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Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

Posted: 1348756235000
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Another request for reading a puzzling record.

The 3rd record on this page appears to be one of our Coufal records, but is not like others on the page. Can you tell me what it says? I can only make out NB, which means the same as in English, and byla, which I think means "was".

Also in the right-hand panel, February 22, there is a decorated entry for Allexandr. It looks like material was pasted over the original entry. Or is there something special about Allexandr that would merit decoration? (I'm only interested in this because my baby grandson is named Alexander.) :)


Re: Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

Posted: 1348775190000
Classification: Query
13.10. z Buderzicz, Waczlaw Matauss, Tomass Czaufal, Justyna, ?, names of godparents

13.10. from Udeřice, children Václav and Matouš (100% twins, not one child with two names, because there are 4 godparents), father Tomáš Coufal, mother Justyna. Can´t read that one word, did you find any other children? Might be clearer there.

As for Allexandr, I´d say there was a wrong name and somebody cut out a piece of paper and glued it there instead of overwriting it. The colour looks different.

Re: Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

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NB =Nota Bene, means it's just highlighted of respective entry, I think that there is:
NB 13.September byla Vyzitace a od toho Czasu krzty a ?.......?? bude:

Nota Bene (canonical) Visitation was on Sept. 13, and from that time baptisms ??..........? will be:
This is not related to following record of Coufal:

Born on 13.September 1693, ......... I can not read it too, but it means something like: the same parents, I think?

Alexander - they undoubtedly just repaired a mistake in a listing, it does not mean anything special.

Re: Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

Posted: 1348777436000
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tehož otcze - the same father


Re: Translation help, 1793 Krhov Record (2)

Posted: 1348800122000
Classification: Query
Oh, I certainly made a few mistakes on this one! I saw Czafu and thought it was a variation on Czaufal. Instead, it is Czasu. And the year! It's 1693, not 1793. I think I can only go one or two more generations back in my quest to find the common ancestor of all the Czaufal/Coufals who migrated to Butler County, Nebraska from the Krhov/Hrotovice area, since these records only go back to 1655. I've been collecting birth records, but have not organized these really early ones yet. I do notes about other children for Tomas and Justyna. It's nice when at least one of the parents has a distinctive name, and when both do, there's no mistaking the parentage. :)

An interesting note: one of the sponsors is Matous Harant. Further down the line, Franz Coufal, b. 1723, marries Katarina Harant, b. 1726.

My thanks to both of you for your help. I had also missed the fact that Czaufal TWINS were on the next line!
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