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1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

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Continuing on with the Coufal research, I'm hoping to get a transcription/translation of marriage records for Andreas/Ondrej Coufal. Thanks to aksamitnik01 for helping me gather this data. You might want to read this post through to the end before looking up anything, as most of it is not useful, and is included only for documentation purposes.

Also, I need the correct spellings of his wives' maiden names, with diacritical marks.

Andreas's death appears to be 11 Oct 1801. He is age 78, which would put his birth about 1723. Signatura 10187. House 45 in Dalešice.

This ties in ok with his first marriage in 1749; he would have been 26. Signatura Dalešice 10178 image 87.
Right side, 3rd record

This record is the most significant from a genealogy standpoint, as it lists his father and village, etc. I can guess that he is the legitimate son of the deceased Matej, but I cannot decipher the village. The bride is Mariana, legitimate daughter of Simon Skůla of Dalešice. Or is it Škula? Her birth record is the 5th entry on

I have looked back through all the birth records in Signatura 10177 for Dalešice, and found only one Coufal. So it looks to me like Andreas married into the family in Dalešice. That's my theory right now, but to narrow down the search, I need to find his home village, and then his birth record.

From the first marriage, I found only two children, both deceased, both girls.
On to the second marriage to Barbara. Again, all daughters, early deaths for 5 of the 6. The marriage record:

Is her maiden name Koči or Kocza? Or some other variation?

Her birth record, Signatura 10177, image 46, left side, 3rd from bottom:

The birth records of the daughters do not give any new info. Signatura 10178, images 38, 40, 47, 50, 55 and 58.
Third marriage to Theresia Potůček, same Signatura, image 103.

They have 6 children, b. 1776 - 1789, but grandparents are not mentioned in any of the birth records. Catharina, Kaspar, Anton, Barbara, Mathias, and Johann. The last two list the house number as 45.
So, in summary, the best source for additional data is the original marriage record,
Right side, 3rd record

Additionally, the spellings of the surnames of the first two wives. First marriage, strana 87 above. Second marriage:

Děkují in advance.

Re: 1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

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Andreas + Marina´s wedding: Andreas is from Khotovicio - try looking at Hrotovice
spelling of Simon´s surname is Skula

spelling of Barbara´s surname is Koczi (= Kočí)

Re: 1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

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Thank you. Yes, with 250 year old spellings one must make adjustments. For example, my Sramek village is Okresanec, but it shows up as Vokresanec or Wokresanec. So I suppose the "k" was a preposition like "v" was. I did find one birth which could be a sibling of Andreas's, in 1714 in Hrotovice. As expected, there are several Matej/Marianna combinations, but none with an Ondrej or Andreas. The book was Krhov 10554 starting in 1714, and contains the records for several villages, one after the other, not in separate sections. A slight complication. When the book was bound, one of the pages got out of order. I figured that out -- the right side of image 14, left side of image 15, belongs between the two halves of image 10. Even going in the right order, I did not find Andreas/Ondrej. I will keep looking.

Thanks again for the surname spellings.

Re: 1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

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Matěj/Marianna combination - I thought you don´t know the name of Andreas´s mother? I agree that it looks like Catharina is daughter of Matheg Czuffal, which could be Andreas´s father.

As for the year of birth, it´s not unusual that the records are inaccurate - even by ten years in some cases. But I´m sure you know that.

Good luck with your search!

Re: 1749 Dalešice Marriage Record, Coufal - Skula

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You are right, I don't know for sure that it's Marianna. I think because they were the only Matej/Matous couple in Hrotovice in the right time period, I theorize it could be Marianna. Oh, to be so lucky for it to be Justina, Magdalena, or something equally distinctive.

As for the accuracy, I've never really run into the dates being that off. Ages, yes. My great great grandfather appeared to be age 40 when he died, but the numbers appear to be off by 10 years. I'll have to look up the records now that they are online and check. As of now, I haven't published his death death on my website because it seems incorrect. So even though Andreas might not have been 78 when he died, that age makes him 26 when he was married, which is reasonable. Or he could have been 24 or 22. I looked that far forward. Or 36, as you say.

A couple of interesting things: 1) After having various Coufal children in the Krhov book in multiple villages, all of a sudden we go for about 15 years without any. I supposed the cousins could have all gotten to the stage where they had houses with teen-agers. But I really expected to see the next generation of children. I'll have to go to the next book. My math might be off by 4 years. :)

The second odd thing: in one of the posts with Kamil Holena, or else an off-line e-mail, we found a record which seemed to be a Coufal, house address and grandparents all matched, but with the last name of Knap. Kamil thought it was an error. I did find an Ondrej/Matej record with the last name of Knap close to the time frame in the Krhov book, a little earlier than expected. The thought occurred to me, to wonder if there were variations on surnames, like the French Canadians with their "dit". That's another post for another day, however.

Mary Levesque
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