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CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

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Surnames: Robison, Alexander, Polk
Charles born Jan 4, 1755, Mecklenburg Co., NC. Migrated to
Giles Co., TN, in 1814, then to Maury Co. (Swan Creek) by
1832. Archivist said he was buried at Ebenezer's Church (Reese's Chapel), but did not have a date of burial or a head
stone. Assumed he died before 1840 census of Pensioners
since he was not listed. His death prob. was between Sep
8, 1834, and 1840 census. The archivist confirmed that the
Charles who was buried there was born Jan 4, 1755, in NC.

Charles was the son of Benjamin and Susannah (Polk) Alexander of Mecklenburg Co., NC (Charlotte area). Besides
CHARLES, they had Ezekiel, Wm. "Black Bill", Susannah
Polk, Thomas, (Charles), Taylor, Benjamin, Jr., James and

He and his cousin, Leonidas Polk, had a meeting which
Leonidas wrote about when in Maury Co., TN, on Sep 8,
1834. It was stated that Charles had come to Maury Co.
18 months earlier (1832) and lived 15 miles hence on Swan
Creek. Charles told Leonidas that he would be 80 if he lived
until Jan 4 next (1835). Apparently, he left Mecklenburg for
Giles Co., TN, when he was about 59 (in 1814). He was
about 79 when he and cousin Leonidas Polk met in Maury
Co., TN.

I am seeking any information for the WIFE and children of this
Charles Alexander. One source said they had a son Ezekiel
who married Martha "Patsey" Robison, but no proof that this
Ezekiel was the son of Charles and wife.

I will appreciate any help at all. Thank you.

Re: CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Polk, Alexander
Hey I am a POLK and ALEXANDER descendant. I didn't have these children and nor do I have the parents for Benjamin ALEXANDER Charles father. I was wondering if you would email me at my email and be willing to exchange info with me on the POLK and ALEXANDER trees. I will be glad to share what I have and I would be interested in what you have on the descendants of Benjamin Alexander I and Susanna POLK ALEXANDER. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks for the info!

Re: CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

Mac Alexander (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Alexander, Polk, Shelby, Hudson, Boulton, Springs, Means,
Dear Patricia: Nice to hear from you!

I have a pioneer article, as well as some Rev. War stories of
my family in those days, coming out in the Heritage Book of
Mecklenburg & surrounding counties of NC. The pioneer article will give a thumbnail sketch of Benjamin and Susannah
(Polk) Alexander and descendants. Not complete by any
means, but a good view. I will see if I can get a copy of the
rough off to you. I have Creative Writer and can send emails
from there, where the article is, but many folks seem to have
a problem receiving it. May have something to do with the
(.exe) terminus. Sometimes, when I send something from the
Creative Writer email package, I can go to Outlook Express
and "forward" it on. If you like, I can try that.

I have over 40,000 connections in my Mac2.(12) file, but there
is a lot of 'overlap' between my files on Polks, Shelbys, etc.
I seldom send that file since so many in the past have burned
data into a CD and SOLD it. Info on my ancestors is to be
FREE to one and all.

One day, when I have edited it well, I will probably put it out
on the Net for one and all, including those who will put it into
their "pay for view" system. But, any thing specific that any
one wants, I will be very happy to send what I have, but w/o
guarantees as to it's accuracy. I will gladly give some of my
sources, etc.

I was just a country boy and when about 6 or 7, I asked my
grandfather Alexander where we migrated from, and he said
he did not know. I couldn't believe it! In 1845, our ancestors
migrated from Mecklenburg/Cabarrus Cos, NC, to MS, and
his father was in the 'migration'. So, I have gone overboard,
I suppose, and chased down even branches!

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and I can suggest
things I could send to you. I would be glad to send what you
want completely from Benjamin and Susannah, but I do not
know how to split off data like that, i.e., without sending all
the family files.

My brother has been taught computer operations by his son,
who has a PhD in Computer Science and teaches it, but my
brother and I cannot seem to communicate the info. and my
nephew is seldom around for me to quiz. :-( .

The parents of Benjamin Alexander were Andrew and Jean/
Jane (McKnitt) Alexander. Andrew was married 3 times, and
last wife was Sarah, who is mentioned in his Will. He only
had children, to my knowledge, by Jean McKnitt. Samuel
and Mary (Taylor) Alexander were Andrew's parents. A bro.
to Andrew was Francis Alexander who married Jane Blair;
they were the ancestors of Gov. Andrew Lamar Alexander, Jr., of TN.

As you probably know, the debate over who the parents were
for the 7 men and 2 women who came from Ireland to MD
about 1660s is still going on. I think their mother was prob.
Mary Maxwell who married an Alexander...maybe Wm.??

My direct line from Benjamin and Susannah (Polk) Alexander
can be seen in the rough that I am going to try to get off to
you today.

The outstanding Polk in early days was Susannah Polk's
brother, Brig-Gen. Thomas Polk, whose dau., BTW, was
Jenny Polk who married Nathaniel Alexander, future gov. of
NC. Thomas and another man were commissioned by the
gov. or mayor (Do not recall which) to layout Charlotte, as
Thomas was a surveyor by trade. Thomas was signer of MDI
and in charge at one time of the Mecklenburg Co. Militia,
etc. His home was one of first built in the area where two
Indian trails crossed.The crossroads became known as Trade
and Tryon Streets. Thomas' home was on Lot #13, where the
Nation's Bank Tower is located today. This was from papers
belonging to some of the Springs, also our relatives.

An Alexander by name of Col. Adam was also instrumental
in establishment of Mecklenburg Militia and such. He was
a signer of MDI as well. This is where our Springs come in.
Adam Alexander m. Mary Shelby, who was a greataunt of ours in those days, and their dau., Sarah Shelby Alexander,
married Capt. John Springs, Jr. Their dau., Mary Laura Springs, married John Springs III. (looks odd, but can be
explained, i.e., Jr. and III). Also, Adam and Mary had a
son, Charles Taylor Alexander, who married Margaret Means
(we are connected to Pres. Andrew Jackson thru Means),
and their dau. was Margaret Means Alexander who m. my
2Ggreatuncle, Moses Winslow Alexander, bro. of my 2G
greatgrandparents Marcus Sherman & Martha Elizabeth
"Patsy" (Gilmer) Alexander. (also kin to two other sisters
of Patsy).

So, from Benjamin & Susannah (Polk) Alexander....Wm.
"Black Billy" & Margaret (Clark) Alexander....Daniel & Susannah (Shelby) Alexander....Marcus Sherman & Martha
Elizabeth "Patsy" (Gilmer) Alexander...[son, Baron DeKalb
& Martha Elizabeth (Hudson) Alexander....Albert Campbell &
(2) Annie Estelle (Boulton) Alexander, Sr....A. C. & Keppel
(McCarty) Alexander, Jr.....ME.]

Benjamin and Susannah (Polk) Alexander's granddau., Susannah Shelby, married their grandson, Daniel Alexander.
Susannah Shelby's brother, Moses, who m. Mary Ann Knox,
are ancestors of Sen. Richard Shelby of AL.

I should have explained first that Benjamin and Susannah's
dau., Susannah Polk Alexander, married Evan Shelby, MD,
and they had 6 girls and 4 boys. Susannah was one of the
girls and Moses was one of the boys.

I suppose you knew that Susannah Polk was the great aunt
of James Knox Polk, pres. Susannah Polk's parents, Wm.
& Margaret (Taylor) Polk II, are my 6Ggreatgrandparents. To
put things into perspective, these were James Knox Polk's

Do you have the book: "The Polks of North Carolina and
Tennessee," by Angelotti, edited by James Knox Mem. group at Columbia, TN?

Let me see if I can get the Creative Writer email out to you

Please keep in touch. Let me know how you fit in when you
have time. So glad to meed you!

(Ezra McLaurin "Mac" Alexander)
Cypress, TX.

Re: CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Alexander
Hi, Mac,

Are you still around doing Alexander genealogy? I'm trying to find out the lineage of James Levy Alexander, b. TN d. Paris, Lamar, TX. His parents died before he was five or six. He may have gone to live with an uncle in SC, Sample Alexander. This is all I know of him.

Hoping you can help!

Elizabeth Earle Blodgett
Bryan, TX

Re: CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

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Classification: Query

Hi Elizabeth:

I just read your message and Mac's messages of way back and I would like very much to know more about the ALEXANDER line as this surname is part of my grandchildren's genealogy which includes the lines of POLK and CAMPBELL. I have Susannah POLK married to a ALEXANDER but I don't have his first name. Susannah is the daughter of Col. William POLK and Margaret TAYLOR.

Our family tree is in - See the
Linakis/Myers Family Tree.

I have photos, history and biographies.

Hope we can help each other.


Lucie Servole Myers
Tampa, Florida

Re: CHARLES ALEXANDER s/o Benjamin & Susan (Polk) Alexander

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Alexander
Hi, Lucie,

Late response here. I will check out your tree. Mine is the Earle family tree.

I hope we can help each other out as well. I have vol. 2 of an Alexander lineage book that is helpful.

Elizabeth Blodgett
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