meaning son of.

Robert Jerin

MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

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The mother of the inventor Nikola TESLA was Djouka MANDIC. A friend of mine believes he is descended from the sister of Djouka MANDIC. There are a couple of generations between MANDIC and my friend's mother, whose maiden name was IVANJISEVIC. I'm trying to find the pieces of the puzzle. Can anyone help me.

Does anyone know of a book or other source for TESLA or MANDIC genealogy?

Joe Dooley

Mandici, Mandichi, Mandic

Jorge Fontainhas (View posts)
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Surnames: Mandic, Mandici, Mandichi, Doglioni
One of my anscestors, born around 1720 in Croatia, is Spiridion Mandic. He married a Croatian lady Ansilha and had a daughter Angela. Angela married an italian doctor from Venice, Dr. Francisco Doglioni. Francisco Doglioni had a son, Lazaro Doglioni, who moved to Portugal in the early 18 hundreds. Francisco Doglioni is my Great Grand Father.

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

kirrilly (View posts)
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i am trying to find out any information about a Man By the name of Nikola Brener Originally from croatia. Came to Australia many years ago. His family if still somewhere in Yogoslavia.

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

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Hello "krilly",

Your "name" sounds very similar to another that I have run across on a soc croaita message board. Are you the same person?

Anyway just a note Croatia is not part of Yugoslavia, but once again an independent republic. And I don't know what you mean when you say "he came to Austrailia many years ago" but if it was prior to 1929 he did not come from Yugoslavia. From 1918 to 1929 Croatia was a part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Prior to that Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from 1100 to 1918, end of WW I.

BUT regardless of what entity was over Croatia records for Nikola would be in Croatia. Also the LDS (Mormon) church has microfilmed many records inc. church records. Those records are available to you at one of their local Family History Centers (FHC) also in Australia. Refer to my link for Family Search to locate a FHC near you.

There are 5 listings for BRENER in Croatia online phone book in Zagreb county.

The name appears to be of German origins. Germans, called Danube Schwabians, lived in the Slavonia region of Croatia and had since the A-H Empire liberated the area from the Ottoman Turks around the 17th or 18th century. There is a link in my list to their genealogy.

Here is a link to Croatian Austalian genealogy

According to the listings at Ellis Island web page many BRENER appear to have come from Russia, Roumania, Poland, Germany and Hungary. There is one, Anna BRENER (declared German ethnicity), who came from Palanka, "Yugoslavia" in the 1920s. That town is part of Srijem, which until 1918 was a part of the Hungarian Croatian county of Srijem. It is now in Serbia or rump "Yugoslavia". Another Ivanka BRENER from Cerknica, "Yugoslavia" declared Slovene ethnicity. Stefan BRENER Semlin (don't think this placename is correct could be Smiljan where Nikola Tesla was born), Croatia declared ethnicity Croatian
Refer to list for link to Ellis Island (US immigration port)

Useful links for Croatian genealogy, inc. Bosnia, Lika, etc Updated 5-28-01

Links to info about Croatia including history and tourism

CROATIA, an Overview of its History, Culture and Science

Appleby in Rijeka, Croatia has a good genealogy page:

Links to organizations Associated with FEEFHS from 14 Countries, inc. Croatia:

Croatians Books, Croatian Immigration, Croatian Coats of Arms, Croatian Genealogy, Croatian Heraldry, Ragusan Press Books, CGHS- By Adam S. Eterovich. Croatian Genealogical and Heraldic Society, research available

A Croatian genealogy newsletter:

Croatia links, plus lots more

The Province of Burgenland, Austria, was formed from parts of the Hungarian counties (Megye) of Vas, Sopron and Moson following WWI. While it is Austria's youngest province, it can claim to be one of the oldest. It has a fascinating history worthy of being studied in detail. The population comprises people of mainly Germanic, Croatian and Hungarian descent.

The next two links are to sites about White Croatia, in ancient times white signified north and red south thus the red and white checkered Croatian Coat of Arms. This area is in present day Poland, including Krakow, and was populated by White Croatians as early as the 1st century AD. At one time this was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was called Galicia.

Croats of Slovakia arrived in the mid sixteenth century

Moravian Croats arrived in the 16 th century from central Croatia, fleeing the Ottoman Turkish invasion

A Kingdom called White Croatia existed from the 1st thru the 10th century in what is now part of Czech Rep., Slovak Rep., and Southern Poland, where many descendents of White Croatians still live today

This link has history of Zumberak and Uskoci in Croatia

A good site to learn about tourism and all the beautiful and historic places in Croatia, there is also a section on the language.

Genealogy message boards/forums

Croatia genforum message board:

Rootsweb genealogy message board:

Croatia based HR message board

Family History message board of

Usenet Slavic genealogy newsgroup (must be setup to receive newsgroups)



Place name locator for the world, inc. Croatia:

Croatia and Bosnia maps:

Croatia town and city locator. Due to the lack of being able to view Croatian letters with diacritical markings the names may appear a bit unusual but just use common sense and you will find the place you are seeking.

1910 Hungarian County Maps, inc. areas of Croatia and Slavonia (site is in Hungarian but maps are useful)
Click on LINKS and then click on 1910 Hungarian County Maps, Croatian areas will be included in Lika-Kravaba, Modrus-Fiume, Zagrab, Varasd, Belovar, Baranya, Veroce, Szerem and Pozsega.

ShtelSeeker a good place name locator for all Eastern Europe

Having trouble finding a place? Perhaps this is due to a change in the name of the town or village. This link has Croatian Place Names Alternate spellings (Austria, Hungary and Italy) and FHL Microfilm Summary

Here are links to maps which will give you an idea of the Austria Hungary Monarchy and their provinces so you can get some idea how that relates to Croatia today.


A general article about the history of surnames

Ancestry com, here you can look up US Social Security Death records and US phone listings

LDS on line genealogy name search. . Many church records in Croatia have been microfilmed by the LDS. You can search this site by village/town name to see if your ancestors church has been microfilmed, which can be ordered at a local Family History Center, refer to next link for list of FHC near you!

Search for a Family History Centers near you

Stories abound about US Immigration officials changing our forbearer’s names. But are these stories true? Here is a link which delves into what may be just a “family legend” without basis!

Link to Ellis Island records, including immigrant information, place of origin, ship name and much more. Be sure to view the original ship manifest, the one that was handwritten. Don’t rely on the typed info which contains errors. The original manifest will also contain more personal info.

This page contains information about where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from each state, territory and county of the United States.

Web page for The Vivodina Society, northern Croatia

Family Tree Software

Here is a link to FREE downloadable family tree software from the LDS (Mormon) church, I know several people who use it and like it

Searching for family records in Croatia and the US, inc. parish records and US Immigration records

United States Immigration and Naturalization Service Website contains information about the INS Historical Reference Library collection and services

Naturalization Resources general and by US state

Locating family records in Croatia

Not all Croatians are ethnic Croats, here are links to some of ethnic groups in Croatia

Finding Jewish Family Records in Croatia

A link to information about Germans, Donauschwabians, in Croatia (Slavonia):

History of German Settlements in Southern Hungary (inc. Croatia)

The Vlachs in Bosnia (and Croatia)

Istro-Romanians in Croatia

History of the Arbanasi in Croatia


Croatia on line phone books. NOTE: to use the on line phone books first select area code (zupanija which means county), then type in the name you are searching for next to Subscriber, then check the circle next to csz (this will allow use of English style keyboards), select 100 results and then click on query. You will see the list of names. The listings include phone number and mailing addresses and will also give you the correct Croatian spelling, with diacritical marks over csz. Be sure not to use the Anglicized or Americanized version I. E. ch or sh when searching. The page will also display as list of towns by county if you click on that bar. Information includes phone number, name, address and city.

Worldwide Phone Directory index of online phone books, with over 400 links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 170 countries all around the world.

Bosnia on line phone directory The Bosnia phone book is available on line. Just type in the surname next to preizime select Kanton which is the region and then click on Trazi (search)

Religions in Croatia

Eastern Rite Church in Croatia

First Croatian Church in US

Catholic Church in Croatia

Professional genealogical research services for Croatia
Zeljko “Fritz” Frigan’s Croatia Roots

Genealogical research for about 3000 family names originating from Dubrovnik city, Konavle, Zupa dubrovacka, Rijeka dubrovacka, Dubrovacko primorje, Peljesac, Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan and Lastovo

Croatian Fraternal Union of America

Croatian Catholic Union of United States and Canada

A good search engine, just type in surname followed by genealogy may find others who have information you are seeking

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes or if you have any other questions.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

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Robert, 1.You state: "Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from 1100 to 1918, end of WW I." This is not correct. Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Dual Monarchy, was created in 1867. From 1102 until 1527 Kingdom of Croatia shared a king with the Kingdom of Hungary (the arrangement akin to Canada sharing the Queen). Only in 1527 did Croatia acquire a Habsburg king: king Ferdinand I was elected king of Croatia in January 1527. He was elected the king of Hungary in November 1526. 2.The expresssion "rump "Yugoslavia" " is implying that Yugoslavia would naturally be larger than it is. Following Ukraine's independence it is not customary to call Russia rump Russia, nor is the United Kingdom called rump United Kingdom or Turkey rump Turkey.Tatjana

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

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Edited: 1038503486000
Ah, yes again your history is exact. And while I know this don't you think it would be rather tedious to give a complete history? This after all is a genealogy message board and my INTENT is to correct those who would otherwise believe their ancestors where born in "Yugoslavia". Croatia's association with The Austro-Hungarian Empire began in 1100 as that was the succesor state to The Kingdom of Hungary.

I think it is proper to refer to "Yugoslavia" as a rump, I.E. remainder. And this I very much prefer as that state would claim to be the sole heir to the assets that belonged to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia.... This needs to be mentioned often. And as far as rump Russia that would not make sense as they have not taken on the name "USSR:, thus there is no need to highlight state. Likewise with Turkey, which was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

Hope all is well, with the tragedy in NYC.

Robert Jerin

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

Posted: 1000767630000
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I believe that this information is not beyond the comprehension of a person of average intelligence. Underestimating the one we are informing is the root of much misinformation in our world and at times of untold tragedy. Learning one's family history is not possible without looking at the historical context. Otherwise it would be nothing but a collection of names and then what? Would we learn who our ancestors were and where and how they lived? Denying the Austrians and the Hungarians their separate identities is not necessary; just as we do not wish to be disregarded, I think we should respect the identities of people of other national origins. Thank you for the expression of concern for our City and its citizens. The love we found across the Country has been overwhelming. Thanks for all of us. Tatjana

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's Maternal Genealogy

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I just wanted to post that I am a huge admirer of Dr.Tesla.
We even named our Daughter after him.
Her name is Tesla Nikole. I dont know about any books of his family. I belive he had a Sister named Angelique or Angelica..cant remember which.

He also has a nephew here in the states.

you can email me at TESLA98@ATTBI.COM

Re: MANDIC: Nikola TESLA's (former family surname DRAGANIC)Maternal Genealogy

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"Tesla's homeland was called Yugoslavia, a country whose name means "Land of the Southern Slavs.'' It embraced several former separate countries, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Dalmatia and also Slovenia. The Tesla and Mandich families originally came from the western part of Serbia near Montenegro. Smiljan, the village where Tesla was born, is in the province of Lika, and at the time of his birth this was a dependent province held by the Austro-Hungarian Empire as part of Croatia.

Tesla's surname dates back more than two and a half centuries. Before that time the family name was Draganic (pronounced as if spelled Drag'-a-nitch). The name Tesla (pronounced as spelled, with equal emphasis on both syllables), in a purely literal sense, is a trade name like Smith, Wright or Carpenter. As a common noun it describes a woodworking tool which, in English, is called an adz. This is an axe with a broad cutting blade at right angles to the handle, instead of parallel as in the more familiar form. It is used in cutting large tree trunks into squared timbers. In the Serbo-Croat language, the name of the tool is tesla. There is a tradition in the Draganic family that the members of one branch were given the nickname ``Tesla'' because of an inherited trait which caused practically all of them to have very large, broad and protruding front teeth which greatly resembled the triangular blade of the adz.

The name Draganic and derivatives of it appear frequently in other branches of the Tesla family as a given name. When used as a given name it is frequently translated ``Charlotte,'' but as a generic term it holds the meaning ``dear'' and as a surname is translated ``Darling.''

The majority of Tesla's ancestors for whom age records are available lived well beyond the average span of life for their times, but no definite record has been found of the ancestor who, Tesla claimed, lived to be one hundred and forty years of age. (His father died at the age of fifty-nine, and his mother at seventy-one.)"

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland, Ohio
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