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Book: The Family of Morgan

Book: The Family of Morgan

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Looking for someone who has the book "The Family of Morgan" by Appleton Morgan. Can't find a copy. I think it was published 1902. Looking for someone who might look up something for me.

The Morgan Book

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If you can't find anyone that has the book,
check your local library.

The Morgan Book

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Thanks. Unfortunately my library is in the sticks and they don't have it in the county. When we tried an Inter Library Loan they told me the genealogy books are not loaned out. So I was hoping someone would have a copy and might look something up.


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I sorry I can't be of any help. I might try to see if my library has the book.


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I just tried to see if our library had a copy of the book through their website, but they don't.


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Try the Clayton Library in Houston, TX. They have one building that is solely for published family histories, and they may have it. If they don't do interlibrary loan (and they probably don't on these books), you might try asking if they do searches. If so, I'm sure the fee is nominal.

Good luck!

relationship Iowa Morgan's?

LaVon Boucher (View posts)
Posted: 987592802000
Are you related to Morgan's of Iowa??..there is a Campbell..related to Morgan's there.. for my postings!


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No, I'm not related to the Iowa bunch. Mine are all Southerners. Campbell is my husband's surname; he has ancestors that lived in Nebraska, Ohio, etc., before ending up in Utah.

Morgans In Iowa

Michael W. Morgan (View posts)
Posted: 987711229000
Yes my cousins are Morgan lived thetre and Charlie Morgan's Children lived in Grundy County, TN moved to Iowa about 1930

Morgan's..."reunion too"

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Not sure where in Iowa your Morgan family resided..or lived..but mine were up northern Iowa around Churdan, Adaza, Farnhamville, etc. "Adaza" was named after one of the Morgan's because the first child was born in Adaza...they named the town after that child..they called her "Daisey" because of the flowers..and her being a girl..there is quite a story about the town came to be etc..some of the Morgan's were important early settlers to the community..and how it grew...the local libraries have alot of information on the families of area...and the people are VERY friendly there..the town is still small..and I visit it quite often when I can get away..Adaza is my grandma Morgan's sister..she lived in the town also when her and her husband retired from farming up north in the area..they settled there until their death..they had a large father being the youngest. The house still stands but has been made over shingled and made to look a new shell over an old house..alot of memories there in Adaza where I spent my summers staying at my grandma Morgan's house..(grandpa's too..he was so quiet...lots of funny..and wonderful memories for me). We always went to their homes..and the other relatives...related on my dads side in the area...when the christmas vacation time rolled around..everyone seem to show once a year..snow or not..drew names for presents..and shared many dinners...and the warmth of the family in such a small house..even though it had two was still nice..I was very close to my grandma Morgan also..for I stayed at her house many summers there also...

Perhaps this doesn't answer very many questions...but I do know the people of Iowa up north...they many be scattered around also.

Might be worth mentioning..the past few years since I have been away..married and raising my own family..the Morgan's have reunions every different locations in Iowa...most of them are located in Farnhamville, Iowa...the past two have been there..and there is a Morgan family tree booklet that can be purchased to cover printing expenses..quite well done..and thick with lots of information IF YOU THINK YOU ARE RELATED??

Stay in touch..I will try to help if I can!

your friend...
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