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Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

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Hello. I'm taking a break from helping friends with their genealogy to work on my husband's line.

His great grandmother was Josefa Bednař. Her birth record is in Signatura Dolní Loučky, 15513, image 56, house 5 (link follows). The records for her 3 siblings have the same information. Images 39, 47, 53. I transcribe her father as František Bednař, and her mother as Maria Kovařík, who appears to be from Deblín.

The marriage record for František Bednař and Maria Kovařík is in Signatura Deblín 1118, image 6, 13 Nov 1849 (link below). I cannot read the parent names for either one of them, except maybe for her father: Josef Kowaryk. From house 130 or 131. Maybe her mother is Františka.

František's birth record appears to be in Signatura Dolní Loučky 15512, image 5, 27 Jul 1820, house 5. I suspect his mother is Josefa, but again, I cannot read the names.

I don't know if I found Maria's birth record; the candidate is Signatura Deblín 1106, image 90, 4 Mar 1829, and -- House 1, not 130. What are the possibilities that a family would move from House 1 to House 130 within a 20-year timeframe?

The family tradition, from more than one source, is that the name was not Kovarik, but Vrzal. Perhaps Maria's mother was widowed early and remarried to a Vrzal. This is why it is important that I have someone who can read the script verify that the name is Kovařík. Do any of these records indicate that Kovařík is deceased?

Thank you.

Re: Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

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This might be the marriage of František's parents. It looks like their names are Thomaš and Josefa, but I still cannot read her surname, etc. House 9.

These appear to be their death records. House 5.
Thomas, 23 Dec 1860
Josefa, 20 Mar 1879

Re: Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

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František parents were Tomáš Bednář and Josefa nee Konečný. I´m not entirely sure about her surname, but it looks like that.

Re: Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

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Oh my! Frantisek's oldest daughter Maria married a Konecny. She inherited house 5, and so it changed to that family. We have an 1895 letter from them. VERY gorgeously written, especially by the wife Maria. (He was the local revenue collector, it seems.) I took it to work to scan it, someone saw the script, and commented that it was as beautiful as caligraphy. Kamil translated it for me. I hadn't planned on following the Konecny line back, but now it looks like I must.

Thank you again. Every weekend I have a surprise, it seems.

Josefa Birth Record

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And it did not take me long to find her birth record.

10th entry down,

Snip of parent info attached. Father looks like Martin to me; cannot read mother's name.


Re: Josefa Birth Record

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Martin Koneczny, bauer (=farmer)
Eleonora Zadinkin ( -in is a German ending, so the surname is Zadinka)

Re: Dolní Loučky and Deblín, Bednař and Kovařík

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Deblín 1106, page 90
Joseph Kowařik, Inmann, kath. (=katholisch, probably)
Franziska geb. Nikolaus Kropatschek, kath.

Deblín 1118 , page 6
Maria is daughter of Josef Kowářjk and Franziska Kropáček
Franz is son of ? Bednář and Josefa ?
hard to read it, but it´s probably the right one

Dolní Loučky 15512, page 5
Bednarz Thomas, kollonist
Josefa gebohrenen Konečzny

Dolní Loučky 15513, page 56
Bednář Franz, kolonist in Unter Loučka
Mariana geb. Josef Kowařík kolonist in Deblin
That one was easy, the others not so much.. :-)
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Thank you so much! I can see Eleanora now that I know that's what's there. :)

And there's one more. I found the children of Thomas, and cannot read the youngest daughter. Attached. My first instinct was that it was Franzizka, but there's no k.

(Signatura 15512, images 7, 11, 13, 16, and 19. The first 4 are easy. Image 19 is not.)

House 5 again.

Re: One More

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Not a Franziska, it seems like Vinzenzia. Vincencia is a rare name, but in the parrish book there are more girls with that name and also boys named Vincent, so I guess it was quite popular in the area.
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