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William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Surnames: Bolen, Garrison, Veatch, Dietz,
Please help with this dead end. I have spent years searching the Sullivan line only to find out that my father was actually of the Bolen line. (I uncovered a family secret). Thus my research has started over searching the Bolen line.

My research is at a dead end with William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson, his wife. William was born 1828 in Ohio and Nancy 1831/2 in New York. They married in early 1850's although I don't have any proof.

William Bolen-starting with his parents Virginia>Ohio>Kentucky>Illinois
Nancy Jane Hudson-New York>Ohio>Kentucky>Illinois

I haven't been able to locate William Bolen in the 1830, 40, 50 census. There 1st born occurred in 1851 in Maysville, Mason, Kentucky. I have located this family in the 1860 Mason county KY census.

1850 OH census has Nancy & sister Charlotte & mother Hannah

1865 IL state census and the number of people in the household fits.

1870 census in White county IL. So for a decade or so they lived in Mason Ky as the first few children where born in Kentucky.

1880 census in Enfield, White, IL

1900 census in Mill Shoals, White, IL William is located with two sons (that don't fit) and Williams birth date is off by 10 years. He is listed as a widow and the birth location of his parents is fits.

The children born to William and Nancy.
Martha Jane m(Garrison) b.1851, Ky
William Henry b.1851, KY
Anna Bell m(Veatch) b.1856, Ky
Robert Wilburn b.1858, KY
Amanda m(Dietz) b.1862, KY
David b.1865 IL
Melissa m(Hill) b.1869 IL

There are a couple of other children listed in the 1870 and 1880 census and they are Alonzo and Luella. I suspect the mother of these children are Nancy's sister, Charlotte.

The parents names of William Bolen born 1828 (father of above children) are needed as well. He was born in Ohio and his parents in Virgina.

The parents names of Nancy Jane Hudson born 1831. She and her parents were born in New York. I did locate Nancy and her sister living with their mother Hannah Hudson in the 1850 Sprig, Adams, Ohio census. Can't locate a death cert.for Hannah. I suspect she died in either Ohio or Kentucky around 1865.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a newspaper article listing William as dying at his daughters house in 1903.

I can't locate any death records for William, Nancy or Hannah. William and Nancy are both buried in the Enfield Cemetery but their names don't show up in any publicized info. I haven't visited White County as of yet but have exhausted all means of obtaining info via other sources.

If I can locate or obtain info on William and Nancy's parents I suspect the flood gates of info will open. I will certainly be elated!

I know, it's a long post. Trying to be thorough.

I appreciate any help or clues.
Thank you,

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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I’m not related to any member of this family.

This is your problem -

Facts you should know about the early census records –

All census records [1790 – 1840] prior to the 1850 census ONLY listed the head of household; whether male or female.

NO specific age was stated for any family member
NO place of birth was stated – city, state, or country
NO city, town, or village is stated – only the county; however some census takers listed the township
NO street address was stated
NO marital status was stated – single, married, widowed, or divorced
NO family relationship was stated – brother, sister, cousin, son, daughter, wife, inlaw, etc…
NO occupation was stated
NO parental birthplaces are stated
NO race was stated [but assume “white”]

1850, 1860 & 1870 census records do not show family relationships, marital status or parental birthplaces.

Step children are not enumerated as “step” children
Adopted children are not enumerated as “adopted”
Grand children are not enumerated as “grand children”
Orphaned children were not enumerated as "orphan"

1850 is the 1st census that shows all family members

1880 is the 1st census that shows parental birthplaces and family relationships +++

Do you know William's middle initial?????

WHAT is the family secret ????????????

1850 -
Name: Hannah Hudson
Age: 56
Birth Year: abt 1794
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1850: Sprigg, Adams, Ohio
Gender: Female

Hannah Hudson 56, NY
Jane Hudson 23, NY
Charlotte Hudson 18, NY

1860 -
Name: Wm Bowen [census page is badly faded & hard to read.]
[Wm Bolen]
Age in 1860: 33
Birth Year: abt 1827
Birthplace: Ohio
Home in 1860: Maysville, Mason, Kentucky
Gender: Male
Post Office: Maysville

Wm Bowen 33, OH
Jane Bowen 27, NY
Martha Bowen 9, KY
William Bowen 8, KY
Ann Bowen 5, KY
Robert Bowen 2, KY
C A Hedson 23, NY - AKA = HUDSON

1870 -
Name: Charlotte Hudson
Age in 1870: 35
Birth Year: abt 1835
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1870: Enfield, White, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Enfield

Charlotte Hudson 35, KY
Alfred Armstrong 15, KY
James Hudson 4, ILL

1870 -
Name: William Baker
[William Bolen]
Age in 1870: 42
Birth Year: abt 1828
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1870: Enfield, White, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Enfield

William Baker 42, KY
Jane Baker 40, KY
Martha Baker 21, KY
William Baker 16, KY
Belle Baker 14, KY
Robert Baker 12, KY
Amanda Baker 8, KY
David Baker 6, KY
Lizzie Baker 2, ILL
Alonzo Baker 4, ILL

1880 -
Name: Nancy J. Bolen
Age: 49
Birth Year: abt 1831
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1880: Enfield, White, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: William Bolen
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Occupation: Keeping House

William Bolen 52, ILL - both parents b. VA
Nancy J. Bolen 49, NY
Amanda Bolen 17, KY
David Bolen 15, ILL
Melissa Bolen 11, ILL
S. A. Hudson 46, NY - s/inlaw, single
Alonzo Hudson 14, ILL - nephew
Lou E. F. Hudson 8, ILL - niece

1900 -
Name: William Bolen
[William W Bolen]
Age: 63
Birth Date: Apr 1837
Birthplace: Ohio
Home in 1900: Mill Shoals, White, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Widowed
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia

William Bolen 63, 4/37 OH - widowed
David Bolen 27, 7/72 ILL
Will Thos Bolen 25, 6/74 ILL

death record -
William Bolen
Birth: Apr., 1828 Ohio
Death: Sep. 17, 1903 Mill Shoals
White County, Illinois

Mill Shoals Village, White, Illinois
White County Democrat, Sep 24 1903 Wm Bolen, Mill Shoals, died at daughter Mrs Andy Dietz's home last Thursday. Burial: Enfield Cemetery. The daughter is Amanda.

Parents born in Virgina. Don't have names.
Spouses name: Nancy Jane Hudson 1831-1897 born in New York parents born in New York. Don't have names of parents.
Martha Jane b1852 d1933
William Henry b1853
Anna Bell b1856 d1897
Robert Wilburn b1858 d1917
Amanda b1861 d1945
David b1865
Melissa b1869

Children, David and Melissa may be from another family.

1900 -
Name: Mandy Dietz
Age: 38
Birth Date: Apr 1862
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1900: Mill Shoals, White, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Andy Dietz
Marriage Year: 1883
Years married: 17
Father's Birthplace: Ohio
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Mother: number of living children: 1
Mother: How many children: 2

Andy Dietz 38, 12/61 IND
Mandy Dietz 38, 4/62 KY - 2 children & 1 living
Maggie Dietz 15, 6/84 ILL

Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947
Name: Amanda Dietz
[Amanda Bolin]
Birth Date: 15 Apr 1861
Birth Place: Maysville, Kentucky
Death Date: 21 Jun 1943
Death Place: Mill Shoals, White, Illinois
Burial Date: 23 Jun 1943
Burial Place: Enfield, White, Ill.
Cemetery Name: Onfield
Death Age: 82
Occupation: Housewife
Race: White
Marital Status: W
Gender: Female
Residence: Mill Shoals, White, Illinois
Father Name: Wm. Bolin
Mother Name: Nancy Hutson [aka = Hudson]
Spouse Name: Andrew Dietz

NOTE William Bolen kept changing his birthplace for each census.

marriage record -
BOLEN, AMANDA 1883-01-02; White county

Illinois Death and Marriage Databases – FREE and SEARCHABLE

ILL Vital Records -
. Birth and death registration started in 1916.

statement source -
Dan Pippin
Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Hi Thomas and Thank you!
I am aware of everything you enlightened me on regarding the early census'. I have all the info you posted. I do greatly appreciate your insight and the time you spent to assist me.
It seems when I post asking for info I sometimes gain one more piece of info that I didn't have. But I have to ask for so much more to get that one piece. I do have a couple of questions for you if your willing?

1. You asked for Williams middle name. I deduced from his son Robert that his middle name is Wilbur. I have seen William as in the 1865 Illinois State census. By the way Family Search has the 1865 census much more legible.

2. You located a statement out of the White County Democrat regarding Williams death. I located that statement as well and documented it. But I didn't document where I located it from. Can you please tell me where you found that info? I have been doing inter-library loans recently and haven't been able to locate any other info. But I will!

Family Secret..........
I had spent years researching my Sullivan line. Spent a lot of money to get past the "brick wall". I should have fit in this particular line of Sullivans. AFter having my dna tested and compared to that line of Sullivans I was so far from belonging that I had to ask some questions. I didn't know my father or any of his side. My mother divorced him before I was a year old. While he was in jail for robbing a bank. Well, after my inquiry with several people I was told that my biological father was raised by a Sullivan but fathered by a Bolen. So I've had to start over with my genealogy research.

3. Where or where did you find Williams death info? I have contacted the court house and they have no records. I have contacted Southern Illinois University and they have no info. So I'm very interested in where you obtained that death info.

4. I have Nancy's death date as 1897 as well. But where did you get that date? I am trying to document my dates.

There is also a Smith Hudson that has followed Hannah and then the Bolens through out the 1850,60,70,80 census'. I haven't figured out the relationship with the other Hudsons yet. There is about 10 difference between him and Hannah and about 17 or 18 years between Smith and Nancy. Nancys sister Charlotte also followed the family as well. Sometimes living with them other times listed just below the Bolens on the census.

I'm planning on visiting Carmi this summer to do some searching as well as take some photos. There are so many Bolens buried in the Enfield Cemetery and other cemeteries.

Again Tom I thank you!

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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I use for all my searches.
subscription required.

Sometimes libraries have ancestry available for their patrons. Check your local library.

TRY - Find a grave – FREE SITE - volunteer site all states; frequently has headstone pic


Try Vital Records – Birth, Marriage, & Death, Social Security Info., Census Records – FREE ALL STATES

also -
Illinois Death and Marriage Databases – FREE and SEARCHABLE

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Your question 2, you can find an entry in the "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" book Vol 1 on page 236. You most likely can find this book at the Carmi lirbary or most libries in the area.

Don't overlook the "LEGACY OF KIN" out of Hamilton county.

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Thank you Darrel. I knew I read that somewhere.

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Cool Tom! I have all the sights you have listed bookmarked.
I even have my son at find a grave. After he died I found that site and have used it ever since. I have even listed a multitude of Bolens on there. I have also found a lot of info from that website as well. I am a member of Ancestry. I have never found any death info on William or Nancy from Ancestry.
Or at any of the Illinois sights you listed (as I am very familiar with them. But I will quadruple times 10, check those sights again. I was just checking there this past weekend for any new entries. I have even left messages at FamilySearch and they are very helpful in provided info and clues.
Again Tom thank you very much

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Darrel, I know I found the death info in that book. I was online when I found it. I think it was through Google books. But now when I find the book there isn't a method to search the book available. So unless you know of where I can view the book online I will do a "inter-library" loan and obtain a copy that way. Thanks again, Troy

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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I doubt that it's online anywhere there may be some copies still for sale, you can check to see if it's available when you visit Carmi.

Re: William Bolen and Nancy Jane Hudson

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Thanks Darrell
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