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1801 Dalesice birth Record

1801 Dalesice birth Record

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Hello, and thanks to everyone who replies to these. The feeling of community is amazing. The help is near priceless.

The record for Wenzel, born Aug 31, house 45, has a father's name I have not had to transcribe yet. The mother is Rozalie. Please tell me what the names are of both of the parents. Signatura 10179, Snimek 27.

Two earlier children, Snimek 7 and Snimek 11, appear to have a different mother.

Mary Levesque

Re: 1801 Dalesice birth Record

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Father Kašpar Coufal, mother Rosalia Kovář.

page 11 - Johann (=Jan), father Andreas (=Ondřej) Coufal, mother Theresia Potůček
page 7 - Mathias, parents Andreas and Theresia

Re: 1801 Dalesice birth Record

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Oh! A dual household, perhaps. I will have to look in the previous book for Andreas and Theresia. I've already looked forward for more of Kaspar, but did not find. My own line has a couple of situations where more than one family was living in the same house.

I will also have to learn how to read Kaspar. I'm a little embarassed about Andreas, however, as there are several in my line.

Thank you very much.

1800 Marriage Record

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I found Kaspar and Rozalie's marriage record. 27 May 1800.

It looks like Kaspar's father was Andreas.

And Kaspar's birth record

a sister, Catharina, in 1776. Same book, strana=61

There are probably some more. Thanks.

Re: 1800 Marriage Record

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Yes, you´re right. Andreas and Theresia were Kašpar´s parents.

Re: 1800 Marriage Record

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Here´s a weddind of Andreas and Theresia. Andreas was a widower, so you´ll have to look for a further wedding and possibly more children.

Andreas and Theresia marriage record

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Thank you. I am smiling. I thought maybe Theresia was a younger wife, given how close the births of Kaspar's children were to his father's, and you have proven it.

Re: Andreas and Theresia marriage record

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Possible first wife:
21.3.1775 Barbara, wife of Andreas Czaufal, Dalešice 27, 42 years old

Barbara + Record

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Considering that the next child, the first one of Theresia, was born almost exactly a year later, very likely this is Andreas's first wife. And house 27 ties in with a Coufal. I just have to review my data and see who. Very possibly one of the children from the first family.

Age 42, children were likely for Barbora, and a good reason for Andreas to marry again. One of Theresia's children was named Barbara, strana=76 in the same book, 10 Nov 1782. I have found 6 children so far for Andreas and Theresia. I haven't really looked earlier, but will now.

Thanks so much.

A THIRD wife?

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I "did the math" and if Barbora died in 1775 at age 42, she might have married Andreas as early as 1751, age 18. But what do I find, but a marriage record for Margaretha Skula on strana 87, 10 Nov 1749.

The marriage to Barbara is on strana 94. 19 Sep 1761. So the three marriages were in 1749, 1761, and 1775.

This has been a very productive day, hasn't it. Thanks for your help. I had no idea we would discover so much.
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